My Neighbour Aunt And Her Sister – Part 2

Hello to all beautiful ladies, this is my second part of how I fucked my neighbor aunt and her sister. Myself Yash from Surat, age 24 working in an MNC company. Feedbacks are most welcome at my email id, [email protected]. if any lady wants to get your desires fulfilled then you can contact me, your details are authentic.


So coming to the story , I and Heena were lying naked on the bed in the morning and we were caught by her sister which we came to know later , she deliberately rung the door bell and we got ourselves back to normal and Heena opened the door giving me the bowl of sugar as we couldn’t get caught by Riya. Riya asked what am doing here?


R: what are you doing here?

Me: needed some sugar

R: okay

Me: okay bye, have a nice day Riya and aunty


Then I went back and was working at the office and suddenly a message came from an unknown number but I didn’t reply as I was busy in my work but later there were 7-8 message from the same number and a missed call too, I was like what the hell who is this person? So I called back and there was no response. So I left like that only.


After a while again a text and this time I was having lunch so I texted back, who is this? She told that she is Riya, Heena sister.


Me: hello, are you nuts? This many texts and call? Am at work

R: sorry

Me: what sorry

R: actually I have some imp work

Me: what work

R: are you free tonight?

Me: yes

R: ok, come home I have to talk with you.

Me: ok bye


Then after working hours I left for my place and after reaching there, Riya was there, I greeted her

Me: hi, how’s u?

R: fine

Me: bolo kya bat he ?


R: pehle fresh hojao or khana humare yaha he tumhara

Me: ok

After few time I went there place and were having dinner at the dinning table. There we talked normal stuff but I was playing with Heena legs below the table. She noticed that.


Heena told that she has to talk with her husband, Riya please clear all the stuff. Riya agreed and she went to the kitchen. I also went to help bher and as she wanted to talk imp to me.


While in kitchen she was cleaning the utensils and I asked her what’s the matter? Why we’re you so eager? She was sweating too. I gave her the napkin and she gave me a naughty smile once again.


I asked her to tell me what’s the matter and she suddenly holds my cock and said this is the matter benchod , meri chut ki tera lund chaiye . Mene bola : pagal ho kya ap ?

Riya : muje bewkuf mat bana tu meri bhrn ke saath ho kar Raha tha muje SAB pata he

Me: kya ?


Then from.back Heena also came, she said Riya caught us and her husband doesn’t satisfy her and have a small dick and she is a sex hunger bitch .

I: what are you both waiting for bitches?

Then they both took off my pant and were on my cock.


They started to suck it and gave me a fucking beautiful blow job. Then we three went to the bedroom and I make both of them naked and started to suck riya. While Heena was busy with my cock. Me so Gaya tha or Riya ki chut mere muh ke pass or Heena mere lund Ko Chus Rahi thi , Riya ki chut se Pani nikalne Laga or Mene Sara Pani pi Gaya , hay kya Pani tha bilkul Amrit lag Raha tha muje , fir Mene Riya Ko lund chusne Ko bola kyuki me bi jhadne wala tha or thodi der Baad me bi jhad Gaya Riya ke muh me , fir Mene dono ke upar chocolate Dali or pure body Ko chatne Laga.


Hum 3no ek dusre Ko gali de rahe the , fir Riya or Heena ne mera lund chusa or Mene apna lund Riya ki chut me dal Dia , bhaut dard hua usko 2 shot me ghusa tha PURA lund , Riya Ko chodte samay , Heena Apne boobs chuda Rahi thi mere se. Mene 2no Ko bari Bari choda or badme dono ki gand bi Mari , muje Riya ki gand bhaut pasand ayi thi usko bhaut choda.


Uske bad Mene unko kaha ke muje bondage karna he , jaha ladies dominate kare , vo dono heran thi yeh sun kar or kaha ke badme karenge yeh icha puri , or muje kiss karne Lage firse.or ek Baar fir chudai Kari is bar to hum log kafi der tak chod rahe the , Riya bolu ja Rahi thi , bosdika chod muje , meri chut phad dal , vaha Heena moan Kari ja Rahi thi , ahh ahh kare ja Rahi thi , Hum ne puri rat chudai Kari subah 4 baje tak.


Next morning meri icha bi puri hogai , unhone muje utha Dia or yeh icha puri Kari thi , muje to believe nai ho Raha tha ke meri icha itni jaldi puri hogi.


Yeh story me next part me bolunga bcz bhaut lambi hojaygi or ap log apna loda or apni chut hilanaa band nai karoge .


I hope everyone like my story. Koi bi galti ho to maaf karna , or feedbacks jarur likha at my mail id, [email protected]


Any ladies or girls who want to have a fucking session can contact me, your privacy will be intact and need not worry about it and boys don’t ask about that shit thing regarding ladies name and number or their photos. Stay away

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