Second Honeymoon With A Wild Aunty

Hi, all horny Indian sex stories readers.Greetings .The unsatisfied 29-year-old guy with lots and lots of fantasy, decently fit and fair.Passionate and nice guy.

Life started to become monotonous.I all most was updated with all latest porn movies, sex stories and masturbating with vr glasses.I did not have a soul to spill my sexual appetite and try all the amazing things about sex.Life was so boring.The same old position sex with my girl was getting really boring.I was really looking for my mate.Finally through a google app found women , it started off with slow messages , sex chats late nights.Sweet words, finally after a week we introduced each other.

Aliysha 37-year-old.Married with no kids, milf , sexy voice.Husband working abroad.Working in top management and hefty pay scale but very unsatisfied with sex life.Very horny by thoughts.We shared our pictures, she complimented my looks , finally convinced her and got her pic, fair chubby milf , really hot women with huge assets.We started sex chatting a lot.We shared our problems.We both had the same problem.We started liking each other.I asked her if I can go to her place and that can have some ding dong stuff, she said its usually and sounds like slutty stuff, she asked me to impress her with something to taste her.

It was the end of the year and 5 to 6 days holidays, she too got bored and asked me to plan something interesting to spice by our life.It was morning 6 am , I sent her a text message to her mobile

Myself :Hey hi good morning my sweet horny milf, why should not we a plan a sex vacation to Island Krabi .3 nights stay.Just you and me.Sex sex sex all day and nothing more.Love you.Waiting to hear from you soon positively.Love you loads

It was 9 am still no reply, I got nervous.I was waiting for her reply.No message from her.Tried calling here, she did not pick the call.I felt really bad and scared that I would loose this relationship with his hot milf.Finally received a message at 12 noon.

Milf: Hey naughty bastard ,see your whats appI rushed up to see whats app in tensed way, then I was on cloud nine.To and for air tickets to the island.I was in heaven , called her up and started kissing over the phone.

Milf : stop the man , do not waste your energy , save up all your energy for our sex vacation, I really want you to hunt me down totally.I want you to make his dream trip really exciting for me. I have booked the tickets, you plan the stay and other stuff and let me know by evening, what to pack and all the other stuff.Flight is tomorrow night.

I was really happy started planning.Sent my girl to her home and confessed it was a sudden business meeting abroad.I was really excited.I had a sleepless night, I booked rooms at a nude resort.

Then came the day of my second honeymoonMilf: Hey Ram , what’s the news, what plans for the trip.

Myself: Hey my sweet bitch, I am going to be your husband this trip and I have booked a no clothes resort for 3 nights, I have certain set of rules for this trip

1)no inner wear to be packed or worn throughout the trip2)no condoms3)no thoughts other than sex.Get ready baby, bang bang bang.Love you4)come to the airport in saree with rule 1 and pack some set of stockings and pills.

Milf: wow that sounds really erotic, see yours soon at the airport .I am all yours.

I was waiting at the airport.I was my wife companion darling coming towards me.Wow in pink transparent clothes with mold lipstick, lustful eyes, and a huge physique .Her assets were clear as she was not wearing any bra or panties. I fell for her immediately.I gave her a bouquet.She was happy with my looks and scanned me top to bottom.I was in my shorts and tee. I hugged her and started to question her about her personal details.She asked me to stop

Milf.This is a sex holiday bhai. Do not waste my time talking nonsense.

I winked at her.We boarded the flight, seated nearby.I smooched her softly, everyone was watching us.I was watching saree side view and put my hands inside and was rubbing her hips.I was bit shy and reluctant as people were watching us, air hostess was moving around.

Milf: dear husband look into my eyes, I want to you to really get dirty and wild, do not waste a second.It is our dream honeymoon.Do not care about anyone around, let’s just enjoy and discover sexology.

I pulled her by hand and took her to plane loo.She did not know what I was doing.Air hostess was like standing before the toilet.She was like what two people to the loo.We went inside together.I smiled at the hostess while closing the door.My milf was really excited by my move.I started biting her lips, it was a 2 minutes smooch, blood started oozing from her lips, she held my lips tightly.

Then I took off my shirt and shorts and got naked in seconds.She was gazing at my body and my clean shaved cock.Her eyes started to get filled with lust.She was biting her lips, I pulled down her pallu.Wow, huge fair melons buried under her blouse.And deep well like a navel.What a milf !! I am this milf’s hunter.I felt like I am going to hunt this prey a million times in this trip.I kissed her cleavage, licked her hips and bite her hips so that she got my teeth marks on it.Put my tongue into her navel and played with it.

Then I pulled her down and asked her if she could lick my cock.She spread my legs, went down and started licking my cock balls and sucked it with air.Slowly started to lick my cock like a lollipop.I was getting rock hard horny with her mouth moves and view of huge melons dancing below me. Bottom of my cock started to get loaded.

I stopped her immediately, turned her around.Lifted her in a skirt .Wow my goodness, a hairy pussy, and anus.Huge round fleshy holes.I patted her butt lock and kissed them for being obedient not wearing inner garments.

I fingered her pussy from behind, once they got wet, I spread her legs, whispered to ears that this is no 1 round,Tongues her pussy with weird soundsShe was like ah please hunt my cunt husbandShe smiled, slowly penetrated my hard cock into her fleshy pussy.Started ramming her slowly.She was mourning, I increased my spread.

Fuck aah baby my wife fuck fuck fuck youI was holding her hips tight and fucking roughly.Someone was knocking the door, we cared the dam.I was feeling I was about to cum.All my juices sprayed out into her pussy.She breathed heavily.

She enjoyed it, I kissed her again and said this is just the begging. She was like wait for husband why let’s go for next round of mating,I dressed her up, we went to our seats.We smiled at each other, naughty smile.She massaged my cock area above my shorts,

Milf: dear husband, take care of my love rod well, he has got lots of work for the next three days and winked at me.

We landed on the island,Our wild sex vacation began with a bang …..

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