Pune Sex With A Divorce Aunty

Hey, guys, this is Sachin here, back with my second sex story. I am very fond of this site and have been reading since College days.

As I m new to writing such stories, please accept my mistakes and forgive.

I am 28years, working for an MNC in Pune and single (ready to mingle). This incident a couple of months before between me my friend’s sisters(a Divorce) with 2 children’s.

This all started when I had relocated to Pune and had joined a new office. As soon as I joined, I had made a good circle of friends, of which there was one friend who was much closer to me. As me and my friend, were very close to each other, on most of the weekends, we used to meet at his flat in Kothrud, which was shared between my friend and his sister.

As my friends family was very jolly and broad-minded, usually Bhabhi and my friend’s sister used to join us for drinks. This made us much closer and talk frankly about all personal life. During these parties and normal conversations, my friend’s sister(Name is Divya) got to know that I am very honest and very shy natured guy who has been single from few years.( I had GFs before with whom I had good fun) and she got attracted towards me.

These weekend parties and regular meeting made me more closure to Divya. She used to greet me with a hug every time and used to pull my legs by asking whether I found any girl on not.

Let me tell you about Diya, she is 32 with assets of 34-36-34 and has a sexy ass. She was a divorced aunt with 2 kids. As days passed, we used to more closer and used to hang out and watch movies with all her family. This bonding made her fall in love for me and one fine day during our normal chats on WhatsApp she told she is in love with me and she wants me to be with her.Initially, I rejected but somehow she convinced me to be with her. Finally, I had to agree on cause she was very emotional and even I wanted some fun in life.

As days, passed we used to talk everything about the kiss, making out, sex and all that and we did all this sometimes in her home or in the theater. Whenever I used to go to her house, somehow I used to go to her room and as soon as I get a chance grab her, kiss her and fondle her big boobs, which made us happy.

During night calls, we used to have phone sex where used to talk so horny that I used to cum at last thrice. One fine day, we did a phone sex for which she couldn’t control and she said, she cannot control and she needs a bath and she is going to take a bath at 11.30. I said ok and asked her to ping me once she is back. I don’t know what happened to her, she called me after 5 min and asked to check the video that she has sent. U won’t believe guys, she had sent her nude video which she had taken. During the video, she was calling me to come and fuck her. She was talking like, “Sachin Yena, please mala Jhavana(Come Sachin, please fuck me)”.

I called and appreciated for what she did and finally decided to meet for a sex. She called me the next day and told me to come to her friend’s home(Her friend knew about me) in Yerwad after office. I followed her instructions and went there. Around 7.30, I went to her friend’s house spoke for somite and we went for dinner. (Only me and Divya, as her friend wanted us to spare some time).

We went out had dinner and came back at around 10.30. As soon as we entered the lift, I looked at her eyes and grabbed her and kissed her and started pressing her boobs. She started moaning “Ah, halu, duktay( ah, do it slowly). Ae we reached, we entered the house with another key as we don’t want to disturb her friend. As soon we closed the door, I pulled her started kissing her again and moving my hands on her boobs. She said, wait a min and went to check whether her friend is sleeping. She changed her dress and came back with a nighty, in which she was looking damn hot and sexy. I praised her and pushed her on the sofa and started kissing her. She too was too horny and said, “Aaj mala layi Zav, maji pucchi Phadun tav( Fuck me like anything today and tear my pussy”.

I removed her nighty, while kissing her started playing with her boobs. Meanwhile, she was playing with my hairs and started dirty talking which made me horny. I kissed her from top to bottom and her ass crack too. She became shy and asked me don’t do that. I played with her boobs and drank the milk, which was a longtime dream for me”. As the couch was making noise due to our romance, we decided to sleep on the ground.

I removed her panty and started fingering her and licking her pussy. She was enjoying and moaning like anything as it had been 6 years she had sex. I licked her pussy and made her cum In 5-10 min. I asked her to give me a blowjob for which she initially resisted but finally agreed. She took out my underwear and took my penis In hand and started playing with it.

She pulled my penis skin and took the penis in mouth. Initially, she was shy, but once she learns it she gave me the best blowjob. Meanwhile, I was playing with her boobs and was putting my hand in her ass cracks which used to make her horny. As soon as she stopped the blowjob, she asked me “ Ata Ye Zava Mala, Lay Tras Hotay( come fuck me, I need you now)”. I pulled her, licked her pussy again and started fucking her. She was moaning like “ Aa whoo, ayiga,” for which I asked her to lower her voice as her friend may wake up. She said, don’t worry even if she heard something she won’t disturb us, as I had already told our plan to her. I was shocked and started stroking.

She continued her moaning like, ah, aww, ah, amm, ayiga and finally when I about to cum I took my tool out and spread all the juice on her body. I asked her taste the cum but she resisted. We slept in each other’s arms for some time, talking about our fuck, for which she said, it was the best fuck she had. I felt happy with the appreciation and asked her shall for another round. She agreed and we made it again.

We fucked for 2 more times on that night and tried to do the anal sex which she enjoyed. We slept naked on the floor till 5 am and I saw her sleeping naked, which made me horny. I woke her up, kissed her, drank her saliva and asked her can we do it one more round. She agreed and we had an early morning nice fuck. After the fuck, I got fresh and left to my home. Before leaving she gave a long French kiss in the house as well as in the lift.

It was the best sex we ever had. We continued daily fuck in her friend’s room for some time, but since she had a fight with her friend, we stopped going there. I fucked her in Mumbai once, which I will let u know in the next sex story.

After these encounters, as we never got a place to fuck, we used to go to theaters for fun, in the lifts and sometime in her house as no one was around us. I remember once we did smooching, sucking and blowjob on the ground floor of her flat which was unforgettable.

Any aunties or girls from Pune or any other cities, looking for a friend to fulfill their sexual desires, can contact me. Trust me, this will be a secret game and ur identities will never be disclosed. Email address: [email protected]

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