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Hiiii… This s Gotham m 26 yrs Coimbatore. This is my first sex story, so be humble to my narration. I am being a fun loving guy, I always use to tease people regardless of their age and gender. Maybe that’s the reason our neighbors try to tease me back which gave us chance to be close to everyone.

I hadn’t had any intention towards her until one fine holiday to play run n chase. Well, you know in a run and chase it can’t be just u can touch only where you want to. I was out and I started changing randomly, due to the bouncing ass of my neighbor gorgeous I turned n started chasing her. Chasing is easier though the adorable scene of pumping ass and you are licensed to see and go close to it is something impeccable. So I took some time before chasing her down.

When I thought it wud bring my dignity down to chase a girl soo long I have decided to end the game and swing my hands vertically at her back. There she was just turned to see where I m turned n my hands brushed at her shoulders in front n traveled the whole upper body traveling mountains n valleys in secs before it had to leave the gorge.

From then on whenever I get a glimpse of her or chance to touch her I have. She might have got signals from me. But never I got one to proceed. Fear to act first for these things are really a hell to feel with. Since I have started to admire her body n beauty (beauty only wud not be suitable here) I noticed her vital stats as 34- 28-34. Hearing her name Pretti and she always gave me a skip in beat to try something new and to make a move. I randomly invited her to show something and give something and talk something in random to admire her stat and get more chances.

One fine holiday our family and her’s left for exhibition in town which I m totally hated due to 2 annoying neighbor children. She had her reason of exams for not going. Being frustrated of only stares and no progressions I have invited her to eat dinner together as both our families will be late as exhibition starts only aft evening. While having dinner I started having some funny topics n some double meaning topics to being her devil out which she playfully punch on my shoulders and I intentionally brushed her back. I had some courage may be because of being alone or because she s not restricting my touches.

When she went out to drop the dishes in the sink I went totally close to her so that to have a bump when she stops n turns. I bumped into her twice before I reach the sink. This gave me a boner and I said walk fast Preeti n kept my hand on her shoulder n pushed to sink, making her think that I m only pushing but I m holding her shoulder n trying to pass my warmth. Touches always make some magic. I asked her u r so hot. Y r u hot in this evening. Preeti denied it and said I m the one who is warmer. I said offered her my cheeks n said touch n check. I m not warmer.

Then I held her both shoulders n said see u r warmer. I was holding her arms and cheeks and holding it way longer than it is required to check the temperature.

Maybe my touches have taken its toll. She said she s leaving wit her face flat. I can’t just leave her like that thinking. Once she leaves home thinking bad about me then no way I can get close to or get a chance. So I held her n poured water from the sink on her face. She started the same n v were reasonably wet to change our clothes. Where I immediately removed my t-shirt off as it’s my home and I wanted that. She was watching my body n reacted nothing. But her stare longer than necessary was my chance to take. I said don u want to change? She said she will change sooner.

I replied her u look so good wit wet clothes. She didn’t get the point n said she will get cold. I said u said I m warmer than u. So u can get urself warmth n winked. She punched on my shoulders n tried to leave. I held her hips n turned towards me which seriously shocked her n she asked wat was that. I replied nothing but staring her wet body. Nothing more than few seconds before she ever speaks or turns around I held her face n smooched. She was dumbstruck to react as it was totally unexpected from her side. She tried to push me away which I m not n continuously lip locking her wit intense passion. I held her hands pushing me wit one hand and other her face to hold it straight for the kiss.

I moved my knees on her inner thighs to tempt her n invoke her for the act. Sometimes it has to give up and she started responding to my kisses, I left her hand and get totally in her wit the lip lock n my hand slid into her wet top.She started breathing heavy n her tits started hardening. I bite her neck n shoulder wit my hands caressing her inside her top.Pulling her top down to kiss every inch available before reaching hitting her boobs. Wet body wit warm kiss definitely will give immense pleasure to any human living, I pushed her to walls n crushed her breast wit my chest n her hip wit my boner.

My boner gave her a little more of wat she was going on. She moved her hands on my sides slowly diverted to my front n hip. I could sense her warm hands move to the midsection for to play wit. The moment I grabbed her boobs over her top n started massaging it while kissing her neck n shoulders. She held my cock over my pants n started crushing it. Literally, v both are crushing in the same rhythm. I got more aroused n started biting her boobs over top in a passionate way made her crazy to pull my penis hard. I dropped down my track pant to give her easy access to her play tool. I raised n bit her ears n said in her ears to remove her top.

She obeyed in a seductive way n threw on my face. I have drawn the top from my face only to see the beautiful girl standing to with her hands covering her boobs over bra in front of me. Such a breathtaking view. I held her hands n complimented her beauty in her ears before proceeding to her boobs. I had plenty of time to play wit her bra before I open it n roll my tongue on her nipples. She was much aroused by rolling her nipples with a tongue which inturn energized me to do more to excite her. She must have longed for this before. She held my head n pressed hard to her boobs like never before.

With her hand job in penis I was too aroused to do anything, she desired for. I licked n sucked her boobs like I have never before which made her cum before even reach her pussy. Her moan on cum was divine and erotic. I moved down to remove her panty n licked her pussy for tempting her more. Because she is the offerer and I need her more times to come. Just after her cum, she needed time may be so she pulled me up for kiss n hug. She felt weak after her cum.

I carried her to bed for a further session. In bed, she pulled me over hugged me tight which was passionate n lovely though I m hungry yet. I took her hand to my cock to give a hand job and asked her to give me a blowjob. She was hesitant but she was already happy with her cum so she wants to return the favor. She held my cock n shaken, slowly she kissed the skin then the tip. She must have felt it tasty that she grabbed tight and swallowing most of it like stick ice. She was using her teeth which were little painful but more pleasure. I held her hair n gave her movements support. Before I cum I made her lay on bed n sprayed it on her boobs n hugged her tight n rolled on the bed.

For next few mins, she was active than me kissing everywhere on my chest and biting my nipples n fingering my balls. I was ready in few mins and made her lay on the bed with her legs on my shoulders. I grabbed her hip n positioned my penis in front of her love hole. It’s a moment of excitement always. No matter first time or any no. Of time. I tried to enter but missed. She guided me thru. Slowly my tool made its way into the hole. It was hard of course but the time taken to enter was way long that made her feel the immense pleasure. I stood there for secs for her to ease her breath before too and fro.

The room was filled wit our moans and screams of each other’s names. With her thighs crushing my head, her vagina closing down, hot vagina walls held my penis n restricted to move I felt her cum thru my penis n I could see the glow in her face of satisfaction. I started moving again in her which she restricted for more. So she gave me a handjob to satisfy till I cum and the room was filled wit aroma of our scents. We hugged for a while and shared some kisses passionately. Dare steps always never seize to amaze us by surprises.

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