Rich Delhi Women And Cake Delivery Boy


This is Sammer again. Thanks for your emails and support. I got many emails from females and cuckolds and have a nice time with them. Female and cuckold can contact me at [email protected]. I assures your secrecy and privacy. I am a nice human being with great heart

This happen in January 2017. I got a mail from one of my reader namely Roshni Malhotra (name changed due to privacy). She is 40 year old, rich, punjabi women with lots of money and a busy businessman hubby. She chatted me on hangout that night a lot on different stuffs. She went offfline and didn’t talk for one week.

After one week i received a msg from her that she is bored and want to talk me. I asked about her hubby who have gone to singapore for Business meeting and came back after 1 week. So again we started chatted on different stuff to reveal whats in her mind. She said she want something thrill and adventurous and i take one days time to think . we exchanged whatsapp numbers and went for sleep.

Next day I messaged her that I have something in mind so arrange a room whether its your home or Farm house or a hotel room where we both will alone . She said ohk and after 15 min i got a address. I told her something which will you come to know after reading story.

I reached the address and knocked the door. Roshni opened the door , she is slim, 5.6 height , wearing off shoulder red dress. Dress was upto her thighs legs were waxed with high heels in feet having thick makeup in face , a jaw dropping beauty was standing in front of me

Me: Hello, Madam you have ordered a Birthday Cake. Here is your cake and complimentary Greeting Card for you . Happy Birth day Madam

Roshni: Thanx a lot . and she gave billed amount to me.

Roshni : Kya aap meri ek help karoge???

Me; Yes Madam, say

Roshni : Noone is in home ,You can please take my pics while cutting the cake.

Me: okay madam but i dont have much time, so be fast

She handed me her phone and start cutting the cake i was capturing her in phone. My eyes were on her milky thighs enjoying her beauty. After cutting the cake she gave me a small piece of cake which i make her ate with my hand i put some on her face.

She was happy now , a smile is on her face she invited me to have some drink and dinner with her

She pour whiskey in two glasses with ice cubes in it . we both gulped that then same thing happen for 4 pegs and we had dinner.

As i said her to took a leave. She hugged me tightly and i lost in aroma of her. I started kissing her neck , She was crawling like snake as some electricity run in his body. i pushed her against wall . Her face is against wall . I took off strip of her dress off shoulder and start moving my tongue on her neck and back.

Then i removed her dress and then her heels and make her sit on bed . I was standing and she unbutton my jeans and take off my shirt . we went for a long smooch. I removed her pink bra and panty and start sucking her tits and my hands were continuously rubbing her clits . Slowly I moved my tongue in her navel and teasing her body. She undressed my boxer and start stoking my dick and take it in mouth she was using her tongue wisely. My precum was on tongue which gulped nicely

Then I make her lie on bed as its my time then I put my tongue on her pussy lip and making it in and out slowly . Slowly Slowly i started increasing the speed of my tongue. She was mourning loudly then i started moving my tongue on her inside walls of pussy in circles . she was mourning like hell. She was shouting a loud, Fuck me Fuck me hard animal. I sucked her upto 15 min , her juices are flowing out.

Then she came on my top and put my dick in her pussy and making stoking as per needs. She was moving up and down . Her boobs were swinging in air . I hold them and start rubbing her nips with my palms. After 10 min , She again took my dick in her mouth and rammed again. She was taking my dick deep in throat . I was listening the sound by her thick salva and my dick. She nearly done 15-20 stokes by mouth

I made her in the doggie position. Her pussy lips were visible then i started rubbing it with one of my finger and moving in and out . It was tight like someone is holding my finger. Then i place my dick in her pussy lips with a great force ,it was in and then slowly i taken out and then with great force in , slowly stokes with force happen for 10-12 stokes and i started increasing the speed . my balls were slapping her ass chicks making sweet sound. She was mourning as it was her first sex . I fucked her with deep penetration. After 8-12 min, I ended up sex before cumming in her pussy and i left all my cream on her body and naval. Then we had bath together and back to work .

You can read my other stories of mine in this Indian sex stories site by searching my username i.e, delhis210. I am gonna write another story now about my sex with a Delhi couple who is high profile couple but that all after your love and support. So keep comments like the stories. Keep mailing me and chat with me. Love You all my reader . I am also available on fb with same email id you can join me also there . I assure your privacy and secret . The author is non pushy man and respect women.

Thank you thank you Thank you thank you

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