My Young Boss, My Husband Love

First of all about me hi my name is Urja (name changed) I work in post office as rd agent I am 45 yr old slim having toned body average looks I dont look like 45 as I hv maintained myself very well medium boon size have 2 kids daughter is married son is in school my husband works in a reputed firm and busy in tours and travels related to work.

I wanted to be an independent women so I choose to become an rd agent with post office .The story I am going recite here may be not acceptable in society mine was a love marriage after few years I came to know he is an alcoholic I wanted to end my marriage but hoped he may become good after 25 yrs of marriage he is the same as earlier even worst. Thankfully due to god sake I was able to send my daughter to a good family.

This story happened few months before we got a new block development officer his name is nikhil he is just 26 yr old we all were exited to work under him as our previous boss was old and arrogant developed a crush on him but never had such bad ambitious to cheat my husband.

We became good friends after few meetings we get to know each other he started to come with me to find new customers in my area he is very hard working guy wanted to work and create a good service record .We started to go for lunch and small tea parties together as I was leading business maker in our post office still he wanted me to do more business he helped me and other agents to increase business within one month .

After few months of our meeting he proposed me I was shocked and I was angry about the same I said very bad to him I am 45 yr old how can you think I will fall in love with a boy of my sons age I threw his gift .He didn’t said a word and went away as a innocent child .

That night I was unable to sleep as I was thinking about him I wanted to do everything that I didn’t get from my husband as we had very less time to spend with each other .

Till next morning I had made up my mind to not talk to him any more I will ignore him.When I met him he behaved like nothing had happened I too broke my promise and talked to him as nothing had happened .He asked me for a tea I agreed we both had tea in a nearby tea shop and went to work .

Next day due to over work I was late he agreed to drop me home .I went with him as I go to work my son stays with my brother about 2 km away .

My husband was in tour so I didnt crumble him to come inside but as a formality I asked him for tea and he agreed I was little nervous I asked him to seat in sofa and went to change my dress and went to kitchen to make tea he too joined me after some time he hugged me from back I tried to get out but didn’t allow me too he kissed me and grabbed my boobs I too got exited and asked him to wait we will start after drinking tea he smiled and switched off the stove and lifted me to bedroom he passionately kissed me I had never been seduced such a way by husband whole my life

After 10 minutes of kiss he lifted my nighty and removed my panties and licked my pussy after that I removed my nighty and bra I removed his clothes his long penis was ready to tear my pussy we both were nude now be sucked my boobs few minutes and he asked me to give a oral I sucked his cock like a thirsty women he threw his sperm inside my mouth then he put his cock inside my pussy my pussy was little tight due to lack of sex I was screaming in pain he didn’t leave he fucked me like bitch the whole night that was the best night for me .We fucked 3 times during that night.In morning I gave him tea and kissed him and hugged him .

We lip kissed and he was ready for one more round I forcefully send him as it was getting late any one could have seen us but now from 1 month we regularly have sex in my home or in hotel room .He wants to marry me officially I m unofficially his wife he puts sindoor whenever he comes he treats me like wife gives his half salary to me . I am feared how he will react if I dont agree to marry me he is really mad for me .

From my side also I love him very much I dont know how this marriage is possible I am ready to runaway and start a new life with fresh beginning hope we could plan this way .

Now guys you say what to do I m confused will society accept me will it harm my daughter son??I really love him want to get pregnant of his child but due to age I am using pills .I am in menstruation so I can get pregnant he doesn’t use safety as he does sex widely. I too love that I want to live my rest of the life with him as his wife please give me your feedback so that I can take a decision with help of you ..Waiting for your valuable comments mail me at [email protected]

I m not a bitch or a wore so pls don’t abuse me only want some good decision making comments thanks in advance .If possible also law regarding second marriage

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