Rocky Having Sex With Colleague’s Wife Kavita

Hi All,

This is the story about sex with my colleague wife which happened few years ago (All names are changed for obvious reason).

I’m Rocky 5.7, athletic body. Kind at heart, jovial and good guy. Can reach me on [email protected]. Comments and responses are welcome 🙂

My colleague Deepak is a best friend to me. Before marriage we used to hangout a lot. First I got married and after two years Deepak got married. I helped him in his love marriage against their parents wish. Her name is Kavita. Deepak is from Delhi and Kavitha is from UP. She is little chubby and very bubbly in character. I loved her jovial nature and cuteness. But never had any bad intentions. She was like my sister and used to call me bhaiya.

Both of our couples used to meet often and enjoy kitty parties and movies. After a year, my wife got pregnant and left for home town for delivery. For 6 months I’ll be alone. Some times I used to have food at their home. Deepak and I used to booze at their home on weekends. Some times Kavi also used to have breezer or beer. Visits increased and used to stay at home on holidays.

On one saturday, when I was having bath in their home, Kavi opened the bathroom door and saw me nude. It was accidental. We both were embarrassed and didn’t go to their home for few days.

After few weeks, we met and everything was normal. But her behavior changed a bit. She is more open now and used to wear some revealing dresses even in my presence. But never had bad intention and never looked her that way as she is wife of my friend and she used to call me bhaiya.

One friday my company sponsored for Gravity movie. I was waiting for them in Forum mall as i reached 1hr before to pass time by seeing beautiful girls in Forum. Deepak called me and asked me to come urgently to Sony world signal. I immediately rushed. Kavi was waiting there, I asked what happened. “Bhaiya, we went do some shopping, but Deepak ka bike police ne tow karliya. Deepak abhi police station gaya”. I called Deepak and enquired situation. He asked us to proceed to movie and will join later.

For the first time she is coming with me on bike. That day i still remember, she wore a white peasant blouse with broad neck and sleeves with opened/cut and along with blue denim shorts atleast 2 inch above knee revealing her sexy thighs. Her thighs were very smooth and appealing damn sexy. Loose and silky hair, pink lipstick. matching ear rings and high heels. She is bit short may be 5’2″. She was looking like a hot model.

The moment she sat, she leaned slightly on me to talk. Her bust was touching me a bit on my back, it was very casual and didn’t feel much. Kormangala traffic sucks. move and break, move and break. These jerks made her boobs crushed on my back often. I said sorry and blamed traffic. She said it’s ok and spoke many stuff. After few mins we reached forum. It was still 20 mins to the film to start. We went to Baskin and Robins. I was ogling girls as always and she observed and caught me.

Kavi: Kya bhaiya, bhabhi ko miss kar raha hai? (winked and smiled naughtily)

Me: Nothing like that.

Kavi: Bhaiya You can be open with me.

Me: Yes, I miss my wife. That’s not the reason I was watching girls. In general I like beauty and feast my eyes when ever opportunity comes. I see girls even in her presence.

Kavi: Hmmm. So you like beauty?

Me: Yes.

Kavi: Tell me what you like about the girl.

Me: I like hair, eyes, smile, structure.

Kavi: Hmm..Let’s enjoy the time with comments. You be open and think me as your friend Deep and describe a girl. Be frank and open with me.

Me: Are you serious? You don’t mind it?

Kavi: I’d like to know what boys think. I’ll tell you what girls think. No lying. Be open and frank with me. Treat me as your best friend. You can call me Kavi.

Me: Ok Kavi, but you call me Rocky. Calling me Bhaiya makes me uncomfortable to speak such things.

Kavi: Ok Rocky. Infact I like to call you that way. You don’t think Bhaiya as romantic too 😉

Me: Look at that girl, she is looking beautiful.. I like her hair.

Kavi: You like long hair, yes.. she is looking good.. what else do you like in that girl.

Me: I like her lips too. Look at the black t-shirt girl. She has hour glass figure. I like it.

Kavi: Her back is big. It’ll be good in… and gave pause.

Me: You can be open with me kavi speak as you wish. Don’t hesitate.

Kavi: Ok.. Her butt is very big. But boobs are small. How about the girl in that red chudi and her fat friend in revealing t-shirt.

Me: Red girl is ok, but fat girl is too much. She doesn’t have dress sense at all. Very big and showing off too much.

Kavi: Imagine yourself with that girl on the bed, what will you do?

Me: That’s all if she falls on me.. I’ll have to admit in hospital. I like big, but not out of proportion. Woww.. look at that girl. Little cleavage is visible. Big boobs. I like girls like that.

Kavi: She doesn’t have big boobs.

Me: How do you know?

Kavi: I can know, she is wearing padded push up bra. Her size can’t be more than 32B, You want DD only na?

Me: No darling nothing like that.. it’s love which you show in the bed makes sex more satisfying… I mean not “you” but the partner.

Kavi: he he.. i know it dear.. you have better understanding than deepak. and you are romantic too.

Me: Thanks.

Kavi: Guess the size of the girl in that tube top.. tell total sizes.

Me: 36-28-38?

Kavi: Hmm not bad.. mostly correct.. you like such girls?

Me: Men are dogs.. they like all girls and winked 😉

Me: OMG!! Look at that lady in red saree. What a deep navel. I would die for that. Suck man.

Kavi: She is purposefully opened it to feast guys like you 😉

Kavi: You didn’t say anything about me, don’t i look good? And how is my dress?

Me: I wanted to appreciate your dress. But taken back as feared how you might take it. dress is really superb. You look very beautiful and hot in the dress.

Kavi: Thank you and blushed.

.. I said, oh! it’s time let’s go. and we went. Many people were in the waiting outside the hall as they didn’t open yet. I introduced her to couple of colleagues. The moment the door is opened ppl rushed and she fell on me. Her left boob was crushing my right elbow and she was laughing. It gave me hard on. I dragged her in front of me to protect her and accidentally my dick touched her soft ass. She must have felt my hard on.

I placed my hands on her shoulder and she placed her hands on mine backwards. We both walked in to the movie theater. It was corner seats. We sat there and I said sorry.. it was rush. She replied “No problem dear.. i don’t mind at all.. don’t be sorry again.. we are best friends now.” and took my hand in her hands. our hands tangled on the seat rest and often touching her right boob. Some times she leaned on me. We totally forgot about Deepak and were enjoying the movie like lovers.

Suddenly my phone rang and while taking the phone of left pocket, my elbow hit her boob. It was Deepak, he said “i’m still talking to the police and he is asking 2k. I’ll not be able to come to the movie. You drop her at home. I’ll talk to her later.” After disconnecting the call I said sorry, did i hit you hard Kavi?. No dear, don’t say sorry for all silly things.. she pulled my hand back and involved in the movie. I had hard on for the entire movie. From that moment on wards, i started thinking her in a different view.

After movie finished, i called Deepak and asked about him. He asked me to come to KFC in Koramangala. While going to the parking lot, Kavi asked me “Tell me about my sizes, if you guess it right, i’ll treat you”. I replied 36-28-36?. She responded, “hmm not bad.. almost correct, but not exact, butt is 38. Don’t you think I had big one? You loose.. For everyone you told cup size, but you didn’t say mine, you touched some times” and she winked. I sheepishly smiled.

She said she wants to drive and said “why should boys have all the fun?” and winked. I sat by giving a gap. She applied sudden break which made me to dash her. while doing so i placed my hands on her shoulder and leaned completely on her.

She took my hands and placed them on her waist. Don’t be shy dear. I moved closely and placed my hands on her waist. In 10 mins we reached there. Had our dinner in KFC. While having food, we both were occasionally looking at each other and talking with eyes and commenting girls(all with eyes, no sound) while Deepak was telling about his story. When we were moving out, She said “Kya hua bhaiya?” i went close to her and whispered in her ears “Kavi, you have amazing thighs and butt. and gave a pat on her soft but”, she said “you naughty”..

It was almost 11:00. We took selfie and left for Deepak’s house in triple riding on outer ring road. I was in front, Kavi in middle and Deepak in back seat. She was crushed completely, sandwiched between two of us.(I wondered he is ok to make her sit in middle). I got hard on and driving cautiously. After reaching sarjapur road, Deepak knew spots where cops will be there. Hence he asked me to stop and switched our positions.

She smiled viciously and winked at me. My dick was touching her ass. She was whispering that it’s very hard, “aaj tho phodega”. I kept my right hand on her thigh and left on her waist. Some times she touched my hands moving it slowly up and down. and touched my cheek. Though i sat behind her for 10 mins it seemed like hour because of hard dick. Finally we reached Deepak’s home. He said, let’s sleep and go early morning tomorrow to meet the traffic police tomorrow morning at koramangala. I wanted to fuck her at any cost.

After reaching home, whole incident was running in my mind and i shagged off thinking of her. In the midnight She sent whatsapp message.

Kavi: What are you doing? Hands busy?

Me: You guessed it right.

Kavi: Whom you are thinking? Red saree girl?

Me: Yes.. You are right.. red saree girl.

Kavi: I know. No one else?

Me: What are you doing? Your fingers busy 😉

Kavi: No dear.. your frn is here.

Me: Is he aware?

Kavi: No.. he will kill both of us.. delete these chats once it’s over.

Kavi: Still busy? Not over yet?

Me: Yes done. Hey send me the selfie we 3 took today.

Kavi: Sent. But why?

Me: Want to remember this day for a long long time.

Kavi: Thank you.

Me: Only one pic? In this it’s only half. I thought you had taken complete pic.

Kavi: Selfie only one. Do you want my pic? Want to see my thighs?

Me: Yes!!

Kavi: What is there for me?

Me: Please dear. I’ll do anything for you. Party tomorrow?

After few mins.

Kavi: Ok sent couple of pics. Enjoy, will talk later. Dont reply. Bye.

OMG!! I can’t believe she sent such horny pics. One is transparent saree with navel and cleavage visible and backless, one with today’s dress revealing thighs, one with her spaghetti and trunks.. all were Fuck, She was looking sexy with 36D-30-38 figure. Milky white. Round butt. Beautiful thighs. What a beauty she is… I never thought she is so romantic and horny. I decided to fuck her tonight. Lost all the emotions and values. Even after 2 times masturbation, my dick was not cooling down.

I wanted to talk to her, but she said, “Don’t Send Message”. So I just masturbated and slept.

Next morning, Kavi woke me up. She was in night dress, without any inner i guess. Her nipples were clearly visible and poking. I smiled at her and wanted to drag her. I held her hand, suddenly she said “Bhaiya, Deepak wants to speak to you” and gave me phone while staring at my morning erection. He said “I’m taking neighbor uncle as he knows some police. You can rest.” She took the mobile and spoke to him, while i refreshed myself.

Kavi: Slept well?

Me: You gave me sleepless night yesterday.

Kavi: laughed and said, you like those pics? I’ve many more.

Me: Really dear.. Deepak is damn lucky.. pls show me more darling.

Kavi: Thank you. No, I won’t show. Why do you want to see Bhaiya?? Bhaiya??

She was teasing me purposefully.

Kavi: Have coffee.

.. I took the coffee and started sipping..

Kavi: What do you want to have for breakfast Bhaiya?

….She was bending and showing big part of cleavage..

Me: I want to have you dear.

Kavi: he he he.. no you can’t..

Kavi: First go and take bath and pushed me to the bathroom while pushing my back (once pressed her boobs against my back).

I lazily went to bath.

In the middle of the bath she knocked the door, I covered myself in towel and opened it. She said “I thought you have not latched the door, Do you need any help Bhaiya?”. (I thought today is my day and with little guts) I invited her taking her hand.

I sat on a stool and she poured shampoo on my head from behind and massaged. She was touching my back with her boobs. I pulled her to the front and hugged. My head was between her boobs and my hands around her waist and palms on her buttocks. She got drenched and foam on her chest completely.

She asked “What are you doing bhaiya? I only thought to help, we shouldn’t do this” and resisted my head. I cleared my face with her dress and pulled her back again on to my lap. I said “Don’t call me Bhaiya dear.. it turns me off, I know you were expecting this.. pls don’t resist, we don’t have much time” and placed my lips on her.

She responded well in the smooch while rubbing my hair and opened her mouth and sucked my tongue. She was completely drenched by now and her nipples were clearly visible and they were very hard. I removed my towel and made her sit in my lap both legs side ways. “Darling, something is poking my pussy.. and it looks pretty big, will i be able to take it?” I loosened her top and took her nipples to my mouth and sucked them.

I alternatively suck both nipples.. I fondled her boobs roughly and enjoying the smooch. Kavi stood up and opened the shower. We both stood below shower. I removed her dress slowly. Now I’m completely nude and she is in her panties.

I hugged and pressed back and ass hard while smooching. It was the most amazing scene of water flowing on her boobs, navel and panty. I kissed her ever where and licked. I inserted my hand inside panty and fingered her, she was moaning heavily and she rubbed my dick with her hand while kissing me and leaning backwards. Removed her panty and spanked her ass. She giggled her ass and boobs touching my chest and buttocks and dick.

My dick was poking her ass. She held my dick and said, it’s really big compared to deepak’s.. darling.. i luv it.. Rocky..I can’t hold Please fuck me.. I want this rod in my pussy” I turned her ass and slowly inserted my dick into her pussy from behind while holding her boobs. After few strokes inserted completely. She moaned in pain and chanting my name. “Darling, it’s big.. it’s paining.. but amazing and mesmerizing me. I wanted this big dick since the time i saw it here” Drill it hard and fuck me to the core. I kept banging hard and moving fast and moaning loudly hmmm…aaaahhh…

After few mins, i turned her around, lifted her leg and inserted dick in her love hole from front in standing position. While kissing and pressing her nipples with my right hand and left hand holding the leg. This angle allowed my dick to go deeper and deeper. Fucked her for 10 mins like that. She said it’s paining.. can’t stand like this.. let’s change.. we both sat on the stool and did lap dance. She moved rhythmically. “Darling, you got amazing stamina..

Deepak would have cummed long time back, I love your dick.. I need it.. make me ur slut.. keep fucking.. thera randi banale rocky”.. She was unable to hold, she had orgasm and fell on me. I stopped for moment and she got down. Mine was still rock hard. “Arey yaar.. abhi vaise hi kada hai”.. She took the dick in her hands and placed between her boobs. This was the most amazing tits around my dick. So soft and so big.. So mesmerizing..

I fucked her tits for 5 more mins and then she took it in her mouth. She said “This is the first time i’m giving blow job, Deepak wouldn’t last even 2 mins with my hand itself he will cum. But yours is rock solid even after so much fucking… very hard and tasty”.. I love this dick.. After some time, I was about to cum and pulled it. I cummed on her boobs. She tasted the cum and said “it’s bit salty.. i like it… Thank you for giving me best fuck till date.”.. I said This was the best bath i ever had.. she said me too..

We washed ourselves and came out of the bathroom in towel. She was unable to walk properly because of stand fucking. But watching my darling in towel with one boob open made my dick hard again. I removed my towel and walked nude. She saw and oh yar.. we just fucked and yours is hard again?? Bhabhi is very lucky.. You are making me mad darling..

I said, I want to fuck your sweet pussy again.. come.. I pulled her towel and took her in my hands and took her to their bedroom. I pushed her and jumped on to her. Kissed her feet slowly and passionately then went up sucked each other lips slowly, while my hands playing with her boobs. Boobs are so big and soft. I went down and kissed and licked her boobs, went further down and kissed her pussy lips.

I parted her pink lips and licked outside of love hole slowly. rolled my tongue inside the pussy and she was moaning loudly and shivering. .. Licked her pussy and chewed her pussy lips slightly. With nose i rubbed her clitoris… Inserted my finger and rubbed with my tongue. She was breathing heavily and squirted…

Immediately she came up and hugged me.. She was shivering and said this is the first time i had such a nice feeling.. your play with my pussy pulled my nerves… I went down again and licked her juices and inserted my dick in that dripping wet pussy, fucked her in missionary position for 15 mins. Wanted doggy and fucked her from behind. Wanted to enter ass hole but she didn’t agree and said “Pussy is paining, if you fuck my ass hole pain will be unbearable. We will do it later.”

We fucked for 15 mins in doggy position. She said, let’s change position and fuck in lap position. I played with her boobs and spanked her ass.. She was moaning loudly. After 10 mins, Wanted to cum inside her pussy, asked her if she is ok. She said, It’s safe day.. no problem.. pls wait i want to cum my dear.. Let’s cum together. I held it for 10 more mins and at last we both cummed together. We slept in each other arms for some time. Deepak’s call woke us up. He said work is done, i’ll start now.

I must thank Traffic for making this happen. With this we started our journey. We fuck in nights when Deepak boozes and knocked out. I keep fucking his wife while he sleeps.. I’ll continue how I fucked Kavi in Deepak’s presence in next part

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