My Sex Journey – Part 3

Hai friends, here I am Ramvijay from coimbatore to tell you about my sex journey third part.. Thank you for your feedbacks for my previous part.

My first part of sex journey I said how I fell in love and experienced a foreplay with my girlfriend Neethu and on next part I explained about my experience with my cousin Abinaya and caught by my little sister.. This is my third part of my sex journey and obviously this is about my sister.

After she came from school she was shocked to see us in nude position. She shouted whats’s going on here? Is this home or anything else? I didn’t expect this from you both with tears. I didn’t utter a single word then after some moment, preethi(my sister) said I won’t say this shit to anyone but do whatever by closing doors, in a moment she asked my mobile for her personal use since she don’t have mobile. I have gave her. I was happy that she will not say this incident to our parents but sad for my mobile loss and guilty about this incident.she went out with anger.

Within this moment my cock gets shrunk. Abinaya went and lock the door and came near me and said don’t worry da she won’t say anything to our parents . I said I know Abi but I feel guilty. She hugged me and said don’t worry baby and starts to taste my lips. My rod raised again. In no time she make me to lay and start to suck my dick, then after 10min I make her to lay and start to taste from top to bottom while fingering her pussy.

I slowly insert my road by sucking one boob and pressing another. She start to moan by closing her eyes very tight ahhhh and she said dai vijay valikudhu da (it’s paining). I am not in mood to stop it. I slowly done 5 to 6 stroke. After that I increased my speed.. She start to moan louder with my name.

Vijayyyyy mm haaa ahhh aaaahh and tie my body with her legs and start to taste my lips. Then I said I am gonna cum, she said don’t cum inside da pleasee, then I took my dick and sprayed my cum on her boobs and lay on her some times, again my dick raised like a iron rod because of her milky white fair, her gorgeous face and perfect body curve. Again I starts kissing and this time I tried a position that she went top of me and start ride my cock. I am about to cum she start giving blowjob and I shot a heavy load in her mouth . She drank everything and lay on me.

Then we planned to have some fun in bathroom while cleaning our self! But its time for my sister arrival so we are not ready to caught again. So we cleaned ourself and Abinaya(my cousin) prepared dinner for us and start watching tv and waiting for preethi(sister). She came and starred us with anger we dint talk even a single word. Abinaya called preethi for dinner.We three ate silent and when went to our bed.

Late night neethu(girl friend) will call to me so I ask Abinaya to take sim from my mobile after preethi sleep. After a hour Abinaya got mobile from her and gave it to me. I gave her a deep lip lock,Got my mobile and went to my room. Initially before removing my sim, I planned to check gallery weather I kept any porn videos and delete it. But to my surprise I saw a nude posses little teen girl pic. She is my school junior and my sisters friend too. I start to swipe next pictures. I shocked when I saw those photos. Even my sister nude pictures are there and they kissing each other’s picture and more. Then I went to videos they tapped their play in my mobile.

First video they dance very sexy for a songs. Second video they act like a news reader and blabber something. Third video they kissed each other’s in their cheeks and playfully pressing boobs. Then fourth video is both lip locked and playing with tongues like lovers and pressing their boobs very hardy with moaning.fifth video they both girls lip lock and take a cucumber and sucking like a cock. By seeing this I start to masturbate and shot a load.

Sixth video Preethi starts recording and kept on a table! It frames a bed near to the table. Preethi went near to her friend smooched in her neck,They start to kiss each other’s like lovers, u think they are doing for a long time.

Then my sister remove her friend’s T shirt and her friend removed her chudi. Preethis friend made preethi to lay on bed and kiss and starts tongue play and removed preethi’s innerwear! Omg! I stunned to see my cute little sister boobs.. It’s small and cute. And removed preethi’s pant and made her nude and her friend start to like her pussy and play with it.Really she is sexy.. My intention towards her changed. Preethi suddenly made her friend to lay and made her nude. Then they came to 69 position and licked for longtime and came to climax at same time.

Preethi closed the recording.

I masturbated by watching that video and I made a plan to seduce her. I just copied her stuff to my laptop. I didn’t took my sin card out. If I did so she may doubt me so called to Neethu and said her not to call me till I call her, she too accept then I kept mobile near her and came to bed like I dont know anything about it!

What did I do? Did I had sex with her? Keep following me on next part…

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