My Sweet Aunt My Lover

Hello friends, this is [email protected] with new story. This story was sent by one net friend Jalsajulaii.

Hii guys, I’ve been reading stories on ISS since more than two years…. I always thought to write my experience but couldn’t get words to describe it….Now I gathered courage to narrate my story to you……. I want to tell you about me and my story…I am a handsome boy of 21 years of age…. With height of 5’8 and very fair and pleasing personality with good attractive look…but still don’t have girl friends… I want to have girl friend but only for physical relationships. So who ever want a great sex experience can contact me in [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected] for very confidential sexual relationship with me. So I am directly going into matter.

My dad works in a private company in which he gets transferred very often. We had to change our residence very often. Until I attained the puberty age I didn’t know anything about sex or girlfriends. I was a very good guy not knowing any thing… But when I attained the age of 15, my dad got transferred to a much happening city (name is not needed as I think I should let it be secret for your arousals…..Even my name and heroine’s names have been changed to protect the identity) …There I got into bad company and slowly I got to learn all about sex and girlfriends…firstly bad words..That went on till my 10th class.. Then I got into my +2.

Then I made lots of new friend…as all will not be same, right.. bad friends were also there in my gang who constantly talked about girls/women/sex and female body parts. Initially I was not interested but due to high hormones I also began liking the topic. Then we began sharing porn books and pictures. I was amazed to see porn pictures in magazines and later on net. My friends had large collection of them. I was attracted to big boobs and curvy asses.

I used to watch them in bathroom and closed rooms. Took care not to divulge it with anyone…. I’ve been with them and got bad… Slowly we bunked classes and go to net centers to see porn movies… then started my sex journey firstly with videos… Then slowly my mind changed a lot on seeing women…that too I was more attracted to aunties slowly. I was looking for chance to fuck one. Slowly I began to like female of Indian style that too south Indian. So that’s how it basically started in my mind.

I have many aunties in my apartment where I live…I knew them since a year and half…but I began seeing them in a different way because of my new life… There was an aunt who lived in a flat situated opposite to my flat who was a very good friend of my mom and who usually spent time in my house. So she was my easy prey and she was the heroine of this episode.

She was aged 42, with long hairs common among south Indian ladies, pointed nose, big boobs about the size 36 C, round ass glowing face and was fair complexion and had a very attractive structure, resembling film heroines. She looked as she was in 30s age and looked younger than her actual age. She was mother of two boys who were older than me aged around 20+. She had grown up kids as she was married at an early age of only 18. She still maintained a very attractive structure. Her husband was a business man. He wasn’t regularly at home for some days in a month. Her mother also lived with her. She lived few days in the city and few days in village.

Her sons were basically useless as they hadn’t completed their degrees and do all nasty things in colony. They spent their time and money on eating and pleasure, all the money their father and grandfathers had earned. So generally she will be alone in home and also some times not available in the city……. going for parties in other cities for days. So aunt spends lots of time with my mom chit chatting with her. Also she talked with me so softly. I also used to talk to her when ever I got chance.

As I told I changed my view about her after seeing those porn movies and as I told I was attracted to aunties. Her charms were killing me and she was my dream girl to say exactly she was my ultimate dream woman. Both of us used to share good time and exchanged looks, when ever possible. I didn’t know the meaning of her looks, but I used to see her only as a sex goddess from my +2 on wards.

But my eye was always on her. She generally wore sarees and nighties which were very attractive. May be because of her strict husband she must have bought them. As she was very close to my mom and even to me. She didn’t feel any shyness in roaming about in our house in nighty. So I always had a feast of her body in both of nighties and saree. When you watch a woman dressed in different dresses, different parts of her body would look attractive.

She would tie her saree well below her navel. Thus, I could see her navel hole, and I would watch her boobs from her blouse cleavage which was fair and well shaped and also her swinging ass where as when she was in nighties I could relish her tight ass which would attract me. Her breast gave the most noticeable view along with her ass when she stood at the door with light coming from her behind…. This went for some days. But to say the least her face and smile were most charming which god had provided, so no need of any other sexy parts. Her sexy body made her appear like a great sex goddess.

After my +2 and my engineering entrance exam I got long holidays for 4 months in which this major story happened. I got computer in these holidays after a month of my holidays. I kept it in my room and would watch porn in house only and masturbate thinking of those videos and also particularly aunt and her parts as I used to spend lots of time with her as of holidays. Even we used to have lunch together when her husband and sons wouldn’t be in house.

One day she called me to help her in bringing down an old vessel kept on upper rack in her store room. It was very difficult for her to get on stool and fetch it. I readily agreed for it. I got up on a small stool to reach the rack. I asked her to hold the stool so that I could maintain balance. She stood exactly behind me holding the stool and to direct me to get the correct one, which I didn’t reach the first time. I took it and came down. While getting down from stool I slipped and when trying to balance myself I stretched my hands. In doing so, my hand hit her front and landed on her soft boobs. I can’t tell you how I felt her soft boobs. It was so soft to feel them. I let out a sigh. Even though they are not too big they look attractive. She had flat stomach so her boobs project out like missile.

I was lost in my thought so I didn’t noticed what her expressions were but gave her the vessel. I went back to my house and masturbated thinking of what happened. In the evening I went to her house along with my mom. When my mom and I used to be in their house I used to pee in their toilet. I never had a chance to see her soiled inners clothes as I used to pee in common bathroom. I knew aunt and uncle had a master’s room with attached bathroom which she used. So after our first sexual touch days things were churning in my mind. My mind was not in my control. I tried to sit besides her trying to touch her now and then with flimsy excuses. I tried to feel her and smell her body perfume which made me aroused. When I get aroused I had the urge to go to bathroom and masturbate in their home it self.

That day when I went to bathroom I got shocked because aunt’s soiled inners along with her last night worn nighty was there in the bath room floor. It gave me a very weird thought and I took her bra in my hand and pressed it as if I was pressing her boobs. I picked up her panty and smelled the crotch area. The crotch area was soiled as if she had rubbed it on her pussy just before taking it off. It gave out that musky odor of her pussy. I imagined I was smelling her pussy and not her panty. I placed it on my nose and sniffed hard.

Her panty had intoxicating effect on me. I closed my eyes and took out my cock. I felt the urge to jerk my cock and began beating it with her panty tied around my penis. I masturbated two times in a row to get down my body heat. I released my cum on her used panty filling it up with my semens. In hurry I released out on her panty and also a little bit on her nighty. Suddenly I heard knocking on the door. It was my aunty who wanted to use the toilet urgently. I opened the door and with out cleaning my stuff on her panty and nighty I came out. I left my mark thinking that the clothes would be washed by maid and so nobody will observe it. But my fate was different that day.

As soon as I came out of bathroom aunt went inside and took out the clothes for washing. I think she must have seen what I had done in it and must have gathered what it was. She knew that it must be me that had done it. She gave me a very queer and different look as soon as she came out from bathroom. From her look I knew that she must have seen that. Actually I had a good boy’s image in the apartment so I didn’t know what she must have thought of it.

So days were going on and also I used to spend more time with her…I mean only I and she were there some times talking as my mom would be busy in her work in house. So we became very close to each other. But I had never gone beyond decency in talks because I have a good boy’s image. But I knew that her view on me changed from that bathroom incident and also she used to be closer to me than before even she touching me sometimes giving me goose pimples. May be because of her elder image she couldn’t say straight to me.

But I got the chance for which I was waiting since long time. Once it happened that my mom’s father fell ill so my mom and dad went to my mom’s place leaving me alone in house asking aunt to take care of me. But still aunt’s mother was also there in the house so we behaved as normal.

Some times I used to be in my home seeing porn in system and masturbating thinking of aunt and video aunties also. I did this frequently at this time as no body was in my home. Generally I close the main door and sit in my room and open all my clothes and masturbate with full feel.

Also parallel my normal sight on enjoyment with aunt was going on. So, those days my work was to enjoy porn in my home or enjoy aunt. I enjoyed seeing her and little touches in her home. Most of the time I used to eat in her home but some times I got lazy and preferred eating at my house alone. When ever I was in my home she would deliver it at my house. She would knock the door and I would open the door and took the food and eat in my home.

Generally when I am alone in home my usual attire would be a towel wrapped around my waist. As I told I don’t wear clothes when I masturbate. I had to wear a towel and take the food from aunt. She might have got a doubt on me because I would always be in towel, so she used to give me a very naughty smile. But still nothing happened as I couldn’t dare anything as she might complain it to my mom and dad or so and also of my good boy image.

Once we were watching TV in her home, a movie was being aired about college guys.

She suddenly asked, “Do you have a girl friend?”

I was taken aback by this question, I said, “Nnnoo, not at all. I don’t have time for a girl friend.”

She gave a very cute smile to it. I thought she must have asked casually so forgot about it. And later one day, I was in my room masturbating with eyes closed calling out aunt’s name I heard some sound very close by. I opened my eyes, and what I saw. I saw aunt was in front of me with food plate. I was totally nude with my hand on my cock beating it fast. I as soon as I saw her I tried to cover my body with a towel but it was too late as my cock ejected a load of cum on my hands, tummy and towel. She saw me ejaculating so hard that she couldn’t say anything neither could I. It happened so because I had forgotten to lock my main door. She kept the food plate gave a sexy smile and went away. No words were exchanged between us.

I got shit scared thinking about what was going to happen. I did not go to her house that evening to explain my action or even for a casual talk as I feared a big reaction from her and her husband. I was shivering sitting in the house as that evening my parents were scheduled to arrive and I was afraid that she would complaint. And if she did so I would be gone. Time was 6.00 PM or so in the evening suddenly aunt came with phone in one hand and tea cup in other. I thought to my self she must have complained my parents and I’m going to die that night due to shame.

But to my shock she talked to me normally with a sexy look said, “Your parents are not going to come tonight and will be coming few days latter, so they called me and told to take care of you for some more days. So feel relaxed my boy.”

In mean time I heard aunt’s mom was calling her and saying that it was getting late, to come and help her. SO behaving normally I also went with her to her house. I came to know that aunt’s mom was going her village for a function and would not be there for some days. I also came to know that uncle was also on a tour and luckily it turned out that aunt’s sons weren’t in home and would return after few days as they went for a north tour with friends. So it was only me and aunt in our both houses for that night and also some more nights.

Aunt’s mom told me, “Why don’t you also sleep here in our house as your aunt will be alone. She needs some one to be with her and you will also get some company to talk and above all both of you can be safe.”

I thought every thing was going on as per my wishes. It was a god send chance for me and I laughed like any thing in me. I accompanied aunt’s mom to the bus stand. I gave her a sent off and came back home. But my heart was going on very fast. I was thinking of good alibi as how to face aunty alone after that incident. But I thought what ever was to happen, would happen so no need to worry now.

I went to her house….she was in her bath and came out with her best nighty that could show her at her best. I was shocked by seeing her like that. I could realise from seeing her body shapes that she was not wearing inners. So I thought the day had come for me to make my real move, the day to kill the cat. But still I could not to dare to take the first step.

Then aunt came and asked, “What were you doing in your home that day and also in my bathroom?” in a very tough voice….

I thought what every thing is happening is in contrast to my expectation.. I had to handle the situation as it was time for me to react otherwise I would never get a chance to fuck her again.

I acted as if I was very sorry. I brought tears in my eyes and said, “Sorry aunty please don’t tell anyone not even my mom. I will never do it again…. Sorry. If you would tell my life would be ruined. My parents would throw me out of my house.” and fell on her legs weeping hard and requested her not to tell anybody.

She then with a smile lifted me up and told, “It is ok, and I’ll not tell any body. Don’t be scared…” After a pause she said… “But tell me why you do it with your hand when I’m available for you.”

This was a bouncer bomb for me. What she was saying? I got a little bit confused and asked, “Sorry, aunt what are you saying. Did I hear you correctly?”

Then suddenly she started crying on my shoulder… My heart began beating fater thinking that what was happening there. I hadn’t done any thing and why was she crying. I couldn’t understand any thing. I thought I should leave the place to escape her wrath.

I asked, “What is the matter aunt? Why are you crying? Is there anything wrong with you? Did I hurt you?”

Then slowly she lifted her head and started saying, “Don’t worry. You didn’t do anything wrong. You know that your uncle is ten years older to me so in the early days of our marriage he used to be very caring with me and also gave me good sex experiences but after few years when children were born he got operated and lost interest in sex. He would do sex as mere formality and not as a pleasure.

But I couldn’t express my problem to any body not even to your mom who is my best friend as it is considered wrong for a woman to express her sexuality openly. I thought that such occasional sex was my destiny and kept quiet but he stopped doing that also from a year and half. I mean he stopped even that occasional formality sex as he has lost his ability for sex and erection. But I still have urge in me for it as I am still younger and energetic compared to your uncle. You’ll not know anything about women’s sexuality as you are a young boy and unmarried. Let me tell you women will be having sexual desires more at this age. Same is with me and it added to my frustration as I couldn’t do any thing about it. I longed for some hard sex with a healthy male.

But I never thought of you like that till I saw your semen on my panties and nighty …. My body wanted any male for sex. Seeing your athletic body and good boy image I was little confused whether to go ahead with you or not but got more confident of you when I saw you masturbating thinking of me. I knew of that fact days before you saw me watching you that day.

I was making up my mind because this was not the first time I saw you masturbating thinking of me in your house. You had forgotten to lock your door two three times before also when I saw you masturbating. I didn’t embarrass you earlier. I only observed your action and came back to my home hot. I couldn’t do anything as my mom and children were there. I was waiting for this opportunity. So I am here for you all alone. Do what ever you want with me. Make me your slave. Give me the ultimate pleasure of life. So get up, what for you waiting for, stop looking at your sex goddess. Let’s start the pleasure yaar””

I got near her and hugged her hard and then I swiped her tears with my tongue……….. This was my first hug. She was impressed by it and took my face into her hands and planted a deeeeeeep kiss on my lips. My first lip to lip kiss with any woman… Lovely man….. We kissed for almost half an hour. We didn’t know how fats time was flying as for us the time was stand still.

We were standing like that in each other’s arms kissing and hugging like two long lost friends. After 30 minutes or so I detached form her lips and kept my hands on her soft boobs. I tried to feel them from over her nighty.. Aunty closed her eyes and feasted my hand’s touch.

Then aunt said, “Why are you feeling my boobs from over the nighty when you can feel it naked……. Now remove the nighty and enjoy but don’t do it in hurry because I am all yours from now and we have whole night for us….”

I half heard her and still in hurry I tore her nighty in one swift move. Her naked breasts were dangling before me. The melons of my dream……. The object of my desires… it was soft but was not hanging due to weight…. It was pink in colour with brown coloured nipples, erect due to excitement, waiting for me to fondle and suck…… I had been dreaming for this day since many days and I couldn’t believe that eventually it had arrived. I closed my eyes and pressed her boobs like any thing calling her name in my mouth.

Then she lifted and said, “I like you calling my names while fondling my breasts very much. It shows how much you like me. Lick my nipples and suck my breasts too.”

I don’t know for how much time I was playing with her boobs but couldn’t take my hands off it…. It looked so nice as it was big and firm. She had very big nipples. I licked her nipples in circular manner, starting from the edge of circle reaching the tip last. I engulfed her nipple in my mouth and began sucking like a baby. My mouth was making hungry noise…….. Uuuummmmmmmmaaaaaaggggggg

Aunty was enjoying my sucking. She asked me, “Yes…………. baby lick my nipples….. Suck my boobs… Bite it slowly…….. Love your mouth on my boobs.Uuuughhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmsssssss……”

My mouth was full with her big boobs. Her nipples tasted like vanilla ice cream……..I shifted my attention to her other nipple…………. Then shifted my kissing to her armpits……I wanted to kiss and lick her entire body making it wet with my saliva…..I began kissing her whole body from breast to nipples.. Reaching her tummy then licking naval hole. I licked her naval hole too. It tasted salty to me. South Indian aunties have big breast, big ass and deep naval. She lay quietly waiting for me…… I licked her entire skin from head to toe, including her neck, breasts, navel and then reached her thighs which was very milky and shiny like marble statue.. I licked from toe to thighs leaving behind a trail of saliva….

And then my attention shifted to her cleanly shaved pussy which was welcoming me. This was first time I was seeing a nude woman and her nice pussy in real. I kissed the vulva…Earlier I thought sucking pussy was bit gross but here I was tempted to try it…… I tried with a small peck at the quivering pussy lips. She jumped in air when I planted a kiss at her pussy. It smelled so nice. I remembered the smell I got from her used panty. It was the same aroma….. I sucked her pussy lips….. She clamped her thighs hard on my ears…. I inserted my tongue in her pussy hole ….. It tasted better……………I licked the hole using my tongue as broom and swiped it.

She was enjoying my moves and saying, “I am so wet already………come LICK meeeeeee dear……..lick my pussyyyyyyyyyyyyy and make me cummmmmmmmmmm ………ooooooooooooooooooo…………..really love your HOT TONGUE ………..pushhhhhhhhhhh your tongue deepeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrr into my cuntttttttttttt……….TONGUE-FUCK meeeeeee nowwwwwww !!!”

I kept on sucking for awhile when she lifted her ass up in the air and arched her body. I knew it was her time to climax. She gave out a wild yell and cummed on my mouth wetting my face.. She let out too much love juice. She told me it was her orgasm and asked me to take it into my mouth. I readily drank her cum after cum….. It was like nectar to me…… her flowing love juice which I had never tasted. I was in seventh heaven. I got up from her cunt and lay by her side.

I took her boobs and pressed it hard. It pained her then she told me to stop as it was her turn. My gosh she then started playing with my cock and by that time I was out of control I removed my underwear and showed my aunt the perfect Qutab Minar… She liked my erection and size.

She made me lie on the bed and threw my clothes and kissed my tool and said, “Isn’t it lovely………..I saw it earlier and also noticed it was of good length. Generally no body has it that big at your age. So I was impressed by its size and wanted to have it since then but didn’t know how to approach you. Luckily I got this chance today.”

I said, “I am so glad that you allowed me to see you naked, lick you, suck you and kiss your pussy. Please suck my cock too.”

She asked me, “Would you like to go for a blow job from me but condition would be that you are not supposed to cum in my mouth. I have never sucked any cock before and I hate to eat cum.”

I said, “It is ok with me. But please suck it now or I will insert it in your mouth.”

She took the cock near her mouth an said, “Okay darling……….come……..let me kneel before you, see I am totally naked ………..mmmmmnnnnnn…………I really love your huge cock……..I love to suck your swollen cock-head and tickle your hairy balls dear………now PUSH your cock deep into my HOT mouth………aunty wants to SUCCCCCCKKKKKK your lovely cock……..aaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnngggghhhhhhh ……..yessssssssssssssss son……….FUCK…….FUCK…….FUCK………. FUCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK my mouth while I SQUEEZE your balls……. keep fuckiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing my mouth…….uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu …………………..aaaaaaaaooooooooooooommmmmmmaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh……… “

It felt so nice. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the blissful event. Her mouth was like a furnace. It went on for 12 minutes. After few minutes I felt my ball boiling inside. I knew it was my turn to erupt in orgasm. I held her head and steadied my jerk. I fondled her boobs hard.

I said, “Aunty I am cumming. Take my release….. Taste it……….drink it.”

I erupted in stream after stream in her mouth. Damn it, I failed to control myself and came in her mouth. She did not remove her mouth and tried to take all the semen in her mouth. I pulled out my cock and let it spill some semens on her body and breasts making her look more naughty and sexy like a slut….

I said, “That was awesome. Sorry I came in your mouth……….Well thanks aunty you didn’t make a scene out of it. And let me enjoy too.”

I couldn’t control my self and asked, “Now, aunty I want to do the real thing. Can you tell me where to find condom. I hope you would be having some stock.”

She told, “Don’t worry…no problem, you can enjoy me directly as I have taken the pregnancy pill today. I knew you were going to come today and we would enjoy today…. So I was ready with all such possible occasion.”

I felt happy listening to that and took some rest. We lay together fondling each other’s body. I was kissing her body again to arouse her urge and get proper erection. It didn’t take long as with some more foreplay I got my erection back. I again began fingering her pussy to make her wet.

Within few minutes she also got aroused and she mouthed some nasty words and said, “Oh you motherfucker… Now fuck me…. What are you waiting for? I can’t control much go in quick…”

I got on top of her and sucked her boobs. I spread her legs to open her cunt more. It was wet due to my earlier invasion. I took my cock in my hands and placed it at her pussy entrance and was seeking where to enter. I was confused as it was new for me. Noticing my confusion, aunt took my cock in her hand, jerked it for few moments and placed at her cunt opening.

She asked, “Now push hard baby. Your tool is inside my cunt.”

I slowly pushed to enter but stopped a little as she was feeling pain. She clinched her face as she was getting a cock after a long time and that too bigger and stiffer than her hubby. That too a virgin cock. She was in a very happy mood and was pulling my face, trying to get me closer to her face and was giving me kisses and was rolling her fingers in my hair. My half cock was inside her cunt.

Then I took a deep breath and pushed harder entering her pussy totally. I began slowly jerking her and then speeded up my action. She caught hold of me tightly and enveloped her legs around my waist. She also moved her body towards me with her with legs entwined around me. She was also participating in the jerking action. We reached a rhythm in few minutes.

Our body was hitting each other making sexy sounds….thap……… thap…….. thap……. thahp thahp………faap aaalglglgl…..fuk…….. fuk ……….fuk………. fuk………f………. fuk……….. fuk …………..fuk…………..f uk

She was moaning very loudly using nasty words and also calling my name and telling, “FUCK me harddddddddddddddddddd………..come in my clenching cuntttttttt………..OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH………FUCK……FUCK……FUCK ME HARDEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRR……FASTEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR……..UUUUUUGUGUGUGUGGGGGGGG………GO DEEPEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR…….YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS……UUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGHHHHHHHHH…………… Fast fast fast……. You can enjoy again but now go fast……..Hit me harder…make me your slut…………Tear my cunt with your rod.”

I speeded up and within few minutes I felt my ball rising. I knew I was about to cum second time in day. I asked her, “Aunty I am about to release my cum…….. Where do you want me to spray?”

She said, “In my cunt. Don’t think. Do it now. Waiting for your seeds……make me cummmmmmm…………also fuccckkkkkkkk meeeeeee with your long hard pulsating cock……….shoot your cummm deep into my throbbing pussyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy………..”

I arched my body released my cum………..I shot all of my semen in her cunt in generous stream filling her hole. My cum came out in stream in quantity exceeding my regular load. I shot and emptied entirely it in her pussy. I felt her cunt muscles clenching my tool………. She arched her body and lifted her ass from the bed surface to pull in my cock. She was cumming too…. She cummed in waves after waves making too much noise… I felt her orgasm which gave me a very wet feeling around my tool….. After some time I felt another orgasm and she couldn’t control her heavy moaning as she clung hard to me. ….After few minutes we lay still exhausted by our heavy fucking.

I said, “That was awesome aunt… Thank you very much for providing me the joy of life………. Thanx, for providing me the first pussy in life.”

She also told, “Thank you too.. .. My dear ….for letting me feel your semen in me……. it gave me so much pleasure which I never felt before……You made me feel like a newly wed bride………Your wife would be lucky to have you as her fucker……. You have filled my cunt to its brim……Lovely feeling son… You have satisfied me after so many years.”

I lay on her for some time resting with my head on her boobs. .. I passed off and I don’t remember what happened next as both of us dozed off to sleep, myself still lying on her tummy head resting on her boobs. We slept the whole evening.

I woke up at 10.00 PM in the night. She also woke up and went to kitchen to prepare food. She was still nude while cooking. She looked so hot from back. She brought it into the room. As it was my first experience I was too tired. She woke me up so caringly. She offered food to me and also ate.

I asked, “Don’t feed me with your hand. I want you to feed me with your mouth.”

She asked, “How can I do that?”

I took one morsel in my mouth and placed my mouth on her mouth and transferred food to her. She got my message. She also transferred food to my mouth like that. In between we exchanged kisses with our mouths. With that I became wilder. She fed me through her mouth.

I said, “Now I want you to become my dinner plate. A hell of a sexy dinner plate.”

I made her lie on bed and I spread the food on her tummy and boobs evenly making her look like a porn star covered with food. I smeared some food on her vagina too. She looked so sexy. Food never looked so hot and sexy before. I placed roti on her nipples and vegetables on her naval hole. I started eating food along with her. That was great than having sexual experience.

She was much impressed with my different style of act. All this had its desired effect on us. My cock began rising its head and she also began getting wet signals from her vagina. Every time I took food from her body I fondled her boobs or cunt.

She told, “Let us have another session now itself. My cunt needs your cock. Talk in dirty words as possible.”

I agreed for another session although I was tired a bit…,,, But after eating food from her body in that sexy manner I got enough energy another round. Her words also added fire to fuel. I was aroused already so jumped on her. Let me tell you I had never found my tool to get erected continuously more than for a half day while masturbating. I could masturbate maximum two times continuously but here it was erect so quick and remained so for such a long time. I think it was due to my sex goddess playing with me that my body and my tool were responding differently that day.

She got up from the bed. She stood near the wall and winked me to arouse her. I wanted to do little different. I went on my knees and kissed her toes. I started kissing her silky leg and moved up kissing her belly and finally her breast. Her eyes were half closed that meant she was enjoying it.

I kissed her neck and moved up to her lips. I kissed her some minutes. I reached her nipples and pressed it. I lost my control and squeezed it madly and hardly on her boobs and she yelled aloud making some sounds like ‘avoo’, ‘aaahh’ because of pain.

I said, “Is it paining you? Shall I stop now?”, she said, “Nooooo. Carry on.”

She caught my head and pressed my face on her boobs. Then I went down and kissed the upper portion of her belly. I started kissing all over her belly. I inserted my tongue in her belly button and licked it. I sucked the hole too.

I turned her around, her back facing me and pushed her towards the wall. He boobs pressed against I wall and I went down and licked her ass cheeks. I pulled in little flesh and sucked her hips. I inserted my tongue in her ass crack. It tasted salty and tangy too.

She said, “No, don’t do that……….. That is too dirty.”

But I didn’t listen and continued licking her ass crack. It gave that salty taste. My tongue reached her cunt crack too. It was leaking a bit. Then I turned her around again as her front body towards me. Now her back was against the wall. She was still in standing position and I was on my knees. I then put her right leg over my shoulder and started sucking her pussy.

That gave her a lot of enjoyment. She made different type of noises that I really loved. She was having the time of her life. I put my finger in to her pussy and twisted in her hole. Imagine the scene, I was kneeling before aunt and she was standing with one of her leg on my shoulders and my mouth planted on her cunt, sucking her fast.

She began moaning, “Ahaaaa…..Slowly. You are hurting me……Wooooooooooooaaaaaaaa…… Yes yes baby………Put two fingers inside my cunt and suck my boobs….”

Her pussy was very soft and the hole was big, I thought she should be fucked every day. It was so nice to suck and taste her salty juice from her pussy that I could walk 10 miles to reach her. And the smell emanating from her pussy stimulated me more and more. Suddenly I could feel my dick was being caressed and squeezed in her hand. She couldn’t control anymore. She went down on me and started sucking my cock. I knew it was time to fuck her.

Quickly she lay on the cold floor inviting me to fuck her. She spread her legs showing me her swollen cunt. I mounted her and pushed with a quick lunge, my dick sliding easily in her slippery pussy. She pushed her ass forward to meet my thrusts. While I fucked my aunt’s juicy hole, I held on to her tits to increase penetration.

Within a few minutes I was deep in her cunt my cock going deeper. Within few minutes I was about to cum. I arched my body when I felt my cum rising in my cock. I grunted as my cock shot cream in her pussy. I shot cum after cum in her pussy. My cock slipped out of her now dripping hole. Aunt cummed along with me holding me hard.

I had an excellent second session with her that lasted for another 45 minutes.

After such hectic sex we both passed out. I slept for some time like that on her body. Both slept in that naked position hugging each other.

Then in the morning I got up late. I got a funny feeling, I felt something crawling on my legs and moving to my thighs and to my tool. I woke up with quick erection and saw my freshly bathed aunt who had just come out from bathroom naked was jerking my cock.

I asked her, “What are you doing aunt?”

As it was very new thing to me……I was totally out of this world seeing her naked bending on me…. Imagine waking up to see some gorgeous nude lady jerking your cock who was none other than your sex goddess.

She replied, “I saw your cute morning erection and couldn’t control myself and started sucking it.”

She saw my morning erection and couldn’t control herself; in return I got up in her sexy style. I got quick erection by seeing her sexy boobs and hairs falling on her wet body. Some of her wet hairs were falling on my erection tickling it. My erection got more solid. I didn’t want to get up. As aunt had my penis’s foreskin pulled back and was licking it with her tongue. Her erotic actions made me hotter.

I asked, “Aunty, please get on me and give me the real pleasure.”

She happily said, “So, it’s my turn to make you happy.”

She gave me a deep kiss on my total body and then kissed my tool too……… This gave a little wet feel with her falling hair covering her face as she sucked my cock……. She got up on my body with her both legs on my side………. Placing her left leg on one side and right on another side, she placed her cunt just over my erect cock. She sat on it and within seconds my cock vanished in her cunt hole. She lifted her body up and brought it down with force on my cock. My cock penetrated till its hilt inside. She started her fucking motion.

Up………. Down…………. Up……… down………… up…………. Down………. Up…….. down

She was swinging up and down…

Thap……….. thap………… thap……….. thap…….. thap……. Thap………. Thap…….. thap….

What to say about me? It was as if I was having a morning dream. I didn’t know what was happening to me. I couldn’t believe that my dream sex goddess was riding me naked with wet hairs and her wet naked boobs swinging about before my eyes. She was enjoying herself giving me blowjob. Her wet body gave her that great sexy look.

Let me tell you, at night I had sex with closed eyes as it was totally my physical work. I concentrated more on performing right so I was enjoying by touches only but not by eyes. I didn’t look into her eyes to gauze her level of excitement. But in the morning since it was her work I was enjoying the view. I was looking deep into her eyes and found love along with lust for me. Imagine her boobs swinging wildly across my face almost touching my face. I couldn’t shift my eyes from her face or her boobs.

It was a sight to see her swing with such a wet body with her boobs swinging like pendulum which was making my rod harder. After few seconds I could feel that aunt was feeling my tool get harder inside her pussy.

She smiled at me and was said, “It is tougher to take you tool now in comparison to yesterday. It is giving me much pleasure than yesterday.”

She was pressing her boobs herself and then took my hands and placed it on her breasts. I pressed it and raised my head to reach for her nipples. I sucked her nipples and bit on it. She gave out a soft moan. She extended her hand and caught my face. I couldn’t control that enjoyment and sucked on her fingers. She came closer to my head for giving a kiss and during that tight kiss she sucked my lips.

Then she got orgasm. She clasped her mouth so hard that she bit my lips. My soft lips got cut and began blooding but we didn’t care much about that and she kept on sucking my lips. She sucked my blood inside her mouth. She was enjoying the salty taste of fresh blood.

Then I couldn’t control anymore and knew I was on the verge of another climax. Both reached our orgasms at the same time. It was her second orgasm within 10 minutes. She fell on me tired as she had done all of the hard work in this session, where as my work was to just lay and enjoy her fucking action as she rode me like a horse rider. She got off my body and swung across to lie on my side. She gave me a big kiss and then observed that blood was oozing and felt sorry for me.

She went to kitchen to fetch some sugar because keeping sugar in bleeding mouth stops the blooding. She brought and was trying to pour in my mouth.

Then I told, “Stop aunty, I would rather prefer if you pour it from your mouth as it will be sweeter if it is transferred in my mouth from your mouth.”

Aunty smiled at me and then did what I asked. I was her toy boy for 3 or 4 days. And those 3 or 4 days were the most exciting days in my life. We enjoyed sex to our max. We remained nude all day. We just roamed around in the house naked as if not to waste time if we decide to have sex anytime anyplace as when we thought.

We had to utilize time as to get the best sex pleasure. It is known that men get best erection with timely gap and also of our energies. Then after four days my parents and also her husband came back and in the time of four days we had our max pleasure but couldn’t have anal sex as she was uncomfortable with it.

So may be if any one of you would mail me, we could have a relationship. I would have anal sex with you along with normal sex because now I’m not living in that same apartment in which I used to as my dad got transferred to another place but as per my studies I’m living in the city near to the city that I used to live before as my college is more nearer to here in a room along with my friends.

Now my relation with that aunt is closed physically limited to just telephonic talks as we couldn’t meet as her elder son got married and so she lives along with her daughter in law. Aunt’s mother and uncle also live in the house…so couldn’t have chance to meet her but dying for a relation. I surely say relation with me would be so safe that no one could know about it will be kept confidential. So u can contact me directly in [email protected]..

So how was story if you like it send your comments to [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected]

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