My Sex Friend – Part II

Hi friends this is a 21 year old chap living near bang lore. Kindly mail your responses at [email protected] so that I can write more stories in a way you like and those who did not get my first part can contact me if interested.

Coming to the story as you have read my story before me and Archana had a very good sex before. After having sex with her we both left to our respective places. But for two days I cannot concentrate on anything.

So I contacted her again. She said that she too cannot forget that day. So we decided to have another session at the same weekend as usual we met on the day we planned and took a room in a lodge.

We entered the room and relaxed for some time. She told that she want to take a bath. But I told her ok you can go to bath but give me a kiss first. She said sure dear and came near me. But I had other intentions in mind.

I took a five star and just hold it in my mouth without eating it. She got my intention and came near me and took the other end of the chocolate with her mouth. As we started eating the five stars and our mouths came near and near.

Atlast our lips met, still the chocolate inside our mouths. I started kissing her with the chocolate in my mouth. Wow I cannot say which is more tasty her juicy lips or the chocolate. We kissed for some time, after the kiss I asked her how the chocolate kisses for which she replied excellent honey.

She went inside bathroom and I went outside to purchase some wine and other accessories when I returned she completed her bathing and was fresh like moon. I closed the door went near her and started kissing her soft, smooth and juicy lips.

I started pressing her boobs over her tee while kissing. I removed her tee and attacked her boobs with my mouth. Those melons are a beautiful work of art. She bent down and removed the obstacles and set my beast free. She circled the tip of my dick with her hand and started sucking my cock.

I love the work of her lips on my cock. It is really a wonderful feeling. She ate my cock for few minutes and drank all my cum. I removed her pant, panty and placed her on the bed. Her naked body was driving me crazy.

I took some ice-cream and spread it on her cleavage boobs and her belly. I started eating the ice cream with her body. I licked her boobs and ice-cream the cold ice cream in her boobs was doubling the pleasure.

I was going mad for just the sight of ice-cream on her body but there is more fun when the cream started melting and dropping from her body in all directions and making her body wet and milky.

I asked her if I can take some pictures of her like that and she readily said anything for you dear. However I just took some pictures without her face.After eating the ice-cream I went down to her pussy and started licking it. Of course it was already wet there.

I love to eat her pussy. She started moaning while my tongue started to explore her pussy. I inserted one finger while playing with my tongue. I inserted one more finger with more speed. She started moaning loudly. I thought this was the right time for attack.

I know that she loves doggy and so I asked her to go for doggy. I inserted my dick in her hole and hold her long hair with two hands. I started riding her like a horse by dragging her hair.

She was hot inside her but slippery due to her juices. I increased my pace and started fucking deeper with long thrusts. I told her that I was about to cum. She said she too reached her climax and gave green signal to cum inside her.

My hot sperm started exploring her pussy. I felt like in heaven and she was my angel who has taken me to heaven after that we went to shower for cleaning ourselves. I poured some water on her body and applied some soap on her boobs.

I started rubbing her boobs with soap and poured some water on them to clean them. Next I went for her belly. The touch on her curved belly was the ultimate pleasure when I poured water on her face the water from her face slowly travelled from her face

And in the highway between her mountains and curves of her belly and finally got split at her pussy into her legs. I wish I could be that water for that moment. I clean her pussy and finally gave her a kiss.

She told that dear it’s’ my turn now and I would return the favour. She poured water on my body. Latter she applied some soap. She washed my face, neck, belly, back, and finally reached my little Tommy. She poured some water on my little tummy.

The flow of fresh and cool water over my dick is making me horny again and she realized that. She applied some soap on my dick and started rubbing the soap over my dick. Due to the friction my dick got erected again.

She now washed my dick with water and kept it in her mouth for final washing. I could not stop moaning while she is giving me a blow job oooh my god you are a terrible sucker and I told to her and she replied that she could not resist her feelings after five minutes.

I told her that I am cuming and she gave a sign to cum in her mouth. I came in her mouth and she drank all my sperm. We both once again poured some water on our bodies and dried each other with towels. We both were so tired and slept nude in the bed hugging each other.

So friends that’s my fantasy and I never had sex before and eagerly waiting for a chance again. Any girl or women willing to give me a try can mail me. I am planning to write more stories in my style so please give some comments.

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