My Story Gets Me Another Chick

It is a wonderful evening as I write this story and I am sitting on a chair with the lips of one of the hottest girl I have ever met stuck on my cock. She is sucking it like a vacuum and rolling her tongue over it.

And here I how I met this girl. I had posted a story a few months ago on this site with my email-id, i.e. [email protected] . I used to think that it must be a male dominated site who are here to share their experiences. But to my surprise I got the mail of a girl – named Bhavna – who said she really liked the story. We started chatting and when she for the first time shared her pic, my balls got mad producing the seed. She had 36D boobs simply ogling out of whatever she may wear. I was wanking all the time I chatted with her. We chatted about our likes, books, places and of course, sex. She was (and is) amazing. She used to get me hard like anything in no time.

She lived in Vizag. The time came when I got an opportunity from the company to go to Vizag on a project. And I knew what was next. We decided to meet, I invited her to my hotel and we fucked. But when next day, I visited her house, I was suspiciously looked by her neighbours. I asked her, “are you okay? Your neighbors may doubt you.” But she did not reply and kept sucking. It was now settled that she would make me cum in her mouth before we start anything else. I came and she told me, that her husband was in army and therefore, any man coming to her home makes them doubt but it does not matter as her husband trusted her. I felt awkward. I didn’t know she was married. So, I returned the favor and left.

Next day, when I was to meet some clients, after the meeting in the evening, one girl approached me and asked, “you came to Bhavna yesterday, right?” She was an HR manager for our company’s clients. I was shocked. I controlled myself and replied calmly, “yes”. “Don’t do it, she is not a good girl” she said.

I knew there was no point in hiding anything now, so I simply said, “Her husband is in army and she has urges, what is wrong in having sex then?”

“she could masturbate” she retorted.

“Are you a virgin?” I bluntly asked. After looking shocked for a moment, she replied, “yes”.

“That is the reason you don’t understand. Once a man feels the real vagina and a woman feels the real penis, it is very difficult to get out of it again. See, don’t take me wrong, but you are a really hot woman. Once you are married, your husband is going to do it really god-damn-brains-out and you are going to get used to it and then, if he leaves you for a month, perhaps then you will know what Bhavna must be facing.”

I had got a bit carried away and both of us felt awkward. So, I said, “see, I didn’t know that she is married. When she told me the same yesterday, I was shocked too. And I am not going to do it again and you can confirm this from Bhavna, I have told her already. But at the back of my mind, I also feel sympathetic for the poor girl.”

Now, she gave a more acceptable expression and I took a sigh of relief. And suddenly, she asked, “Is it really so different? I also masturbate and it feels good enough.”

I quickly replied, “sex is not about feeling good enough, it is about feeling amazing, it is about being awesome.”

She nodded. I asked her if she would like a coffee. My hotel was nearby and we got to its restaurant. On coffee, she told about her. She was Vandana, a neighbor of Bhavna. She told me about many relationships she had in the past but broke most of them because she was not comfortable with going physical. I assured her that there was nothing extraordinary about going physical. It is just another method to show affection. She listened attentively.

By this time, I had started noticing her body. Sitting in front of me, her cleavage was visible, some clearly, some behind her light sari. She had big boobs, no doubt. And once in a while, her red bra used to show at her shoulder. Unexpectedly (I was suffering from the stereotype that South Indian girls are not fair, that stereotype was broken), she was really fair.

“And what about oral sex?” she inquisitively asked, I was taken aback for a moment.

“it is amazing. It is just the best. When I lick a pussy, I feel so good. And when a girl sucks the cock, she feels so erotic.”

At this, she snapped, “no, no, stop here.” I stopped. But I was smiling at her and she knew the matter was not over. “Do you want to do it?” I blatantly asked. She looked at me and I simply said, “I don’t want to offend you, but if you want it there is nothing wrong in it.”

She was silent and next moment I remember, we were in room and I had taken off her clothes and she was lying naked in front of me. I asked her to be comfortable and started fingering her. She never asked me to stop. She was so tight that even my two fingers were finding hard to get in. We smooched. I slowly went down and buried my head in her boobs. Literally, they were like fresh mangoes. Her perfume was amazing and her nipples were as if asking to be bitten. I bit them all over and left teeth marks on them. I sucked them like a mad kid.

Then, I took back my lips and said, “see, you have to get in the feel of things.” And I laid her on her back, sat on her mouth, and asked her to suck me,” Don’t be afraid, please.”

As her tongue touched my tip, it was impossible to hold. She rolled it over a few times and I shot my cum on her face. She was horrified and almost threw me. I held her tightly, and brought her under control. As she calmed, she got ready to gulp it down. I again sat on her mouth and she sucked my balls too. I wanted her virgin vagina now. I made her keep her legs on my shoulders and slowly penetrated it. I had lost my virginity to a non-virgin and never had sex with a virgin. It was tight like hell.

I was realizing that I had given hell to her hymen. She almost shouted. I bent her legs so that her feet were close to her head and I was screwing her from above, my hands nailing down her legs. That tight vagina was now bleeding a bit and had smudged her pubis. She was moaning literally like a bitch. But she was so soft. My dick was feeling and amazing and wanted to get the best out of it. She came (I was fingering her for a long time before I started). Feeling her hot cum on my cock I went mad and I fucked her for ten minutes and then, I came.

She went to bathroom and cleaned herself. She came back, but I didn’t let her sit. She was not hesitating anymore. She bent towards the wall and her massive ass was hovering in air waiting for me. A virgin ass this time. I was not intended to be gentle this time. I just held her ass and started giving her ass hell. Her massive soft hips were pressing on my pelvis and giving me the best feeling I had ever had.

In the next two hours, I came inside her at least 8 times. Her holes were brimming with my cum. And she was feeling so happy and that was my incentive. I invited her for the next day too.

And, here is the next day, I am sitting on my chair. She has given me the permission to share our experience. While I type, she is rubbing my cock with her boobs and her tongue is really sharp. Her luscious lips are shading my cock the color of her lipstick – the maroon. Omg…. My balls…

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