Real Meaning Of Erotic Massage

Hello all. My name is Krishna and was here to share my real life incident with you all. I am from Vijayawada, but working in Chennai in a reputed MNC. Even though I love the job that I am doing, I have love and passion towards doing massage also.


From my childhood, I used to do massage to my family members like standing and footing my mother’s back, doing head massage and pressing legs of my father, and doing some sort of shoulder massage to my brothers etc. to reduce their stress, headache and pains, whenever they feel. May be this is the reason, how I got passionate towards doing massage. When I was studying in Hyderabad, I chose this massage therapist as a part-time job and earned money for my personal expenditure or gifting to my parents and sisters on birthday occasions.


I am continuing the same habit till date. I am a good, passionate and experienced therapist from long time (almost 6 years). I love to do therapy and make my customers to get relief from their pain and stress. I will do therapy for Males, Females and sometimes for Children also at their door step.


Coming to the story, I have given erotic and non-erotic massages to many ladies and satisfied them beyond their expectations. But this lady Madhu is totally different from all other ladies. On 10th March 2017 night at around 10:15 PM, I got a message to my WhatsApp number from her. She told that she got my number from her friend (one of my customers) and started saying her requirement. I told the types of services I offer and the charges for them. Immediately I got a question from her:


Madhu: you will offer only the therapies given in the list or anything else more..?


Generally, this will be question used by ladies to ask for an erotic massage. So, I got the point for what she was looking but tried to confirm one more time.


Me: There are always hidden services to satisfy my valuable customers.


Madhu: Great, will there be charges for that so-called hidden services..?


Me: Madhu, till date I never demanded those hidden services. Customers will pay me as per their satisfaction.


She felt good and confident with my chatting, thus shared her address and time to arrive. As per her schedule, I reached her apartment on the Velachery 100 feet road, just beside the Murugan Kalyana Mandapam. I went to her flat and rang the bell. The maid opened the door and welcomed me. She took me to the sofa, switched on AC in the hall, offered orange juice and informed that Madhu madam will be here in few minutes. Within no time, Madhu came out from the room with her night shorts and t-shirt conveying sorry for her delay.


She looks very awesome, with almost 5.7” height, perfectly curved figure to her height, whitish pink in color, hair tied up with knot, almost 36 size boobs hanging and swinging with her walking steps inside the t-shirt (maybe she didn’t wear bra), her extra flesh is shaping into a nice curve to her hip, milky white solid thighs, marble shining legs, and baby pink color chappals to her feet. Totally she was looking like an actress Madhu Bala. She sent the maid into her room to make arrangements for massage. Meanwhile, we just had a little conversation about our hobbies and professions.


Even though I am talking to her, my eyes are exploring each and every curve of her body, especially those milky boobs and whitish thighs. I wish to suck those tempting boobs that are hanging inside her t-shirt topped with the cherry sized nipple (may be the cool air coming from AC worked on those cute boobs). With these thoughts, I got an erection and tried my level best to hide that. Once the room was ready, she took me inside the room.


I made her sit on a nice couch and came back side of her. Without wasting time, I started massaging her head with Kodaikanal oil in a very rhythmic way. She closed her eyes and was relaxing very well as the chillness of eucalyptus is perfectly working on her head. Slowly I started magical touches with my fingers over her neck and earlobes. I slowly moved my hands from her head to neck, neck to throat, throat to the chin, chin to her cleavage and vice versa. She started closing her eyes tightly and was breathing heavily. So, I kept my hand on her cleavage and started feeling the smoothness of her skin. I did massage to her cleavage in a very slow motion to feel those up and down curves. In between, I was spreading my hands from cleavage to round her boobs (by putting hands inside her t-shirt – without pressing the boobs) and made a circling movement between cleavage and boobs.


She was still closing her eyes tight and was biting her lower lip with her upper teeth. For each and every circling movement, I was feeling her soft boobs which are fit to my full hand palms and her nipples poking the center of my palm. (It was a very erotic technique which I will generally use on my female customers. Believe me guys, the concept looks very simple, but the impact will be very sound.)


Now I started circling her nipple spot and pinched those rock hard nipples once. She moaned a little and spoke in a very low voice “U r a killer”. I then placed her nipples in between my middle finger and forefinger, and my palm covering her full boobs. Except for nipples; entire boob is just feeling like a cheese soft. I started caressing those cheesy boobs nicely, slowly, and rhythmically. Without pressing both the boobs at a time, I started making trick of pressing both the boobs alternatively (means pressing left boob, then right boob and vice versa). I am blowing soft air from my mouth on her forehead, ear and on her lips. She was now going crazy with my actions and seems out of control. She leaned back on the chair, stretched her legs little front, spread both the legs, her left hand is now rubbing over her pussy, whereas her right hand is holding my right hand very tightly.


I went front side of her, sat near her legs, removed her shorts very slowly (no panty), and kept her knee joints on my both shoulders. As I was sitting between her legs and near to pussy, I smell the aroma of her pussy juices. She started pressing her own boobs very tightly by seeing at me. I took some Menthol plus balm into my hands and started massaging her thunder thighs. I started blowing soft air from my mouth starting from her thighs into her pussy. She suddenly started holding my hair with her two hands and was pulling me towards her pussy. She is asking me to lick and tongue fucks her. I refused her request by saying “that will then become oral sex baby; let me show you the real erotic massage”.


I removed her hands from my hair, held her right-hand middle finger and pushed it into her pussy and looked at her. From then she started fingering. We were looking each other into our eyes with heavy breaths; I then hold her both thighs, widened them apart, opened my mouth, bought my tongue out, rolled over my lips and started moving my tongue in the air as if I am licking her pussy. She got much aroused by these actions and started fingering herself with high speed and loud moans with all bad words from her mouth. After 5-10 minutes she released her juices which started rolling from her pussy.


I felt proud of myself as my magic got succeeded one more time i.e. making a woman to cum without even kissing or touching her. She felt very happy and started praising me like “you did a great job, I didn’t expect this from you, till date I thought that erotic means pressing, touching, and getting an orgasm, you are really a magical fucker and so”. I felt very happy and said “these all part of my job, and I showed you a real erotic massage. Let me complete the body massage also”. She accepted for that and said ok let’s do something new and winked at me. I simply smiled at her. I made her lie on the bed face down naked. Me too removed my clothes and was now in my underwear. I opened my massage gel, applied and massaged nicely each and every part from toe to neck and came back from neck to toe. After completing my professional massage,


I started caressing her ass cheeks and the pussy lips from behind. This was the first time I touched her pussy. I applied some gel on pussy lips and started to massage those love gates very carefully. I used to pinch the pussy lips, squeeze them and widened them sometimes. I used to touch my erect dick to her ass crack when leaning front to apply gel on her back. Suddenly I got the sounds of man licking a woman pussy from somewhere. I was confused and looked immediately towards the door, but no one was there. Then I look at Madhu and found that she is playing in her mobile by logging into some porn website. By looking at that scene, I got a real erection and I was totally disturbed. Now I am not able to concentrate on my massage and started looking Madhu in a different way.


She is now anyway in full mood; so I thought of taking this situation in my favor and fuck her nicely. I slowly opened my underwear and started rubbing my cock. Madhu looked at my full-size cock and smiled at me. She asked me “What erotic therapist, why are you getting into sex mood. Do your erotic massage and leave from here” and was doing sexual movements by looking into my eyes. I was shocked by her actions and later understood that she was teasing me purposefully. I started licking her thighs and came up to her pussy area. But she didn’t allow me to lick her pussy. She held my neck and pulled her towards her face. She came very close to my lips but didn’t kiss me. I was getting mad by this and started pressing the boobs. She allowed me for doing that but pushed me away when I was about to suck those boobs.


My madness had now gone to peaks and my situation is like; even though I am hungry from one month and had nice biryani in front of me, but was not able to taste it for no reason. I got crazy with her actions and started to put my dick in her ass crack. But luck didn’t favor me there also.


She suddenly took one dildo from her under-pillow. This is the first time I was seeing a sex toy and that too a big sized cock toy. I was in full confused state, as I am not getting what’s going on there. She kept that dildo in her pussy and started giving movements. I was literally begging her to allow me to do that. But she was not a mood to hear my request and held my cock tightly. She is not even shaking my cock, but simply holding my bulged cock in her hand. When I started to give some movements, she is immediately leaving my cock from her hand. So, I stopped giving to and fro movements also. By looking at her facial expressions, body movements and dildo in pussy, I was uncontrollably and was totally gone crazy. I felt like some volcano is building inside cock but was not bursting, putting sweet inside mouth but was not chewing it, putting some nice spray in the room but was not smelling it, totally my situation is like having Gems candy in the mouth.


As you know, whenever we keep Gems candy in the mouth, we can neither chew it nor keep it in the mouth to feel the taste. Finally, upon requesting for some time, she started giving me a nice blowjob. Due to the long waiting time, I came in her mouth within no time. Then she asked me “Is this erotic or not..?” then I came to know what really erotic means and how crazy people will go with erotic actions. We both laughed at each other and had a nice fucking session. I satisfied her fully and now became a trustworthy massage therapist for her.


People (male and female) in and around Chennai can contact me ([email protected]) for a nice massage therapy. The behavior all depends on my customers. Will behave professionally for normal massage and will behave romantic for erotic massages. Overall, you will get a good time and better service with me at a reasonable fare.

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