Naughty Secrets – Episode 1

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Beginning with the story –

It was a cool summer night, the society compound was quite eventful even at 10:00 PM at night. Kids playing and screaming gleefully. Ladies of the society gathered and chatting. But she was not amongst them. She was aimlessly scrolling through her phone while walking around with her dog.

After 10 years of marriage, Aarohi was no more than a trophy wife. At 36, she was smart, intelligent, charming and beautiful, with a figure which could make any guy drool over her. But all she had was rich husband who adorned her with brands, but not the attention and care she wanted. Sex was all but a memory for her. She had thought about having an affair, had received many offers for that too. But what she wanted was love, not a tool.

She was sitting on the bench,when she saw him. Her crush, Ashutosh Rana.

He was an item for her infatuation since the day he arrived to live in the society. Tall, athletic built and a manly look. He had an air innocence and indifference around him that attracted her.

Aarohi usually met him in the society compound and exchanged pleasantries. Apart from extending a helping hand once in awhile, when he saw her struggling with some stuff she was carrying, he did not talk much with her except for politely responding to her hellos. How she wished that once he would say something more than hello.

He looked tired after a long day at office. But a smile came to his face when he saw her. He approached her and bent to pat her dog. “Cute dog, can I say hi to him ????”

Aarohi – “Sure, he loves to be scratched on head….”

He smiled at the reply and started patting her dog.

Ashutosh – “What is his name????’

Aarohi – “Donner…”

He immediately looked up with a surprised reaction and wide eyes saying “Excuse me….”

Aarohi – “Donner. Why do you look surprised???”

Ashutosh – “I thought you said …. Sorry, never mind. Good night!!!”

And he ran away with a blushing face. It then she realized he misheard the name as “boner”.

She had a hearty laugh remembering his surprised look and blushing face. After a long time she felt like a teenager falling in love for the very first time.

She decided that she want to get close to him no matter what.

One fine day, after attending to some matters, she returned late to her home. It was 4:30 AM in the morning. As she was parking her car she saw him doing calisthenics in the verandah. Finding this weird she decided to ask in the evening. In the evening, she was waiting for him in the society compound. He was late again.She called his name, but when he saw her, he tried to quickly get into the lift. She caught up with him.

Aarohi – “Were you trying to run away from me???? That is very rude of you.’

Ashutosh – “No….”

Aarohi – “Then why were so so eager to get into the lift??”

Ashutosh – “I was very embarrassed about what I said that day, so didn’t know how to face you.”

She found that cute and laughed. She said “Pagal itna bhee formal mut bano. We are adults, and itna chalta hai. I too did some silly things like this when I was your age.”

Ashutosh (with a relieved smile) – “Thank you so much ….”

Aarohi – “Anyways, today morning why were exercising in the verandah??”

Ashutosh – “Oh! you saw that, actually it is more out helplessness. Exercising in room disturbs my room mate and gym timings do not suit me. In morning trainer opens gym by 6:30, if I go to gym in morning then I will not be able to reach office on time. In the evening I usually come back late from office and by the time I arrive here, gym gets closed.

So I have to make due with whatever space I get.”

This struck as a golden opportunity to Aarohi.

Aarohi – “I think I can help you with this problem. Society chairperson is a good friend of mine, if I talk to her, she can allow you to open the gym a little earlier than the usual timings. But you will have to behave properly and follow the rules they have set.”

He was genuinely surprised.

Ashutosh – “ Are you serious?? That would be really great, I promise I will not create any trouble and clean up after myself.”

Aarohi – “Are pagal, it is okay, you seem like a good kid. Let us make a deal. I was thinking about joining the gym, so I will help you out if you agree to teach me how work my way around all the fancy equipments in the gym.”

Ashutosh – “Sure, I would be glad to be of help. I hope chairperson does not creates any fuss about this.”

Aarohi – “She will not, do not worry. Give me 3 days and I see what I can do.”

At this point they parted ways. He was smiling like a kid who just got biggest cone of ice cream, happy over his good fortune and she turned around with a naughty smile thinking “And the game begins!!!!”.

As promised Aarohi has acquired the permission.

The very next day Ashutosh went to gym all pumped up. He had just begun his exercise when she entered the gym. She was wearing a loose tee and pajama. He greeted her and thanked her profusely. She just laughed and let me change and then we can begin. He waited for a while, and when she entered the gym again after changing, his eyes almost popped out.

She was wearing a tight fitting sports bra ending just above her lean navel, emphasizing her ample 38DD breasts. The tight leggings she wore complemented the curves of her firm ass and shapely legs. He was all mute and was just staring at her. She noticed his stare and asked “What happened? Is my attire wrong?” All he could blurt out was a meek no. They began the routine. All the while they were exercising, he was controlling really hard not to ogle her assets. She was well aware about this and was playfully teasing him by exposing more. Somehow he controlled his “boner”.

When the workout ended, she gently kissed on his cheeks and said you are a good teacher. It was as if he had touched a high tension electric wire. There exercise session continued and with each passing day Aarohi’s clothes became shorter, giving him more view of her milky white soft skin. The timing also suited Aarohi as no one was present there to disturb them.It was getting difficult for Ashutosh to control himslef but he solidered on and maintained a respectable distance, this impressed Aarohi even more. They shared their numbers and casual pleasantries between acquaintances became hour long chats.

He started to open up with her and she also gradually told him about her mundane life, loveless existence. They became good friends and trusted each other well. Aarohi was happy as she was slowly and steadily approaching her goal of having her crush as her lover. But the progress was still too slow and she decided to speed that up.

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