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Hi, guys my self akash I am from banglore. My age is just 24 years, height 5’8 and weight is 64 kilos, well this is about my self, I have read a lot a stories in the indian sex stories and I decided now its my time to share mine. This is my first story if they are any mistakes please forgive me, now lets come to my real story, well let us call incident rather that story, now coming to my real incident, when I posted my first ad on the website, it was so long time that I didn’t get any response for so long time, so at the stage I lost hope, then I got a call from unknown number,

I answered it and I heard a male voice, I lost hope and answered and just enquired about me and said all my details and just then when I was about to cut his call, he mentioned that we are couple and looking for some fun, I was totally overjoyed and started to discuss all the things he need to do with his wife and was so surprised by my idea of funking his wife in different style, then we both discussed a lot and fixed a date and it was week late, I was so curious to the deadline and so on the date came and we dint see each other or dint send pic. So when I was waiting near the mall in kormangal, I got a call that they arrived and they just came out of car and I was just mesmerized by the beauty of her, she was 33 years of age and the perfect waist size 30 and ass is 38 and her boobs is so firm and large 38, she regularly hits gym, so she was so fit and fine, and we reached for their house and after entering their home I just sat on sofa and she sat just beside me,

I was so naughty, to spice up the things I told them that lets play truth or dare, and they said it’s a good idea and we started, and I stated that for every truth we say we should take off one cloth from our body. So we started and by the end all were nude and slowly I started to rub my palm on her thighs and she shivered suddenly, slowly started to lick her neck and at the same time I was grouping her boobs and slowly started to massage them and I slid my lips to her lips and we lip locked for a long time and she was so pro in that I inserted my tongue into her mouth and she sucked it very well and she too did the same and slowly I was sliding my hand down and when my hand reached her navel, I just started to circling my finger tip above her navel and she just enjoying very much, after that I slide down and now I was on to her pussy area, without inserting it, I was just massaging above only, she was so lost by act of mine, I was still not leaving her lips, she was totally wild while kissing,

now she slowly started to massage my cock and she came down and started to lick my cock very wildly, while we were having this session, his husband was just sitting in the corner chair and looking and masterbating himself, she was sucking my cock very wildly and I was in heaven and then we changed out positions and came to 69 position and I was licking and tongue funking her and she was moaning loudly and then we changed our position came in to missionary position and I called her husband and told to sit beside his wife, I just laid down her wife and was rubbing my cock on her pussy and she just shouted and abused me bustard insert me I am feeling very hungry, just insert it and, I inserted my cock in to her pussy and took my cock out and inserted my cock in to his hubby moth., I was just this and they both loved the way I was funking and was totally enjoying, again I lifted her and placed her against the wall and started funking in the air. She was so lost in my funking and was shouting like a mad dog, again I just threw her on the bed and started to bang her in doggy position,

I was banging and took her her hair and started to rid her and she was sexy in that position and her hubby was sucking her balls and liplocking her at the same time again, we changed our positions and now she started to rid me o my I cannot explain in words she was so desperate to rid me, and I was to enjoying very much by the way of her moaning, her moans are that loud that it would be heared by a person on the road. Again her hubby came behind and started to ram her in ass and we were double penetrating her and she was in tears and shouting loudly, then her hubby lift his cum in her ass and he was on bed taking rest. Now I thought why she is enjoying me this much. Her hubby lags only 10 min in bed.

So I was still on then I mouth funked her very wildly and she was so cooperating, and at last I cummed in her mouth she swollen some of my cum and some left out from her mouth and rubbed on her boobs, then we had a very nice session in the shower, in there tub and even had a beautiful session in the car while her hubby is driving and we were busy and wildly fucking in the back seat on the highway. The idea was given by me and they enjoyed it. I’ll tell this highway story some other time. After having a car session we again reached their home and we fresher up, I cooked food for them and they appreciated my gesture and they were very impressed and they handed over the money, they payed me even more wat I asked for and I left their place. I didn’t mention their names because I prefer privacy is most important, so if you like my true incident then can send your feedback to my mail address my mail id is [email protected].

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