Pleasures Of The Flesh – Part 2

Hey its kk again, sorry I took a lot of time to come up with the part 2. I was a bit busy so please pardon me. Thank you everyone for your generous emails. And any older or mature woman, or bhabhi even, wants to get naughty with me, then you can email me at [email protected]. Yes my friends, I have changed my email id.

So, as you all know how I have been enjoying lovely older ladies around. So after I fucked my mom’s friend for the first time, there were lots of hot activities which we both enjoyed a lot. Please refer the first part of this story to understand it better.

So my mom’s friend was about to stay with us for some time. And my mom being a socially active lady, gave us enough time to be together. So one day early in the morning I woke up to know that my mom is leaving early in the morning for some gathering with her friends. She said me to take care of aunty before leaving and she would be returning only in the evening. My cock rose like anything because now I would be alone with aunty for the whole day. I had decided that moment itself that today I am gonna tear her pussy with an incredible fucking session. So as soon as mom left, I straight forward went to my hotty aunty’s room. She was asleep peacefully. And why wouldn’t she. I had fucked her so good the previous day. So I went near her slowly. She was sleeping in a saree. May be felt tired last night to change in to a nighty.

So, I reached at the foot of the bed, and started adoring my lovely sexy lady. Her saree was a green colour saree, a very thin one, very soft to touch. Her saree pleats were looking sexy. And her pallu, had drifted away from her stomach, which resulted in display of her fleshy belly. And look, what a navel she has, deep enough to enjoy to the core. I climbed on the bed, slowly, and brought my face near her face and my lips in front of her lips. I wanted to kiss her and wake her up.

But I stopped, I don’t know why. I thought, lets wake her in a different way. I slowly went down her body, smelling her musky aroma all the way down to her navel, and then I stopped over there. Wow, even at this age she looks so sexy. I blew air on her navel. She didn’t react. I blew second time, still no response. The third time resulted in some body movement from her. She was slightly writhing her body. I kept on blowing air on the navel, then I couldn’t control anymore and softly licked her navel.

After two to three licks, I put my tongue in to her delicious navel hole. She responded. She moaned and gripped my hair. I savoured her navel nicely. She was moaning and writhing her body like a snake. Oh it was so sexy. Then I went to the top and brought my lips in front of hers. I said good morning. She said, thats it ? Nothing more ? We looked at each other’s eyes and then, our lips met. Oh I love kissing this woman so much. We kissed each other lovingly, savoring the taste, enjoying it.

We might have kissed for may be around 10 mins. Then she said, come on get freshen up. I said, mom is already gone and would be coming only in the evening. I saw pure lust in her eyes after I said this. Then she said, still get ready tiger. Have patience, the whole day is ours.

Then she playfully pushed me and was sending to bathroom. I said, you too come na. She said, if I come then I very well know whats going to happen. So let it be and you freshen up soon, I will get freshen up in the other bathroom. By saying this she was turning around to go. I caught her pallu. She said, leave you idiot. Go freshen up. Still I was wasn’t leaving.

Then she said, you better leave my pallu and get freshen up, or else I won’t let you to touch me today. I left her pallu and ran to the bathroom. Got things done as soon as possible and then I went and found her in kitchen doing something. I went and hugged her from behind. She got surprised. She said leave na, I am working. I said lets enjoy each and every moment of today. Lets indulge in sexual activity throughout the whole day. She said, oh really ? Then what about eating and other things. I knew that she was teasing me. Then she said, ok. But today you will do as I say. you will have to do whatever I say. I said, yeah sure. Just command me.

Then she said, what are you waiting for, just fuck me right here, right now. I said, what ? She said, fuck me you idiot. All this while I was hugging her from the back. She turned around, pulled my head and put her tongue in to my mouth. I eagerly took her tongue and tasted it. We both were hungrily kissing. My hands were exploring her body. I started squeezing her right breast, then left breast through her saree pallu itself. My hands went to her ass too. So soft they were.

Then I bent a bit and started lifting her saree by catching hold of her saree hem. Then with both my hands I hiked her saree up to her waist, hooked my fingers in to her panty’s waist-band, and yanked her panty down. The panty dropped around her feet.

I lifted her and made her sit on the kitchen slab and then removed her panty and started smelling it. She said, leave the panty, and get the taste of the real thing. She pushed my head down and I understood what she meant. I raised her saree some more and saw her juicy pussy. I put two fingers in to her pussy and instantly started fingering her a bit. She pulled my fingers out and offered them to me.

I happily took them in to my mouth and sucked her pussy juices. Then without wasting anytime I started licking her pussy. It was too damn wet. My chin and cheeks also were getting wet. After eating her pussy generously, and after giving her 2 to 3 orgasms, I wanted to jam my cock in to her wet hole. I hurriedly removed my pant and underwear in which she too helped me. Then after rubbing my cock against her pussy for some time, I placed the cock head on the pussy hole, and gave a gentle but a powerful thrust. She screamed. I moaned. And I started fucking her as if I had not fucked for many years.

She too started bucking her hips and fucking me back. I can’t explain the pleasure to you. It was complete heaven. Then I removed her pallu, and unhooked her blouse hooks in a hurry. We were getting so desperate that 2 of her blouse hooks got broken. I removed her blouse and threw it. Our lips met again and tasted each other nicely. Then I saw her bra. A very sexy pink colour bra. It had hooks in the front.

The moment I unsnapped her bra hook, the same moment her medium-sized breasts jumped out and I instantly took her right nipple in to my mouth. I sucked till my hearts content. Both the breasts I tasted and I even bit her on her breast. She cried lovingly at that. All the while I was fucking her hard. Then we looked into each others eyes, and I increased the pace. The pleasure we both were getting was out of this world. I was fucking her too hard. Fucking sound was echoing around the kitchen.

Then I reached at my peak- pleasure. I said her I am going to cum. She said, yes my dear cum in me. I erupted too powerfully. We both shivered while cumming. She already had 2 orgasms and that was the third one while fucking. We remained like that for some minutes, tried our best to regain our breaths.

Then I got her down from the kitchen slab and both went and washed each other off. Then I came and sat on the bed in my bedroom. After sometime she came and stood in front of me. She said, tired ? I said, even if I am tired still I would love to fuck you again. She laughed at it and hugged me. I was sitting, she was standing.

I put my arms around her hips and pressed my face against her fleshy belly. I kissed 2 to 3 times on her naked belly and was talking to her. We had the while day with us. you wanna know what did we do the whole day ? Will be coming with the next part soon. I am not joking. If any mature aunty wants to have some fun with me, I would love to do that. My email id is given above. So, till the next part of the story, bye, live generously.

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