How I Fucked My Bhabhi At Her Place

Hi, this is my first story at ISS. My name is Sahil and I love having sex with married ladies because they have lots of experience and they know how to satisfy themselves and their partner. I am a good looking guy, age 24.Quite a healthy dick, I am well settled in life and I stay in chandigarh. My email is: [email protected]

Well,to begin with the story, her name is ishika. She lives right next to my flat having one small kid. Let me tell you about how she looks, well she is 29 yrs old,very slim having small boobs,tight pussy and a good maintained ass. How I got interested in her? By seeing lust in her eyes when I first saw her, I could easily make out she wants a big dick in her pussy.

She used to talk with my mother and with me just hi hello.One day her phone got some problem,so she asked my mother if she can do something, my mother called me to see the phone. I was checking the phone it was a minor problem I could set it in a minute, but I thought of keeping it with me for a day.So I told her to leave the phone as it might take time.

So,in a minute I switched on the phone, and started looking for stuff in her phone. I went to the gallery and I saw hot pics of her.Next day I gave her the phone and we exchanged the number.We started talking casually every day. So many times I masturbated by looking at her pics.

I came to know from my mother that her married life is not going good as her husband didnt give her much time. I was happy to listen that, and I could feel my cock erecting. Our chat started getting hot day by dad.I could judge that its going to be a great fuck.

One day she message me to come to her place as she was getting bored. I took bath,got ready and went to her house. As soon she opened the door, I was like omg what a hot thing she is!! She was wearing a tight fitting white color lower where I could see her red color panty line ,and she was wearing a spaghetti tight fitting black color, I could see her boobs popping out,her cleavage was clearly visible.Now,my cock was getting erect.

She went to the kitchen to cook something for me.I also joined her , I told her to teach me also how to cook, I used to touch her while she showed me how to cook, I used to say her sorry at those time and she gave me smile.

I was feeling really horny touching ishika bhabhi, I could see lust in her eyes at that time. At the same time I thought of talking something , I told her that I heard you talking to my mother your relation with husband is not going well,he doesn’t give you time. She got emotional and said yes he doesn’t have time for me,always busy with his work . I kept hands on her shoulder said dont worry everything will be alright, she hugged me and started crying, my cock was now 90 degrees waiting to come out of the pants.

I consoled her and kissed on her forehead, I got good vibes, I gave her a lip lock,she was moaning ahhh ahhhh and giving me deep kiss.I was touching all her body now, pressing her boobs, she asked me to lock the main door and come on sofa, I made her lie on sofa and I was over her kissing, licking her small boobs, her tits were so hard now and popping out. She started rubbing my dick over my pants, I opened the zip and took it out,she abused and said how big it is!!! I said its all yours tonight,she was stroking it hard now.I puller her lower and touching her pissy.Omg !!! Her pussy,so clear and juicy, I couldnt resist licking it, I licked it all,she was moaning like hell.

She started giving my blow job now.After 5 minutes of nice blowjob session, I asked her to come in bedroom. Then I told her about my fantasy to lick asshole of women. She smiled and said,” you nasty boy”.. Her asshole was nice and brown which could make anyone mad.I asked her to be in doggy style.

Firstly I started sniffing her asshole and started rubbing my fingers over the asshole. She was in heaven and then she hold my head and directed it towards her asshole for licking. I started licking every inch of her asshole. My god it tasted very good. While licking her asshole I was also spanking her ass very hard which made her even more hornier.

Her asshole was all wet with my saliva and then I asked her whether I can put my finger inside it. She agreed and said do it gently as she had virgin asshole.

I applied some oil on my fingers and started inserting one finger inside her ass. Damn it was very tight and after applying some pressure half of my finger was inside her asshole. She screamed a bit but I was taking it gently. I started moving half of my finger inside her ass and started stroking it.

Then bhabhi was asked to part her legs. This hot bhabhi was playing her fingers on it. I placed my dick on her pussy hole and she smiled and told me, your dick is also very hot.

I smiled and said her, yes now enjoy it.

I pushed my dick inside and bhabhi hugged me tightly. I pushed my dick full inside and my dick was all hot due to that tight hole. I started to push my dick in and out of bhabhi and she also gave me full support by shaking her ass.

It was a nice sex session of 5 minutes before I left my cum deep inside her cunt. This hot bhabhi then cleaned my dick by licking it and then we had food. After having food, I fucked her again.

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