My Sweet Mother In Law

Hi, friends, my name is Yash, I am from Bangalore and my mail ID is [email protected], you are welcome for any feedback and if any girls, housewives, aunties are interested can mail me.

This is partially an imaginary story and my first post kindly encourage.

Let me tell you about myself, I am fair in complexion with athletic body & 5.9 Feet tall, 30 years old, married from Bangalore.

Queen of this story is my Mother in law, I will not disclose her name, consider her name as Mil only.

She is 44years old and very beautiful with 36-32-38 hot stats with fair skin, perfect boobs and sexy butts which I always love to stare at and feel them.

Let us talk about my journey with my Mil.Since my first visit to my inlaws place I had a crush on this lady, her dressing sense, her walking style, body language, colors she chose on her clothes and everything was very attractive. The moment I got married and started visiting her house frequently, I had more instances to look at her more closely and began attracted sexually as well. I used to stare at her when am sitting in the living room and she sweeps the floor, cleans and walks around swaying her ass seductively. Since then I always have the desire to make love to her. She was always friendly with me always she never cared to touch me when she talks to me, she used to pat my back, shoulders and talk casually and I always never dared to take it forward. And once I started sharing my feelings slowly with my wife saying that her mom is really beautiful compared to all others of her age and also started asking my wife to dress like her mom and put on weight like her. My wife always took this lightly and later she realized that am attracted to her mom and took it sportively. She started saying whenever addressing her mother that she is my sweet mother inlaw and all. Later I also started asking the bra size and other personal details of Mil which she used to share without hesitation, this took us to the next level with me Fantasizing my mother in law when we had sex, we began to have sex with roleplay assuming my wife as my mother in law.

Once in rainy season we had a marriage function near Madikeri and had to go but unfortunately my wife was sick by viral fever and father in law was away for work. So I and my Mil was left with no option but to go together. My wife teased me while I was getting ready that I am going on a date with my mil and wished me all the best jokingly. We both started our journey by car. I was very happy to go with her. We reached Madikeri and booked a hotel for stay. I daringly booked a double bed room instead of asking her whether she need a separate room, and she didn’t object either. We changed Our dress and it was an evening we started towards at the function place. While coming back it was raining heavily, by the time we reached hotel room from parking we were completely wet.

I changed my dress in the hall and was sitting on the chair and Mil was in washroom changing her saree , but the room door was slightly open and my manhood started driving me crazy looking at the gap which showed me my Mil changing her dress, she was removing her saree then her blouse, I was desperate to go inside and hug her fuck her there itself but controlled my emotions. She was in white cotton bra and black petticoat and I was tensed up & my dick was rock hard and super tempted. She wore a nighty and came out. I asked her would you like to have some wine and she said yes. Then I ordered some wine and we both started chatting having drinks.

Our conversation was random and I also praised her on many occasions that she looked younger, slim and she had the perfect body by her yoga. Then it was time to bed, we both went to sleep and I was super excited that am sleeping next to her in the same bed and was tensed also thinking how to approach her and the consequences later. I made up my mind, thought of trying it out once and I hugged her from behind, she didn’t respond, a few seconds later I hugged her tightly and pressed her right boobs and started kissing her on the neck. She reacted casually saying “hey am ur Mil, not ur wife,” I said “I need u my Mil, am desperate to make love to u since years” saying this started smooching her wildly then she stopped me and said me to hold on and be calm.

She said ” I knew u had an eye on me always when at home and outside too and I am happy that I arouse a young man like u ” then she said, ” but we can’t do this bcoz it might affect our relation in future and I can’t cheat my daughter as well”. I said ” this would actually strengthen our relationship and ur daughter knows that I like u ” and I also said her about our role play stuff. She was shocked and finally allowed me to hug her again and then there was a new relationship started between us.we smooched for a long time and then removed her nighty, and I kissed her all over her body passionately, pressed her boobs to bite her boobs over the bra and made it wet and removed her bra and then her petticoat and panty, now she was nude and Me too. I kissed her all over her body without even leaving an inch of space, sucked her nipples like I had no tomorrow & then she came over me and she started kissing and pampering me from my neck to shoulder, chest and then to my dick, she started kissing my balls and slowly she swallowed my dick and started giving me a blowjob. I was I was holding her boobs in both hands and pressing it.

Then she came up and took my dick inside her pussy and then started doing to and fro fucking slowly and eventually increased the speed I was kissing her boobs all this time and squeezing it too. Then I turned her down and came to missionary position and started fucking her wildly. She was moaning loudly and was asking me to fuck faster and harder.

Finally I ejected the sperm inside her with a lot of pleasure and satisfaction. And we slept the whole night hugging. We had a session in the morning too before the shower and had a shower together and then left again for a marriage function.Please share your feedback to [email protected].

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