I Fucked My Papa – 1

Hi, your mesmerizer is back with the other story. This is a real story that I experienced while my stay in vijayawada.

Coming to the story, I am the only daughter to my father. My mom died while I was 5, I was raised by my father from then, my father was so kind, loving and a lot caring person for me, at least I thought so…

After my mom passed away, I was lonely, my papa used to spend more time with me. He used to take me to school, pick me up, cook for me and all. I got close to him by each passing day. Now I am 19, perfectly shaped, 38c-28-36. With big round boobs and a perfect body, any guy in my college would at least have fucked me for days if I would have given a chance.

Anyway, after each passing day, I got some good friends and now I have a boyfriend (name). We got close and now my father even knows about him. We used to have even late night chats at his home, and my father wouldn’t mind that much. One day like all the other days I went to his home, he was alone, his parents have left him and have gone to hyderabad to attend some function. We had a normal chit chat and dinner at 9. When I was about to leave he insisted me to stay at his home for that night, even I wanted to be with him. He was a perfect guy with tight mussels and biceps large enough to crush me off. Imagining him I masturbated so many times and waiting for a chance to let him make love to me. I thought this might be my chance and called my dad.

Me: Hi, papaDad: Hi, babydoll, where are you?Me: I am at naman place, if you don’t mind I would like to stay this night with himDad: (after a long pause) his parents are at home right?Now, I donno what to say, and saw naman, I don’t mind lying to my papa if this is the way to take him on the bed.Me: yes, dad his parents are here.(listening to this, naman got shocked, he never saw me lying to my papa)Dad: well then, stay safe babydoll, I will come and pick you up in the morning.Me: love you dad, bi.Dad: bi.

Just after I had cut the phone call, naman dragged me by hand and kissed me so passionately and going wild by each passing second, I was shocked by his act but even I wanted that, so, I didn’t say anything and responded well to his kiss.After the pretty long kiss, I felt like I cannot take it anymore and stepped a little back, but he is in no mood to leave me, now he started touching me over my dress, he started from my back, came to my waist, pressed my waist a little, it was even, I felt like I am his wife, now, he went on me and started to touch my boobs, they were already rock hard, maybe he liked it, he used all his force, I opened my lips wider and let a mone out, that’s all, he know that I was enjoying it, he left me like that and took a few steps back, and was staring at me like I am his property, I felt a little shy, I ran and hugged him, and asked what made him turned on so much.

Him: I don’t know why, I cannot control myself, when you lied to your dad, especially about me.Me: so, will you be turned on if I lie to my papa?Him: I don’t know, but you looked so damn sexy.Me: you want me to lie to him more? (by saying this, I moved close to his lips)Him: you don’t have to lie more, at least not for today.

Those were the last words I got to hear from him, he then started to kiss my neck, I don’t know why but it definitely sent a chill right down my spine. I cannot stop myself, now I have my guy before me, and want to make love to me. He started to bite me, it felt a little pain, but I could take it, I just want to make him happy, he explored all my body with his hand’s ad now want more of me. I was wearing a black shirt and blue jeans, he got so excited and moved his hands both to my navel, got hold of my shirt and with one blow he just heard my dress into two. I was excited and kissed him with passion, but he is no more in a mood to make love to me. He got a tight grip on me and tore my bra off too and started to suck my boobs hard while pinching the other one. It was so damn painful and I shouted aloud, but all in vein, he is in no mood even to listen to me.

Me: baby, slowly, I am here for you, I won’t go until I satisfy you, be gentle with me.Him: you, are so damn sexy, I am apologizing now itself, because I promise you, that I won’t be going so soft on you tonight.Me: God, you are a devil, you want to fuck your girl without making love to her?Him: I just want to tear your filthy pussy, and make you my…(he took a pause and I understood what he wanted)Me: what? Say it, even I want to hear you say that.(I don’t know why I said that)Him: you, little bitch, you are meant for me tonight.Me: just forget even I am your girlfriend, use me like you wish, if me being slut makes you happy then I will be 1.

Listening to this, he slapped me with force on my cheeks, I was shocked and fell down. I was staring him with utter shock, but he without wasting any time, removed his pants and there it was 8-inch monster, I don’t know what to say, I was just staring at him,

Him: what are you staring at bitch? Come and suck it off.

I frankly did not expect this kind of behavior from him, but I want to see where it all goes…

Me: why did you slap me?Him: from when did bitches start to question? (saying this he got hold of my head and commanded me to open my mouth)

I opened my mouth and tried to take his dick in me, but it really is so damn big that I could not take it all. But, no mercy from the other side. He caught my head and began to fuck my mouth, within 2 minutes I started to take it fully, the whole house was filled with my gagging sounds, I don’t have any other option. Even though I liked it pained. He started to slow down and picked me up by arms and kissed me, this time deeper. I was enjoying all this, suddenly my phone beeped, it’s my dad…

Dad: Hey honey, I don’t wanna interrupt but do you need any of your night dress?

I showed the message to him, he laughed and said, don’t worry, you won’t be needing any dress at all for this night.

Me: no thanks dad, I am fine.Dad: ok, tc, bye…Me: love you dad, bye.

He took the phone from my hand and thrown it away, and lifted me and took me to his room. His room was full with Batman postures, maybe he is a big fan of him, so, I asked him, “You want me to be the catgirl?”, he: “No, catgirl loves Batman, but, you are my bitch here, and you don’t get to talk here”, saying this he slapped me again, and kissed me by pulling my hair closer to him. I: “Why are you being so rash?”

Slap slap, I got 2 slaps for asking that, he said: “Don’t open your mouth unless you are told to.” I now am scared to hell but this night has to pass by me not opening my mouth unless it is for to sucking his dick. He started to bite my lips and went on to my neck, he is just thinking of me more like a toy now, not waiting for me to respond just taking whatever he wants. He started sucking my boobs again and pinching the other, it was the pleasure after a long time and I slipped a mone. Slap slap slap, “You are not allowed to open your mouth bitch, if you are eager to open it just open your pussy instead, I am shocked and don’t know what to do. He placed his dick near my pussy and in 1 go he is inside me with the total length of his tool. It was the hell of pain, blood oozing out of my pussy, even in that pain I did not dare to open my mouth I was making sounds by shutting my mouth. He liked it so much, so you won’t open your mouth and get your slaps slut, well let’s see how long can you hold on. By saying this, he started ramming my pussy without foreplay.

I am out of control now, the pain is much but I started to feel the pleasure in it. I opened my legs wider and he got hold of them made them, even more, wider, it made me feel that my pussy is gonna tear apart. He did not stop pumping into me, it’s been 15 minutes, he is not tired and is been increasing his pace from the beginning. He is fucking me like a machine and I started to like it and gave a smile to him. He stopped fucking me and pinched my pussy. Awwww please leave it, it hurts he said: “I said you are not here to enjoy yourself, you are here to satisfy me.” after I nodded my head with tears in my eyes he was happy and started to fuck me in doggy style. I really felt like a dog he made me open my mouth while fucking me. It went on for the whole night. He was happy by the end of the night, I am in terrible pain and waiting for him to come and take care of me. He just threw my dress onto my face and said: “Come on go wash, your father might be home any minute”. I was not happy with his behavior but it is a great sex session. After I got ready, he asked

Him: are you happy?Me: with the sex, yes. But the way you treated me, not really.Him: well if you have enjoyed sex, you might enjoy it with Rajesh also.(Rajesh was his close friend).

I was hell shocked now, and shouted what!!!

Him: come on he loves your body and likes to have you on his bed too.Me: are you serious, I am your girlfriend.Him: no, you are my bitch, and you have to say what I ask you.Me: no, just fuck off, you are a world-class jerk (I am in total anger).Him: well, I tried to warn you, ok then if you don’t listen to me I am gonna release this online.

It was the video of me fucking him in the bedroom and even in the hall. He had planned that before itself to get me into the trap. I cried and begged him not to do that. He did not listen to me and warned me if you don’t listen to me, your father is the 1st one to look at this pretty video.

We heard the horn, it was my papa to pick me up. I pleaded him, “If you don’t stop crying, your father will see it right now”, I got scared to that and stopped weeping and started to walk out of my house, “Tomorrow at your place, I know your father is going on a trip, we will be there by 9, make arrangments”. I did not even turn my face to him, just walked to my papa and left to my home…

For a gangbang follow the next part of it. Any suggestions and anyone wanna be fucked hard, email: [email protected]

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