Romantic Sex Experience With My Colleague – Part 1

Hi ISS members, I’m Raaj and this is my first sex happened story, so thought of posting it with the permission of my gal. This is story between me and my office colleague happened last month. To say abt me i work in an IT company in Hyderabad and she is from my team when we are in same company and after that she resigned and shifted to Bangalore. When she is away, we use to chat in what’s app and one day I made a plan to visit Bangalore to meet my friends and also her, then I informed her and asked her to be ready for party for her new job. She readily agreed as we are close good friends and I have my plans as her birthday on this Sunday.

so on Saturday I have reached Bangalore and sent a message to her that I was in my friend’s flat. After that at 1pm we meet at coffee day and she looks stunning in red color top and I can see curves of her boobs when she laughs as you all know how they bend while laughing and what our boys needs they got it and was making plans for the day. We planned to go for a film and then restaurant, so we went for film and after that restaurant ordered our food, I was teasing her with silly jokes, while having food she lost a bet with me in between and then she agreed that she stays with me for tonight as she stays nearby friend’s flat and also on Friday night my friend had left for his hometown by keeping the keys in secret place.

After restaurant we went to my friend’s flat and asked her to do something and I went out to bring cake, pizza champagne and wine bottles packed as gift when I returned to my luck, power has gone suddenly, I went in and kept all those things in one place which she cannot see. Power took 30 min to come back and it was 11.55pm at that time, by closing her eyes I took her to the room where I have kept those items and she suddenly surprised and happy, I told happy birthday to her, she cut the cake and I had a piece of cake from her hand and the same happened and after that she opened the champagne bottle by shaking it before and poured some of it on me, I kept my hand but she came near to me and kept on my face then I grabbed it from her by fighting, as you know I was fully aroused by that act and my dick raised. I grabbed it and poured the champagne on her and she was trying to grab the bottle, as I was keeping the bottle my back and she hugged me tightly while trying to grab the bottle and I was making rounds myself and she also rounding with me by hugging.

I holded the bottle on top of me with my hand and she was jumping for the bottle in front of me in that act I have kissed her boobs as they are touching my face and licked the champagne on her it was good taste, then she suddenly stopped and brought cake, thrown to my face by saying eat this one and I kept the bottle aside took the cake, by seeing this she starting running from hall to other room which is bed room I followed her immediately with cake and put my pressure on the door to open she has given up and ran towards the bed side,

I went and grabbed her but here I don’t have cake in my hand, I grabbed her waist, lifted her and She was madly fighting with me by biting my hands, then I changed the position, grabbed her waist were face is towards me and her boobs on my chest in this act we suddenly feel on the floor while carrying her and she was pleading at that time, I was upon her grabbed the cake and applied the cake on her face, in this fighting I have applied the cake to her boobs and rubbed it with force. She has given a moan “ahha” at that time and I was rubbing the cake on her chest, neck and boobs. She was in her feelings and she also took cake, tried to applied on me but I made her roll on the floor with me, 3 times we have rolled on the floor, each other face were opposite, my face was touching her face, nose to nose, lips to lips then in the last roll she has given me a deep lip kiss.

For this mind blowing kisssss, I have no moment as I was in deep romantic situation, we were both looking each other face then she applied cake on me and said “Happy birthday to me”. We were deeply looking our faces and kissed again deeply that kiss was came from both the hearts. We were deeply kissing each other by rolling on the floor, we were not in a position to leave each other hugged tightly and our deep kissing continued, we got up by hugging each other and she was on wall side hugged tightly, I lifted her up and she folded legs near my dick area and our kissing continued. We were sucking each other lips madly, exchange our tongues while kissing. We moved to sofa, then she slept on me and exploring my tongue and we were exchanging the positions.

At some time, we have fallen from soft but it did not affect our tight grip, our kissing continued deeply. It took 1 hr 15 min for us to come out from deep kissing then she got up took the wine bottle, she drank some wine and poured on her boobs as we were still in our clothes, then she invited to suck them I got up and sucked her boobs madly on her clothes as I am sucking for wine on her boobs, she was pouring the wine on her boobs and I was sucking them like mad dog, she was moaning loudly “ahh ahhahah ahah ahah ahahha”,

After that she removed her top and bra and given me full view of the boobs, I lifted her took her to the wall and sucking her boobs as she making romantic sounds, I made to sleep on the deewana and starting pressing the boobs with my both hands, took one boob entirely into my mouth, I bited the boob she moaned load and I can see my teeth marks on her boob, the I asked her to rub the boobs against my chest, it was really hot between us she showed her tongue out of lips and I slightly jumped to catch her tongue with my lips, I succeed by catching it and our too bodies collided, then I asked her to lift herself by keeping hands on back in yoga style, by this I have seen her erected boobs, played with my hands I holded her waist and she removed her hands , I took one boob into my mouth and suddenly feel on her. She liked the act then she took my face and said hug me tightly as tight as you can then I hugged her tightly.

We started kissing again and removed all clothes from our bodies, took her to bed room and sucking each others lips then I went down played with her waist by pressing it my mouth and blowing air on her stomach, she took me up and we were looking each others face romantically and she took my face kept on her chest and said sleep my baby. Then after some time she got up upon me took my dick, she was playing with it by saying “jojo kanna”, “my sweet little honey” and shaking it.

She kissed the tip of my dick for that current passed in my body. She took the dick in to her mouth and started sucking it and playing it with her tongue and she asked me for honey then she went to kitchen but it was not their she brought wine bottle, gave it to me asked to me pour drops of wine on my dick and she started drinking the wine by taking ¼ of dick and sucking it with her tongue inside. I had terrific electrification in my body by that act. My semen was about to come out as I held it tightly. But she said I want all the semen in her mouth and with her hand she starting stocking my dick tightly with her hands and she swallowed all my semen and acted like she got energy by drinking it.

Then I said you wantedly made this to happen right as still I need to enter into her pussy she said, you have 4 parts (lips, boobs, pussy, vagina) of me to do anything, I have only one dick to play it. I was aroused by this and kissing her madly by rolling on bed.

Then it was my time to play with her vaginae, I kissed the lips of her vagina with romanticness, she shivered by that act. With help of my two figures I was making route to enter my tongue in to the vagina and started licking it. She was moaning “Ahahaha hahaha” saying no no no, as I have taken my figure deep into her vagina and pushing it in and out, she was shouting madly and begged me to enter my dick into her pussy, she was aroused as I was teasing her with my dick.

She was in doggy position, I guided my dick into her pussy but it was too hard as we both are virgins. Only ¼ of my dick went into her pussy I was ramming it as it was very tight, she was moving back and moaning louder and crying like small baby and I was giving big jerks as half of my dick went inside, we were too tired that but i was pushing it hardly,

Then I asked her get up on bed took her to front wall as I was back of her trying to enter my pussy, suddenly I made to fell on bed by catching her near abdomen and we feel down on bed with this my dick was in her pussy, and she was moaning with the pain and made her to be in doggy style then i started making in & out of my dick. I fucked her like that and she is shouting like anything. For the pain she asked me to stop that made me go wild. I increased the speed. Slowly she stopped talking i looked at her she looking very weak I think she had her orgasms. Her eyes almost look like fainted. But I didn’t stop.

After 5 min i was ready to explode i asked her where to cum she told to cum inside her. It was giving great feeling for both of us. She almost dozed off. I didn’t disturb her i kissed her forehead and lips, slept beside her. She was sleeping like a small child but I did not get sleep i want to fuck her more but I did not do it not, as she was sleeping. It was around 5.30 am on the clock its getting morning.

She kissed me and said thank you. Our romantic journey started from here.

This is our story I will let all know what happen after that in second part as we were fucking each other for continues 4 days. You can give me feedback on [email protected].

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