Priyanka, Sex Goddess Showed Me Heaven

Hi friends, this is Rohan and I am back with another sex story that took me to heaven and now I am burning deep inside missing it every day.

After my last sex experience I was left alone as my sex partner left me and I was looking around for sex for 6 month when I found another perfect girl to satisfy me and my burning urges.

As u might remember me, I am Rahul a single guy living in NCR working in a software development company.

In my previous job change, I got a job in a small company in Noida, it was small company with 4 marketing and 2 male developer and 2 female SEO executives. The new office was not as happening as my previous office with lot a of staff and work. Even most of the staff has to work on client side 4-5 days a week. Days were passing normally and my sex drive was killing me inside slowly and I was looking of sex everywhere.

The 2 girls in office were very reserve nature but slowly they started to get friendly. One of the girls was married and had a son and was in her 30’s and the other was young and was 23 and I had to deal with me most of the time with her as I had to sit with her for hours. She was a short height but a sex doll. Many times it was very hard to take my eyes away from her curves. Many times she caught me staring with lusty eyes, to which she never mind but 1 day I got so weak and touched her boobs with my shoulder 2-3 time while working.

She got upset and moved away, but in lunch time when I was having lunch with her, she, said that she is not so innocent and young that she is not getting my intentions. To which I got scared and started to stay away from her.

I was so sad on my actions and was feeling why I can’t control myself and trying to get myself busy in my work. But to my surprise after 2-3 days she came to me and said look Rohan I am not angry on you it is quite normal at your age and she has no complaints for me in her mind. I was so happy and said sorry to her. It was then all ok again and was working as regular but my hunger for sex was making me mad and I did the same and touched her again on her thighs, I got very worried and scared and expecting a slap but to my surprise she didn’t react and animal inside me pushed me to do same and this time she looked at me and smiled and raise her eye bro as a question and I said I was sorry and was not able to control and she said ok and she won’t stop me. I got confused and was shaking of joy and confusion and my hands became cold I came back to my seat and was thinking about if she said yes or what happened, being an idiot I was not sure what to do.

After an hour in lunch she came and sat right beside me and I was looking at her. Under the table, she holds my hand placed it on here thigh and started pressing hard.

That day no 1 was in the office as usual. She said she had started to like me touching her and she wants more. And placed her hand on my thighs and started massaging. I was on cloud 9 as this a was the felling I was waiting for since long. She slowly moved her hand towards my fully erected dick and started squeezing. I was getting mad and my hand started moving towards her boobs. She stopped me and said not safe place. She told to me follow her to store behind after some time and she left. After 10 long min I went to the store where she was waiting. I was confused and not able to react; she came closer and started kissing me on my chest and started to undo the shirt buttons and put her hands inside. She said I have made here crazy for sex. She was getting crazy and making me crazy too.

We were both struggling to touch each other but I was bit hesitating to which she said I can touch here anywhere so I kissed her on her lips. She responded very well like been hungry for it since long. I started pressing her boobs. She was too short and I was not able to enjoy her while she was kissing me like crazy so I took a chair and sat on it and she came toward me started kissing me on my neck and everywhere and I started pressing her boobs and ass and some time massaging in her pussy over her clothes. I made her turn around and made her sit on my lap she was felling my dick on here ass and moving on my dick like crazy. I was enjoying this slow sex game and getting high every second. I put my hand inside her t-shirt and started touching her bare skin. I was feeling here body shivering, I slowly moved my hands towards here boobs and started entering my fingers under bra to which she took her hands behind her back and un lock the bra in one go and I caught here boobs in both hands and started massaging I started touching her nipples, which was making here crazy and her breathing was getting higher. She then started massaging my balls by putting her hand between her legs. I slowly moved my hand downwards and started entering her jeans to which she loosed the button for me to make easy entry and my hand reached her pussy which was clean shaved and so wet. I started playing with here clit and inserting my finger in her love hole and trying to make her mad.

She was now out of control and breathing very heavy, she stood up and started to open my belt and I was getting worried as we were still in office but she completely opened my pant and in 1 go put her hand was in my under wear to bring my dick out. I was in so much surprise that is she the same girl. But she must have gone crazy and started shaking my dick as I was looking at her as and tried to stand up but she pushed me back and looked at me. I can see how hungry she became.

She took my dick in her mouth, this was shock after shock and she was like sucking it like a lollypop and I was getting crazy. And she was now so hungry and eating, sucking and licking like anything. She took my hands and made me stand and then put my hand on her head and her hands on my bare ass and pushing hard to take in all. I was enjoying like crazy and started thrusting she was sucking like pro and a sucking very hard as she want to empty everything inside me through my dick.

I can still feel here lips on my dick even today. That mouth fucking took 5 min for me to cum I tried here to move, I told her to stop or I may cum but she didn’t let me loose and wanted all in her mouth and I came in her mouth she keep drinking and drinking, and I was giving her thrust after thrust. She was not in mood of leaving me and after drinking all she started licking my balls and I was looking at her. My dick didn’t go down even for a second and she looked up and said she was dying to do it since long and she wants more.

I hold her shoulder and made her stand and then made her sit on my dick by sitting on the chair. Then I started massaging her pussy and boobs, I tried to remove her jeans to which she helped me but standing a little and I saw her ass and pull her towards me and again made here sit on my lap with my dick standing between her legs touching her pussy. I was massaging here pussy with my dick on her pussy and she was moaning like hell and started moving up and down, I slowly point my dick on here love hole and let her in control while my other fingers playing with here clit. She was making my dick enter slowly and slowly in here pussy. I was enjoying it like hell and she was getting crazy and after my dick was in her she started jumping like mad and started to cum and my dick was completely soaked in her cum. I was not able to cum as I just came 10 min back so I mad get on her knees like dog and started fucking her. She was getting hot again and in next 15 min we both came together and after relaxing for next 5 min we got into senses and started to talk about the experience.

We heard a sound outside so we fixed our clothes and ran back. But it was just a courier guy and it was late already and we had to stop that day. But after that it was daily routine and she use to suck a me every days and drinks all every time. I told her I want fuck and suck here pussy and she said it is all yours but we have to find a better pace as she want all of me and for longer time. That day came soon when our office took us to a trip to Shimla but that is another sex  story. We continued this for 2 months and I was fully satisfied and enjoying her but 1 days other girl caught us doing and she started blackmailing us but this end up in 3 sum. Again that is different sex story.

Please comment on a [email protected] this as there is lot more sex story to come on these 1 after another events that ill post soon. Thanks.

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