Romancing My Hot Colleague Riya

Hello guys , this is rahul and I’m back with another real steamy sex session I had a couple of weeks back! A little about me is that I’m a footballer , slim and 5’9” tall. I’m fair , a northerner residing in bangalore. I’ve been blessed with a dick 6.5” in length and 3” in girth. I love experimenting when it comes to sex and I love extended foreplay and eating pussy. I’m blessed not to be very hairy!The protagonist of my story is riya. She is just my type of girl. 5’8” tall , the perfect 34dd boobs, fair , pink and juicy lips , shaved pussy with a fairly big labia which is a major turn on for a pussy eater of my sort. And brown nipples! Extremely wild in bed too. Her measurements are 34-38-32

So it all started when I was doing my third year internship in a well reputed investment banking firm. I was new there , didn’t know many people and being the introvert I am , I was very shy. A colleague of mine , obviously riya caught my attention the very first time I looked at her. Dark lipstick with no make up on face. Formally dressed where her boobs were eager to pop out and my biggest turn on , she was slim and tall. We looked at each other and just passed smiles. It was nothing , yet I wanted her. I enquired about her from the staff directory and that’s when I got to know her name , and that she was working in the operations department. The entire day I couldn’t stop thinking about her and my luck kicked in when it was time for me to head back home.

I met her in the lift , and we were alone. I took the opportunity and introduced myself with great difficulty and she guessed it that I was an intern there. Fortunately her house was near to the place I stayed and when I offered her a lift , she said that has her own two wheeler. I was a little disappointed but I hid that at that point of time. We parted ways and I came back home. I was thinking of her , did a little facebook search and found her. Her account was private so couldn’t see her pics , but I sent her a friend request. Within a couple of minutes, she has accepted it and there was her message saying you’re quiet fast with a wink. I was blank and just send her a couple of laughter emoticons. In the mean while I was stalking her , and there was another turn on , she’s 4 years elder me. She hadn’t posted many personal pics , but deep down I knew there was something sort of a spark. She texted me saying since we stay close by how about traveling to office together from tomorrow onwards. I was on cloud 9 and readily agreed.

Our conversations kept going ahead at this pace for a couple of days, we used to hang out quiet often and had become cozy in office as well. My friends warned me that people had started talking about it but I just ignored it. We had struck a chord with us and wanted to be with each other.

One night after office , we decided to go for dinner since next day was a holiday. We went to smally’s in church street and had a brilliant time. Since we had spoken about sex before and we’re quiet open and frank with each other she told me that she was on a dry spell for over six months now and was looking for someone on tinder..And I too shared with her a few personal things..And I also joking told her I find her very hot…..She laughed and gave me a flying kiss… She got drunk and so I took her to her place and put her to bed. I had no bad intentions and I walked off to the living room. I was lying on the couch when she came and climbed over me.

Her hair was open and frizzy , the red dark lipstick still on her lips , and she started kissing me. I was shocked for once , but gave myself in and started responding , I was growing all hard inside and my boxers had made a tent. I was playing with her hair , and sucking on her tongue , she bent forward and started sucking my ear lobes . She quietly whispered I know you’ve been wanting me , and I can’t keep my hands off you. I said let’s not talk and get to your room.

We got up , didn’t break the kiss and walked to the room kissing each other. I pushed her on the bed , got on top of her , removed my shirt , unbuttoned her’s too. She was wearing a red netted bra and her cleavage was no less than a valley. We continued kissing and making out for quite sometime and we both left each other hickies on our neck. She was holding my hard cock and pressing it. I turned over and lied down , she got on top of me , stripped my trousers and I was fondling her breasts with one hand and feeling her wet panties with my other. Her breasts were so soft yet firm. I removed her bra and starting sucking on those big tits. Her nipples were erect and she was letting out soft moans. Her hand were still gripping my hard cock and she was biting her lips. I made her lie down and kissed her intensely again, sucked in her tits hard and made her moan. She got up and started sucking my nipples, man! , that was extremely arousing and hot. That tinge was no less than an orgasm.

I was shivering in pleasure and she further went down to give me the best blowjob ever. Better than any of the girls I’ve ever fucked , be it arushi or radhika bhabhi or gautami or ahana. She was just the best at it. She further went to the kitchen, got ice , put it in her mouth and started sucking my cock. That’s the earliest I ever came. She drank all of it. She even sucked the remaining cum off my dick. It was my turn now , and I got to what I do best. That is eat pussy. She was dripping , so I started with my fingers , and slowly touched my tongue to her clit , she clenched the bed sheets in ecstasy and let out a soft moan , I continued for a while and started pushing my tongue in her pussy , and she was going mad with it. I could literally feel her body tremble and she was holding my hair , pulling it and at the same time pushing it more and more into her pussy .

She smelt and tasted just perfect. I started to insert two fingers and suck her clit like there was no tomorrow and she squirted. It came as a surprise to me but I enjoyed it. I drank all her squirt juice and she was left with a wide smile. She kept saying I love you and I was getting more aroused. I continued to eat her pussy and kiss her for almost an hour , she was sweating and her pussy was drenched with cum. She got up held my dick and with a naughty look directed in towards her pussy , and I started thrusting in her harder. Her moans were getting replaced by screams and seeing her breasts bounce , I couldn’t control myself. I removed my dick and sucked her pussy for a couple of minutes, she too sucked my cock after that. She hugged me , told me to lift and up and the moment I did that , she guided my hard dick to her wet pussy and again , and told me to take her to the shower. Wild girl I must say.

We went there, and she turned on the shower , and I was penetrating her using the wall as my support and she was moaning. We started to kiss as I was fucking her. She was biting my ears , playing with my hair and she came. I too was going to cum and she told me to finish it inside her. I finally came inside her while showering. She got down and fingered herself , removed my cum and started licking it. We made out for almost an hour in the shower , and she told me she was tired. We went out , dried ourselves , and slept naked. Next day morning, we woke up and had another steamy oral sex session, I gave her the second hickey on her left boob and third one on her inner thigh… Had breakfast and decided to go out for a movie. We had a raunchy session in the theatre too since it was empty…It’s been an raunchy journey there onwards , I’ve shifted with her in her flat and we’re in a live in friends with benefits relationship . We often have a quickie whenever possible in the office and I’ve started to actually fall for her.

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