Phil’s Friend – Part II

Informing my office that I had to go, in about half an hour due to traffic I was at home, I was really struggling to drive the car with all different thoughts of what I should do now, that even Mustaq her husband was away.

Keeping my bag, looked around for her, she was in her bedroom, entering in I saw her sitting covered with the abaya cuddled in the corner on the mattress.

Going close to her I asked her who came in and why she opened the door.

She stood up trembling, unconsciously for the first time I touched her directly holding her arm I asked her to sit.

She was very nervous, could not speak as every word was broken just as stammering and she was breathing hard.

I too was confused as I was thinking of the consequences I would have to face to report the matter.

Again I asked her who raped her, in between sobs she just managed to say, she pushed the guy and when she yelled and cried loudly he just went off.

Seeing that she is confused I asked her to relax and I will get her some water, being peak summer time I myself was sweating from the afternoon heat outside and now with this situation, I came back to my room getting off my sweating clothes.

I changed to my lungi put the aircon on, got her some water and lightly keeping my hand on her shoulder told her to relax for a while and we will talk.

I was still not sure how she got attacked, asking her if we need to inform the authorities, she just made hand signs saying no and curled herself on the mattress leaving her alone, I wanted to freshen up myself and get the whip of cool air from the AC.

After quickly freshening up quickly with a complete body wash as it was hot and dusty with mild sand storm outside, putting on the TV news, I asked her to come and sit in my bedroom and if she wanted to freshen herself up as she will feel better, she said she had a shower before, but asked her to wash her face and spray her eyes with water.

Pulling the computer table chair close to the bed asked her to sit on the chair as I sat near her on my bed, again I asked her to explain all in details in a calm way and there was nothing to worry as I am there.

She was talking and said as there was no basmati rice she went down to get it from the bakala (shop) to make biryani, the shop was closed, when she was returning a guy followed her and as she approached the elevator he grabbed her from behind.

It was all of a sudden, she struggled to get away as he kept pressing his body to her from behind and was trying to open the elevator door and push her in the elevator, slowly again she was getting nervous that she was stammering, talking in hiccups again as she kept describing the episode.

I asked her did he come up to the door, she said no between sobs, but when he pushed her in the elevator and was trying to lift her abaya up from behind, she started yelling and crying loudly that’s when he left her and ran off, she was frightened so in panic she took the lift and came up opened the flat door.

In between as she kept telling me how things happened she was going breathless, her mouth going dry that she was getting stuck for words trying to salivate, I asked her to relax, giving water again I stood near her asking her if he did anything to her or that was all that happened.

I could sense she had gone through this as she kept mum for a while unable to speak and then with a stammering voice said he was trying to grab my breast but when he found nothing, he moved his hands to my buttocks pressing it hard and was lifting my abaya up holding her in the corner of the elevator.

Normally, it’s a time when no one is around as all men are at work and only women will be at home, with none venturing out at that hour, unless necessary but with the male counterpart.

She was saying all this and was suffocating as she kept talking that she was repeating words, she just couldn’t talk that every time she spoke, her throat was dry and the mouth was spitting out saliva on her veil, then her sobs were so violent that she was unable to speak as her head and body kept jerking with shivers.

Understanding her situation I just decided to calm her down and told her you are strong and brave that you fought off this guy, she said it was an Arabic accent, as he kept saying to her wait for a while wait for a while and I love you.

Even thou the aircon was on high cooling, she was sweating from anxiety and was totally nervous her body action showed so that she was confused, her eyes were wet wetting the veil, trying to calm her telling her to relax that now she is safe.

I asked her if she had called Mustaq and informed him, she stammered and said no, saying between sobs that he will tell her to go back and stay with his mother and I will never tell him.

Emphasizing on the word mother, I understood that she does not want to stay there, she further added by saying it’s my birthday today and he had called in the morning to wish her, she was also a Gemini, born in June.

I was surprised that she did not even mention to me in the morning it’s her B day, and realized why she wanted to prepare Biryani.

As she kept talking, her body shivered with violent jerks, I was taken aback and was worried that she may get sick, and this would also be difficult for me as then risky if I had to take her to a doctor, telling her to relax to calm her down as getting too emotional is bad for health.

I just got up and standing to her right side giving her the glass of water, her hands were cold and shaking, I had to help hold the glass she just lifted the veil a bit and had few sips.

Touching her body for the first time, I softly massaged her back slowly on the left side at the same time I asked her to be comfortable wishing her Happy birthday by holding her cold hand trying to make her forget the events, and continued rubbing my palm slowly on her back as I was really concerned, more so that I did not want to do anything more about today episode and importantly she should not fall sick.

But as she was convulsing violently unconsciously with my right hand I patted her left cheeks softly over the veil as soon as I did so, amid the crying she had firmly held my right hand wrist, I thought she is trying to stop me but she leaned a bit to relax on the chair and slightly putting her head lightly resting on my left hand.

Convulsing continuously as she had been crying, her mouth was going dry when she tried to speak, each word she said she was stammering, so again I kept my left hands on her to calm her down rubbing her back now with more pressure over the abaya.

As she again had a sip of water, my left hand on her lower back found that I could feel some hard beats, like the heart beating, caressing her back, I told her to relax, and don’t be tensed up as it’s not good for the heart.

She was still mildly holding my right hand wrist, she pressed her head more closer to me that it ended up near my stomach below the naval, moving my right hand, my hand felt the softness of her cheeks, I kept caressing the cheeks in a way to console and calm her down.

In doing so and the soft feeling of her cheeks and with her touching my body, seeing her being quite and comfortable and still relaxing in that position, I asked her if she is feeling better she shook her head in the affirmative.

But with her breathing down hot air near my dick and the position I was standing with her face so close to my dick, the soft velvet feeling of her cheeks as usual the unexpected happened that I was aroused.

I realized that I hadn’t been so close to her, with my hands on her cheek and back, I hadn’t even seen her face properly, but in this position being alone with me she was allowing me to touch her freely, was she just pulling a fast one to make up a situation to get close to me as I hadn’t also seen any marks or so, nor would she show me.

With the dick already hard and erect inside my underwear trying to breakout, I was thinking being so close and in such a position would it be possible that she too could be expecting some initiative from me.

It was difficult to read her face as it was covered and she was just staying put in the same position, being so close to her in that position as they say good habits die hard, the evil thoughts took over and was tempted to try cautiously.

On the other hand Mustaq being a good friend I was in double mind, but the evil got over it in a way consoling my thoughts that she was the second wife and has already been fucked by two men, if that was all I knew about, myself starving of sex and it had been sometime I had fucked.

I felt why not give a try with her and seduce her by caressing her, and make love to her if it materialize I would be lucky, this was the opportunity to give it a try to seduce her, her reluctance to even inform Mustaq about the happenings today and with my hands already on her all seemed to be in my favor.

Realizing very well under what circumstances she was in, giving a try slowly but steadily I could test how deep the water was, making it look like I am still trying to console and calm her, with my hands caressing her maybe I could arouse her, it wouldn’t look like I am taking chances, and in case she objected firmly when I move my hands to the forbidden places.

I could just let it be and leave her alone, in no way jeopardizing my relationship with them, as I was of the opinion that she wouldn’t spill out as then she would also have to let him know in details , her reluctance was my advantage.

Thinking quickly before it’s too late, taking the initiative I kept caressing her cheeks with my fingers with a bit more pressure, then slowly playing with her ear petals to start with, applying more pressure on her back with my left hand using my fingers like caressing combing her back.

I noticed she did not move nor try to stop me, but was rather just staying put in the same position, I wasn’t yet sure as I couldn’t see her face for any reaction.

Taking my time, keeping the momentum going, with the left hand caressing her back slowly moved my hand close to her sides with my fingers just below her armpit nibbling softly just close to where her boobs had to be if she had any flesh, and with the right hand palm on her cheeks and the fingers still playing with her ear lops.

Through experience I knew her being quite either she was in devouring nice feelings closing her eyes on being caressed by a man and could be feeling sleepy.

I moved my thumb and moved it over her lips, finding no adverse reaction from her, moved my right hand inside her veil and caressed her cheeks directly feeling her soft flesh and moving again to her ears feeling the soft ear petals, she had made an attempt to get up but I held her down with the left hand.

As I continued caressing her, I made a bold move and slipped my right hand down her shoulders massaging her shoulders and neck area and decided to take the plunge.

If it has to happen it would be now or never as I would never be able to put my hands on her again, slowly keeping the left hand still caressing her back, slipped my right hand down straight to her chest just below where her breast should be, saying see your heart is beating fast, she had reacted holding my wrist firmly but I still continued rubbing that area.

After a while when I moved my hand a bit up, I felt something hard and big like a button in between a soft jelly in a plate, she had hissed holding my wrist and softly she murmured let me go.

I did not try to press her chest where she ought to have her breast, but just kept caressing it like softly giving a massage to her heart, again telling her that I can feel the heart beat, just to make a conversation, now with my throat going dry knowing well what I was trying to do.

Keeping my left hand firmly to keep her seated, getting more bolder as she was hissing and sighing below hot air blowing straight on me, moving my right hand up and down right from her neck to her heart area over the abaya, on the 3rd attempt I purposely brushed the hard button by extra pressure and felt it clearly, now I was sure it was her nipple, she had again mildly held my wrist.

I was in no hurry and did not use my fingers to directly feel her nipple but when it came between my pointer finger and middle finger just adjusted my hand so that amid the jelly feel her nipple was caught between the web of the two fingers and kept softly twitching it like a scissor, this time she hissed loudly her chest moved further her head lowered.

I had hit the proper target, after 4 or 5 twitches she had lifted her head a bit and looked up straight at my eyes through the opening on her veil, and in a soft hoarse voice asked “what are you doing”?,

Continuing to twitch her nipple, I just casually asked her if she is feeling good, she said nothing and made attempt to get up, patting her shoulder I had to put a bit of pressure holding her down saying to relax.

I was sure now that she is getting aroused did not want now to let go as I could feel her warm breath on my right hand which still continued to twitch her left nipple.

It was a situation where in now I would not back out and for sure she is aware that I am working her up that I decided to let her feel my erect dick on her shoulders, which would in a way seduce her further.

I pressed her head close to me with my left hand, at the same time adjusting myself wherein my hardness was straight on her shoulders, this time again looking up at me, she again tried to move my right hand away which was on her chest and tried getting up saying leave me.

Holding her firmly down with my left hand on her shoulder, moved my right hand to her neck caressed it for a while, then back to her ears at the same time ensuring that she feels the full length of the hardness of my dick on her shoulder, which was now straining to get out of my underwear.

In a flash I again moved my right hand down to her chest, this time softly twitched her left nipple with my two fingers by holding her firmly close to me.

She gave a long sigh leaving hot breath on my hand, knowing she is heated up, wasting no time I was directly tuning her erect nipple softly to ensure that she really enjoys this action, it had worked and it wasn’t long before she reacted, as an experienced married lady her left hand reached my dick and she gripped, her head slowly leaning on me going down the next moment trying to cover up what she was doing.

I noticed, gripping my dick in her hand over my lungi, she was pressing the hardness near her mouth as I could feel the warmth of her breath, she was aroused and had lost her inhibition that she was another man’s wife.

But I still wanted to ensure that she herself gives in completely and not give her a feeling that I wanted to push myself on her.

Also I was aware that sometimes the females relent and then just change their minds, I had experienced this on a couple of occasions, when I agreed with the lady to let go now and then we could have it comfortably, when actually I thought that I had the women under my control, but realized later that she was again reluctant and not willing to go further beyond what had transpired and I had thrown out the opportunity to dig her as I couldn’t force myself on her.

Once bitten twice shy as they say, at this stage with Laila I would not let go until she gives in completely allowing me to penetrate her pussy.

In the same position using my fingers kept playing with her rigid nipple, it was like a button and nearly an 1″ length, now very clear that she was aware of this act.

I knew she was cooperating that funny enough when I moved my right hand to find her right side nipple, I found nothing, just the softness like jelly on her chest, she allowed my hands to wander.

Moving my hand again to the left nipple, with my fingers felt soft jelly like cushion around on the left side nipple, not much flesh to press when I tried to press her boobs for the first time, but the nipple was big and hard, and kept twitching it with my fingers.

After a while, as I kept nibbling her left nipple with my fingers she was like murmuring something below and then making a bit of eeeerrrie sounds, further lowering her head and leaning completely on me moved her right hand going around my waist to hold me in a firm grip.

Then suddenly she was out of her control, I noticed her jerking her pelvic portion a bit as in a fucking action slowly at first then she increased the speed and kept pressing my hardness with pressure that I thought she would crush my dick, her head weight completely leaning on me making a eeeeee iiissss aaaah sound sucking in air until she subsided, as I was still continuing twitching her nipple, she said, sir please it’s enough, stop please, enough.

Knowing she is on heat, wasting no time I wanted to make the most of it, before she cools off, so asked her to stand up wanting to hug her, but even before I could make my next move, as soon as she stood moving out of the chair she plunged to me and embraced me with both hands nudging her head inside my neck.

As she clung to me she was frantically rubbing her pelvic portion to my dick area then moving to my thighs rubbing her pussy from over the abaya and making hissing sounds like a woman possessed her eyes wide staring at me without blinking.

Wasting no time seeing her willingness allowed me to cup her buttocks, as I massaged on them I felt the softness of her nice handful buttocks which were longish but were soft fleshy at the lower part.

I realized pressing these buttocks would be like substituting for her boobs. So indeed she did have something to press and enjoy.

As I continued feeling her buttocks in the same position literally lifting her a bit holding them in a grip she may have been around 45 kg plus, she gave a soft cry near my ear saying it’s paining, a clear sign she had succumbed and I was free to explore her body.

I was also in a hurry now to complete the first successful mission of ensuring that I make further in roads, so she cannot refuse, but at the same time did not want to show her that I am lusting for her, kissing her softly on her cheeks I put my tongue in her ears over the abaya.It was either tickling her or she was feeling the heat, whatever she was responding positively by nudging, that she started kissing my neck and pushing her body on me.

I wanted to see her face and do things quickly now and possibly put her on the bed and penetrate her, so I lifted her veil and even before I could see her face, she had put her lips on mine, and was thrusting her tongue chewing my lips, standing on her toes urging me to open my mouth.

When I did so she was pushing her tongue like a serpent, wriggling her tongue and sucking and chewing my lips wildly keeping herself stuck to my body as I kept massaging her buttocks.

I reciprocated with her kissing and we were in a long wild embrace with one hand holding her bum and the other embracing her caressing her back, kissing each other like we were in a competition as she also kept pressing her pelvic area adjusting herself trying to feel the dick, between her legs, in her eagerness she was also stepping on my feet, which once did put me of balance.

The tables had turned and now it wasn’t me that was going for her, rather it was like I was the target, her robustness and her sensual feeling were un leased in such a way that she was behaving like a wild lady possessed her nose blowing hot air, her eyes wide open staring at me.

I was sure now that very soon I will be on her pounding her pussy, my mind thinking about the new successful affairs that I will have within the 4 walls of this flat, with no suspicions and happy and excited that I can have her whenever my dick will twitch for a fuck during the absence of Mustaq.

Thanking the fucker whoever he was for doing what he had done to her today, but at the same time thanking her stars that as he had just managed to ruffle her from the outside.

Seeing that she was comfortable with me, dragging her by holding both her buttocks walk 3 steps near the dressing table mirror.

I lifted her abaya from behind which also came up with a skirt like dress, my hands found the cuts of the panty and bare skin, putting my hand inside her panty cupping both her buttocks, whispered in her ears to see in the mirror, when she turned back and saw my hands grip her naked butts, she turned her head shyly and tried to move away from the mirror

Completely assured that we both are now game, I lifted her face veil completely above her head and removed it to have a look at her.

Taking a step back, I had a good look at her closely, she reciprocated with a cute shy smile, Laila was fair, had a bit of a usual flat Filipina nose and a big pink lipped mouth, black eyes, and looked full not as anyone who would just see her would think she is thin and lean, but she had flesh, holding her cheeks kissing her full on her lips again, I whispered in her ear, do you want to fuck with me.

Looking downwards she shook her head shyly in the affirmative, and added but I am pregnant, this got me thinking that maybe she is saying no in a way it want be possible as she is pregnant.

Realizing that I have to be quick and make my way in her pussy, as I still hadn’t touched her there, I asked her to remove her abaya as now we are not strangers anymore, she said you do it.

But also added she is feeling guilty having sex, when she has a husband and loves him.

When a woman still has these thoughts, one should not waste time in stamping the authority or else one can lose the golden egg that was ready for hatching.

Avoiding her direct reference to her husband, telling her being her birthday may be it’s a gift to receive love, just to keep making a conversation instead of responding to the direct question, adding that we have to keep this between ourselves in response she said of course we have too.

Having her consent I took the initiative to remove her abaya, once I had put my hand on her abaya and removed the top two press buttons, she helped out with the remaining and just threw it on the bed.

She had worn a soft white banyan type T shirt and down she had a knee length soft cotton material skirt, she was a attractive woman her face and smile was good, most importantly what I like most long hair until her hips, she was slim but fit like a fiddle, waist may be around 30 not more, her back side was just a small curve forming the longish buttocks.

The flat chest with no bulge whatsoever, but thru the white t shirt and with no bra, I could trace her left nipple which was clearly seen thru the white t shirt material, which was still erect and pointing out, one could say a perfect size zero female

As I kept exploring her body, when I was pulling up her t shirt she said sorry there is nothing there, turning her head sideways as she was very much shy about not having the assets what a man straight goes for.

Of course I had to use all my wits give her love talks to ensure that she feels like she is wanted and I am attracted to her, so saying that she is beautiful, with a good face and cute smile and above all the very sensitive nipple, I added that she is sexy and this type of body is in vogue at the same time hugging her to kiss her lovingly.

She opened her mouth to my tongue and I was all the way inside her mouth. All these talks and actions were having their effects, with her body action I knew she was ready to let me enter her and I was ready to ravage her body.

As she was not making any further moves on her own, caressing her bare back I could feel her spine, I had decided to get her slowly but carefully on my bed, but wanted her to get aroused again.

Even thou she was protesting mildly not allowing me to remove her t shirt, saying please don’t I am feeling shy, it was nearly getting dark so told her it’s quite dark so don’t feel shy, and managed to pull out her t shirt over her head baring her top completely, she just put both her palms around her flat tits.

Knowing that Filipinas love being fondled and fiddled and also eating their pussy as they normally say, before one can penetrate or for that matter they themselves love to give foreplay to their partners, I had to go by their rules and get her aroused again.

Caressing, licking her ear and neck with my tongue I could feel her hand loosening she allowed me to suck her black left nipple by pushing forward her chest, it was as I said an inch long, I could easily have it between my lips suck and chew it, this had the effects quickly as the next minute her hands went for my dick instantly trying to put her hand inside the underwear to feel it.

I loosened my lungi dropping it down and pulled my underwear below my thighs then letting it slowly slip down and was out of it.

Standing nude in front of her, when she gripped my dick her eyes curiously went down, her concentration was deep as she kept looking at it like she had never seen one, pulling up my skin, she giggled when she saw my pink enlarged bulb staring in to my eyes.

What I noticed when I saw her giggling was that her right side nipple was inverted and it was within the confines of the soft like jelly flat chest that she had.

She had finger marks on her right side breast area, so it was sure the guy must have tried to grab her thinking he will press her boobs, resulting in reddish finger marks on her white skin.

I purposely tried sucking the right side nipple out realizing what I was trying to do to her nipple, she was very shy again turning her head sideways.

Keeping the pressure to get her aroused completely I was licking her chest and slowly went down near her naval this time I struck right place, when I started slowly walking her to the bed at first she was still hesitating a bit but then came along with a little bit of pressure, and she did say, Mr. Manny you will fuck me now, its haram for me, that struck me that even thou she is naked she could refuse, at the same time I was confident now that I had her.

I had successfully seduced married lady’s before and could make out from their body language, but still it was not done until I penetrate Laila.

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