Phil’s Friend – Part I

This is a continuation of my affairs this being the 5th affairs (counts of the ones that lasted longer or more than a year) this was also one of the best that happened in circumstances where in I was not ready for it and in fact wasn’t really interested given the fact she was not the type of lady I would generally try.

It wasn’t really my taste and never would ever think of a woman with no boobs at all, also that thoughts of such women would never arouse me, but I would recommend that readers should read till this as it involves a lady who use to hide her inner feelings and when it was tested she opened up.

I was used to women at least with all assets intact and more so with good size boobs and was attracted to good hips and shapely butts.

I know many people think that in gulf when one literally starves of sex, whatever is available one should accept it and make the most of it.

It’s is said that a man always goes after a woman, but this story involves a lady who was also the dominant partner with lust all along, so was I, it was purely an affairs full of lust for each other body.

Starting from my young age sex affairs with the Mistry lady Sheila who had literally used me for her sexual urges, she had no choice as her husband was invalid, slowly but gradually I was deeply involved with her for many years and as it would happen being so close to them regularly spending my time in their house.

I had quietly gone after her daughters Manda and Asha in Mumbai, I learnt from their mother to go after a woman if there was the slightest opportunity to bully also by taking a bit of risk, as she used to coax me to try or go after, plus she use to help in some way or the other knowing the weak points of the woman

I was a regular visitor to their house, thus on quite I did try my luck within the 4 walls of Sheila’s house and was successful with both her daughters, but in the beginning this pleasure was by pushing my luck with fear, skepticism where in if in case caught, I would stand to lose everything what is in hand, that’s their mother, but then as I found myself successful, with her daughters that I had started taking them to hotels for privacy.

Sheila herself had introduced me to some of her friends and even helped out by tricking them or arranging weekend outings in such a way that there was at least 75% chances of me succeeding if the cards were played well, with whom I had short flings as was possible, with no obligations whatsoever.

Thus I had got into a habit of trying out my luck and if lucky made the most of it, for this I do really thank Sheila, who literally mould me in to being what I am, that I would always push giving sweet talks, partying with those that could make it etc. and try to get into with married women being the safest way to have sex, sans that it was a homely lady, and can be assured of some safety than going to the prostitutes for sexual pleasure.

Going to prostitutes was not at all required as in Mumbai whenever I felt the aches between my legs, I would directly go to Sheila’s place to have my pleasures or we would go out station and put up for a day or two at a cheap hotel, gradually later the situation had developed that I was freely welcome at her place even in the presence of her husband.

During these years when I used to try my luck, of course on some occasions as they say every day is not Sunday, I did get re-buffed by some females and on two occasions it was a bit nasty that it got their husbands involved.

I can never forget how I over came the situation and saved myself with the help of Sheila. These rebuttals experiences / situations I faced were a learning process as to how I have to go about and make it happen or quietly forget trying further and just say that this grape is sour.

Just to get you all in the picture, this is Manny (Manuel) going back to the cute aunty Hafeeza from Hyderabad that happened to me as the first gulf affairs, I have posted this affairs under the title “Small made fair cute Hyderabad Aunty” which ended as I had to leave Muscat.

Well guys now coming back to this affairs, this lady as I said, was something that I would really not even think of having sex, the simple reason being she wasn’t my taste, I was used to seeing women with big boobs or at least that had sufficient or handful to handle, which used to stir my arousals to such an extent that I used to take the risk and give a try to those that were within reach, thus as Sheila would jokingly say that I am chamdi chor, doosreh keh bibi choratha hai (direct translation leather stealer or stealing others wives).

Now coming straight to this true present story and as you all will read through it will also change your mind about flat chest women, which was the reasons, I had neglected such women earlier as I felt they were not so fun, not showing much interest in them.

Some of you might find this story descriptive as it’s not straight to sex as most readers are used to reading, but being a factual happening it does not make sense just by hitting the sex button, so hopefully you guys may appreciate reading in details.

After the change of job from Muscat, I had travelled to another gulf country which had much more scope job wise except that it was much stricter and dry, I would say as far as I was told by friends when I first travelled here.

After a few years I had to change my job due to the structural changes in the company policy after working for nearly 8 years with this company, wherein I also had my wife visiting me from time to time for a month or more as she is also working in Mumbai, but mostly I was staying as a bachelor in gulf.

Thus taking my release my new job required me to shift to another place nearly 1000 kms away, as they say to safe guard one’s life style and earning, beggars are not choosers, I joined as the company was also not bad and did pay well garnering my previous experience.

I shifted to the new place and was lucky that this Filipino guy asked me to stay with them as he knew it was difficult for me find a decent place and above all to pay the rent for minimum 4 months instantly.

This Filipino was already working with this same company, and in fact he was introduced to me by an Indian colleague, but this Indian guy did not offer me a room to stay along, even thou he was staying alone in a 2 bedroom apartment.

With no choice, I accepted this offer from the Filipino where in I dint have to pay him, so that I can first settle down temporarily till I had completed my probation period after which I could avail my housing allowances, etc. from the company.

Mustaq as he was referred to (he was a convert) sporting the small beard for his identification, staying along with his father, usually performing the salah starting from morning until night.

Somehow, I could adjust and have my food with them as Mustaq age around 36 a year younger to me was a nice guy and in the evenings we would normally move along together in the markets etc., and had become close friends.

I knew he was married at a young age rather his last teens, his Christian wife in Philippines and had 4 kids some even teenagers, so also many a times he had discussed to get his wife a visa and bring her to stay along.

But he had his personal problems with his wife and his own mother not accepting what he had done, so also the company would not pay for all the 4 kids, thus he would have to shell out money from his pocket for the tickets, visas etc. that was necessary, plus the kids were in high school and the education was a problem.

It was about 2 months later when this new company provided me with the allowances, so with his help found a nice place, I settled in my own small cozy home and life continued being dry and with not much female interaction, but soon I faced some politics in this company that this job did not last too long about a year and half, due to some reasons like haggling between our country cousins from down south.

I had to leave this company as I was frustrated with politics being played, but before resigning I was looking out for another opening and was able to save my visa and joined another company taking the release, but again I had to shift to another location.

This place was about 400 kms away from this place, with the company as usual providing the housing allowance, etc. up on joining and was also a bigger organization compared to the last one.

I was well settled and somehow managed to get a family accommodation building requesting the owner having a small super market, laundry at the entrance good parking lot, with 3 bedrooms adjacent to the bathroom, kitchen and a big hall with another bathroom, with a long passage the length of the flat, smaller places is a rarity and were not so good or older buildings.

Also that living alone as my wife wasn’t interested in coming down here and had in mind to look out for sharing the flat with some couple and try my luck.

After shifting I used to be in touch with this Filipino rather than any of the Indian friends I had made, if I had travelled to that city I would visit his place and spend the night at his place before I return back on Friday evening.

Once during my stay there, he mentioned about him getting married the second time to a Filipina that was available and a divorcee, by also quoting that its allowed in Islam as he can have 4 wives at a time, not forgetting he too has good appetite for sex.

He did so converting this lady also and got married without the knowledge of his wife back in Phils, then after staying with her for a couple of months he send her back to Manila saying he will get her a new visa.

But at the same time was talking with another lady who was introduced to him by his friend and was also eying this lady as he saw her cute eyes thru the veil, thus this one would be the third, and I used to joke and laugh about it.

When he send back the 2nd one saying he would get her a new visa, during this time the 3rd one got in (let’s say Laila originally born and brought up Muslim lady from Mindanao in Philippines) who never spoke without adding Mashaallah or inshallah in her sentences.

This lady Laila had a robust history and was not happy with her husband that’s what she had told my friend and the separation was very romantic, as it also made my friend sweat out before it was managed and he settled down with her.

It happened this way, Mustaq met her through some common friend and she had said that she is on the lookout as she was already separated, our guy thru an arrangement with another Filipino family met her and saw her with the abaya (burka) with the face covered and as he was in for the 3rd woman, he just approved it with her acceptance.

A couple of days later she moved in with him and literally stayed there for a week with him as he was making arrangements for getting married, her husband Abdullah who is also from Mindanao first thought that she is with some of her friend, which she would do so whenever she had a tiff with him.

But somehow he got to know that she is with Mustaq threatening him of dire consequences passing this message through another guy at the usual meeting center on weekends.

He threatened that as she is still his wife and he has not yet divorced her he could make a case, Mustaq acting quickly and not wanting trouble quietly without any fuss had to send her back, she stayed there with her husband for about 3 weeks.

Whenever there was a chance she use to talk with Mustaq saying she is not happy with him, again they had a meeting at the common friend’s place and this time her husband decided to let her go officially by Talaq.

Thus somehow she had managed to settle the issue with her husband and got a divorce at the cost of leaving her two years old son for good, the very next day after the formalities were completed, she shifted and started staying with Mustaq.

He accommodated her but had to again spend money and get this 3rd one a new visa, as she was under the ex husbands visa, plus he did not want delay as she was pushing him to get her another visa, least they face problems again with her Ex.

Thus with all the increasing cost just for the sake of these pussies, he had to now support 3 families two which he had committed without really thinking, and started looking out for a better paying job, visiting personally for direct interviews, etc.

In the meantime, this lady Laila got to know thru his mobile calls, about the 2nd one whom he had married and was waiting for her visa and started blocking him from talking with her, as usual women are always jealous to share, by hook or by crook she did succeed in making him divorce the 2nd one on phone leaving that women in the cold with none of the promises fulfilled, but he did pay her some money by borrowing again which was the dower he had agreed.

Now as he wanted to get a new visa for Laila, he had borrowed some money from me, in the meantime as his luck would have it, through some influence and recommendation, he did get a better paying job nearly twice the present salary, but had to follow me where I was located.

So by resigning he was free after about 30 days and had decided to travel with Laila to Manila, with whatever cash he had, plus he had already borrowed from the company he was working with also not forgetting some other friends, he in fact had to repay some thousands back to the company after they calculate his end of service benefits.

As he had this job through a strong recommendation, he was also lucky that the new hiring company had agreed to cover up these debts instantly so that he could avail release from the company he was leaving, but then the company would deduct the same from his monthly salary, plus they also allowed him to go to Manila, of course he had to spend from his pocket for the trip.

He managed the expenses with borrowings again and did the most unexpected thing that after staying there with Laila in Manila until she got her marriage papers etc. settled plus the new visa endorsed, he stayed at her place in Mindanao, but stupid as he was, being so close did not visit his wife and kids at home.

When I got to know this after his return I had given him a hearing wherein he agreed that it is his mistake, I had explained to him that in case this lady had stopped him, then he should put it straight with her, that your wife and kids in Phils are the official ones, and she is just a companion for convenience, but he refused saying that as he is married with Laila, she too is equally his wife. Let it be???

After returning and getting Laila’s papers set up officially, he informed me that he will shift to the place I am in, he had visited me a week earlier and after having a look at my flat laughingly asked if they could share.

I could not refuse and had to oblige as he had helped me out when I was in need also knowing the situation on his money matters, also that he had also to repay the loan he had taken from me, I told him that he is welcome if he and his wife are comfortable here, I was aware that I wouldn’t benefit in any way by them staying together.

In fact I was trying to find an Indian family to share the apartment so that would also save some rent and maybe I could try my luck with the lady, which I had been doing all along but at this small town it wasn’t so easy to get someone to share the flat.

So with no choice and knowing that Mustaq was a better solution to at least saving my monthly food expenses it wasn’t a bad idea sharing with him I had made an attempt to avoid, making it very clear saying she may not be comfortable as she is quite conservative in nature, not being rude but at the back of my mind was of the opinion that my freedom to move about freely in the house will also have to be curtailed with her around with the conservative ways.

He had rightly said that he has no option right now with the crunch of money and she too knows about it, plus she will adjust and was really happy that it was a good place right in the heart of the city, as a matter of conversation I also added that it will be good as I too want be lonely staying all alone in this 5 rooms flat which would also solve my food problems.

The following week end I drove down with a pick up and the next day they travelled back with me with some minimal requirements of mattress, pillows and 2 suitcases, it was the 1st time I noticed her and acknowledging her salam waalikum, she was all closed with abaya complete from head to feet, except that I could see bit of her eyes, hands carrying the small baggage they had and settled in the adjacent bedroom.

For me it was a rare sight as the next day in the morning I saw her making tea in the kitchen with the full length night dress, face, head and neck covered with the head scarf, but the night dress being see thru, her pink panty was noticeable clearly when she bend to pick some onions, with small flesh at the longish oblong shaped buttocks she had, the top chest looked flat with no bumps at all.

That was all I saw that day and in the evening, from her fingers and feet I knew she was very fair, white as you would say, with black eyes, tall about 5.8ft, but looked lanky with a straight body no curves, her fingers were long, with due respect I used to keep away in my bedroom, only if there need be any inter action.

With the new job, he was in sales engineer and had to leave in the morning at around 7 am, to reach his office at 7 35 – 7.40 am in time for the daily briefing, which was about 35 km from the house, my work place was about 25km away and would start at 8, but our company had flexible timings.

For a week I was driving him down, but within a week he had his company car and was well settled, as for me I had the advantage of cooked food, I used to have the Filipino dishes she cooked, funny enough she had started wearing the abaya even in the house from the 2nd day onwards, when I am around, she also was doing her cooking wearing the abaya in the kitchen.

I used to very rarely talk with her, it was only when she would set the table for dinner or make tea for me, during this time I did ask her to be free and comfortable instead of wearing the abaya.

She used to address me as Sir her voice a mix of feminine and loud, so just said that she is comfortable with it, and it is part of their tradition in Mindanao to wear in front of another man.

I had not bothered to discuss this further, but later came to know this was more so due to the insistence of Mustaq as she later told me, this was the only hitch in him as he himself did go conservative.

Interaction with her was very less and not much talk just that was necessary or her usual salam in the mornings, which I would respond by saying walekumhi salam.

Mustaq was always late for work as he would put off the alarm and sleep again and it had become a habit that I would knock on their bedroom door and wake him up.

Every evening he would reach home around 5.30pm half an hour or so after me, freshening himself having tea and then their bedroom door was closed until it was past 8.30 pm, sometimes I had noticed that she would come out in between and visit the bathroom and return back, until they would get up from sleep for dinner.

As usual I used to pass off my evenings either watching TV, or on my Laptop chatting on Yahoo or go out for a walk, do some physical exercise in my bedroom, shower, later have dinner with Mustaq as she would eat in their bedroom which was better than her lifting the face veil a bit every time she had to put the morsel in her mouth.

After dinner Mustaq had the habit to go and lay down on his bed, she would clean up put the dishes in the kitchen sink for washing, again close their door and that was it, until the next day, as I kept watching TV until I dozed off.

Sometimes on the weekend me and Mustaq would sit and talk when she is cooking or I would do some work outs which were not regular now, or go shopping along with them or mostly he would drive down 400 km along with her on Thursday to meet his parents and return on Friday, I noticed these visits slowly were getting rare.

Later I got to know, that during her visits to her in laws place where they had to spend the night, It so happened that there was a regular questioning and nagging by Mustaq’s mother, asking Laila why she got married when she knows her son has his wife and kids in Phils and no amount of explanation from Mustaq too was acceptable to his mother.

It was very clear, when I asked Laila why they are not going on weekends, speaking in a low hoarse voice she openly was criticizing Mustaq’s mother, saying why she is asking me why I married him, I am also his wife and it’s allowed.

As for myself, being on neutral grounds, I had no say in it, so just told her it will take time and she will be fine with her, this was also seconded by Mustaq, then looking at Mustaq through the veil she had said I hope so sir.

So it was obvious to me that he was squeezed between both his mother and this wife. Slowly but gradually Laila was opening up talking freely as she found me being understanding to her problems, but she continued with the same orthodox way fully covered up at all times in front of me.

She used to cook some Indian dishes like biryani, fish curry etc. and was good at it, she use to use my laptop, she started on her own reading from the internet or recipe books, upon asking her if she feels ok and comfortable sharing the accommodation, her response was spontaneous that she likes staying here.

Mustaq always being late for work use to face problems at office from his boss, and would let me know if he had to encounter his boss, but work continued and many a times as his job needed it, he had to travel either by car or flight on his sales job and use to be away for a day or two.

I had noticed in his absence she would talk much freely, fully covered as usual she would sit in my bedroom and watch TV and keep discussing her matters, that’s when I had taken the liberty and asked her if she had any Filipina friend that I could have as live in partner.

Up on which she had commented that she is aware how difficult it is to stay without a partner and also added that she has friends but they are muslims and it’s not possible as it is haram (forbidden) and if I was muslim, she could recommend one for me, just as she had settled down.

I had joked with her saying anything done with love is not haram, getting no response from her.

I used to ask her when she was alone if she needed any help while cooking etc. and used to help in cutting onions, meat etc. where in sometimes just a casual body contact when she would herself come close, to which she had no reaction what so ever, she also had a hoarse voice and would talk a bit in a sing song manner.

She was a good help doing the vacuum of the carpet, both the bathrooms and the kitchen use to be clean, wherein every time she would literally sit and keep scrubbing the bathroom tiles etc. this was her only way of passing time other then cooking and watching TV in my bedroom as she had nothing to do the full day, when we are at work.

Time passed so quickly that it was 5 months they were staying together with me, when Mustaq received a call from his wife that the elder son had a girl friend and she was pregnant, the girl’s parents were making trouble and asking that they settle them in marriage without any delay or they will complain to the authorities, plus the girls brothers were threatening his son.

He confided this with me that evening asking for opinion about the solutions to the problem, plus as usual he was spending most of his salary with no savings as he had to give some money to his mother, send money not only to his family but also was supporting Laila’s mother and sister as they had no brother or father.

Advising him to get things settled by getting them married, which was the simplest solution to the immediate problem as his son has screwed the girl so surely he loves her, with this advice the next thing I had to also do was give some more cash for expenses to travel to Phils. etc.

He confided with me that he did not want to increase the ticket expenses etc. by taking Laila, so I advised him to leave her at his father’s place until he returns.

He toed this idea and planed his travel in a week’s time which was the end of the month so he could also receive his salary before travelling, which would help for the expenses back in Phils., as I had pulled him up for not visiting his wife last time and spending time with them, he took 40 days leave from his office stating serious domestic reason.

Somehow after a lot of reasoning, he had also managed to coax Laila to stay with his parents till he returns, as she was pushing him that she too will travel with him to Phils.

The previous night as he packed his bag in my presence he told Laila to just ask me for anything if she wanted and also mentioned to me laughingly saying if she ask for any money give her he will settle it later.

The next day Sunday, he left with Laila during the day when I was in office as he had to drop her at his parents place and then proceed for his Manila flight.

Back to being single I was breathing fresh air alone at home comfortably wearing the lungi without an underwear, doing work outs and used to have my dinner at the restaurant, being naughty when I had gone into the other bathroom which she use to use had seen one of her small panty with waist 30 and thick padded bra but left it there.

Least expected, it was hardly 4 days after Mustaq had travelled, when on Thursday I received a call from Laila saying she does not want to stay with the Mother in law, and she wanted to come back.

Knowing that as Mustaq wasn’t around I tried convincing her to continue and stay there and manage with the MIL, wherein she remarked why?Or maybe I do not like that she stay there, which put me on the back foot, plus she was a bit emotional saying the mother is constantly nagging her making remarks and now cursing and blaming her for the troubles that her son is facing.

I could guess what she was going thru, I had just said she is welcome and voluntarily added that I will be happy to have Indian food that she cooks, but to inform Mustaq about her plans.

Surprisingly calming down, she mentioned she had already informed Mustaq, he has agreed and he was very tensed up and busy there, as the girls brothers were threatening them, I just joked with her that the son is like the father he too needs sex like his dad, she laughed it off.

Now I was worried that hopefully, she does not ask me to drive down and bring her, which is not allowed and risky to even take a chance.

But she was smart that she had also made arrangements by requesting her friend to ask some Filipino family to drop her down here and she will pay for the petrol etc. and the next day Friday as she had planned, she arrived with the couple and a kid around 3 pm and after about 2 hours they left to return back to the city.

I asked her why she did not ask this couple if she could stay with them until Mustaq returns, she made as what I could guess seeing her eyes only, a sulky face and remarked that I will not disturb you sir as that’s how she would address me or sometimes say Mr. Manny.

That evening she cooked some food with what was available as usual wearing her abaya, served me food and then disappeared in her bedroom until the next morning, when I saw her again with the abaya fully covered, making fried egg and tea for me.

Before leaving for work knocking on the bedroom door, I asked her to make a list of purchase she wanted to do, so that I will note down and shop on my way back home that evening.

She prepared the list and called me up, I did pick up all she wanted and then letting her to settle the things at the right places in the kitchen.

That evening again as usual had dinner but after clearing the dishes she came and sat on the chair in my bedroom and was complaining how rude her MIL was that she said that I am not his wife, but as a keep, which she could not take any more, in a hoarse voice I don’t want to stay there, I guessed she wanted let me know to convince me and get it off her chest as I could see she was emotional too.

Adding to the above, as a typical woman jealous of the other wife, she also mentioned about Mustaq’s wife in Phils saying that she may be having a boy friend as she is out even in the evenings and late nights, that’s why the kids are gone way wards.

I just said that maybe she is working, that’s why she gets late, indirectly not accepting her statements.

Seeing that she is talking freely, I always called her Laila and asked her about her ex husband, wherein she gave a lengthy explanation about his ways of ill treating her, of which she was fed up, upon pressing a bit further why and what he was against her for and why he agreed to divorce her.

She gave out saying he also has another woman and in a shy way looking down that he would always remark about her breast saying its flat and then suddenly she got up to go, saying its late and she wants to sleep.

Waving her good night I slept well comparing this lady, against the ones I had tasted with good boobs and really wondered what Mustaq had seen in this one that he decided to marry her.

The next evening I was late she had already cooked food, so immediately after I arrived from work, as usual during summer I had a wash in the bath and returned without a banyan as it was wet, keeping the tea on my desk she sat on the chair and kept watching Zee TV.

As I wore T shirt putting on my laptop, I opened up conversation with her and asked her about her son, than slowly moving to asking her why her ex husband had made a fuss when she moved out the first time, she confided that he hadn’t really divorced her at first but had agreed with her that she can leave the house, so he made the problem when he came to know that she was already having another man in her life.

Because of her remarks about Mustaq first wife, I asked her boldly about the situation where in after she had stayed with Mustaq, than again she had to stay for 3 weeks with her ex. before he really let her go, by officially divorcing her, did he have sex with her.

She was a bit flushed at this question but stammering way replied, yes he had and how can I stop him, but even thou she slept on the sofa in the living room, she did not want him to touch her and her exact words were, that he still fucked me with a condom every day, I was helpless.

It wasn’t surprising to me as I know mostly Filipinas do talk straight without mincing words. She quickly added saying that can we talk something else in a way wanting to change the topic, I agreed saying it’s better for you to forget the past and go on, seemed she was happy when she said a long yeaahh.

With her alone with me speaking freely, again I had tried persisting and wanted to try my luck may be she can introduce me with some of her friend here and possibly if they could visit on the weekend I could try to court one, so I asked her to at least invite her friends to the house on the weekend or any day they are free and they are welcome.

Also adding we can cook some food for them, she replied I don’t know if they will come, I did not get a convincing reply from her as she seemed to be avoiding for some reason.

She asked about my family and was having a look at the pictures on my laptop standing just behind me, in one of the pictures I was bare body when she suddenly said sir you are very hairy, laughing at the same time.

I told her lots of Indian women like hairy guys, she laughed and said even Filipinas also do like hairy men as they look like He man, adding that Indian men are handsome with a nice face and there are many Bombay (Sikhs) in Manila doing 5/6 business (give loan 5 peso and take back 6 peso)

Asking her why she does not talk freely when Mustaq is around, it was a straight forward reply, she said how I will be free in his presence, now that he is not there it is ok plus he says I shouldn’t talk freely with other men.

That night she served me dinner and then again came and sat down watching TV, after dinner I had gone down to buy cigarettes telling her I will be back.

Returning back she was still sitting in my bedroom, as she was quite for some time watching TV, I laid down on my bed after a while saying good night I asked her to sleep, she went off closing my door and was up early morning as her door was open, in the dim light I noticed her praying in her room at 5 30 am, when I went to the bathroom and back to bed.

Later that morning during my breakfast, she stood besides and said she will make chicken biryani for which I just nodded my head and went off to work with the rice and meat she had prepared the previous day, asking her to open up the window and have some sunlight which comes in till 9.30 am.

At around 3.30 pm I received a frantic call from her, she gave me a fright of my life saying in between sobbing and voice like hiccups that she is raped, my mind went blank first thinking of the consequences if this is to be reported.

I am not her husband and the question mark would be what she is doing in my house. For a while I was like stuck with my own thoughts about the serious troubles I would face, I just asked her where she is now, with hard sobs getting breathless she replied in the house, I told her I am on my way and wait till I arrive and do nothing.

Will be continued in next part 2 if not worth reading pls. respond. Thanks

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