Seduce And Enjoy My Friend’s Sister

Hi friends, the story is between me, my friend Karthik and her married elder sister Vani. I am a good looking boy from Nagercoil. It is in the south side of Tamilnadu. I and karthik studied together till our engineering. Today I am 29 years old the incident happen 2 years before at that time I was 27 years old and vani is 2 years elder to us. All the names used in the story are not real. That is including my name sursh.

Myself I am 65 Kg slim athletic body with good looking Morden boy. Most girls in our area give romantic looks to me. But I don’t believe in Love. If someone wants sex I can provide with my super strong 8” tool that have stamina upto 40 minutes nonstop.

Now about vani she is 55 Kg light weigh soft body with 5 feet tall and shiny black in colour. Her shapes are perfect 36-28-34. I had my eyes on her from my collage days but I never get a chance. She also used to give romantic looks but we don’t proceeded further. She got married with one of our senior in our collage he works in abroad visits his wife yearly once. She completed her Msc in computer science and looking for a Job opportunity.

The incident happen after karthik left his home. He got a Job opportunity in Chennai. Normally Karthik visit along with her sister if she needs to attend any interviews in Chennai. But now she must go alone and I made my plan. I got a new simcard and call her mobile no. She is not able to recognize my voice through mobile. I called her to Chennai in the name of popular software company. She agreed to come to Chennai for personal interview.

After few hours I visit her home with sweet box and give sweet to her and I told I got a Job in Chennai tomorrow I am going to Chennai. Immediately she asks my help to take her Chennai along with me. She told about the interview she needs to attend in Chennai. I said it is my pleasure.

I booked our tickets in AC valvo bus. In this type of bus they provide blanket to cover. The bus started around 7:00 Pm we covered our self and start my game after some time. I acted like sleep and placed my hands around bottom part of her stomach no reaction from her and started smelling her hair hot breaths of mine flowing towards her neck she wasn’t react but I know she is becoming hot. It continued around 1 hour now I got bolder and inserted my hand inside her kurtha my hands are touching bare skin just above her jeans pant button. She wasn’t react for that too. I placed a kiss in her neck in the darkness inside the bus no one can watch us. And the game is going on inside our blanket.

I started moving my hands up and touch her nipples over her Bra and kurtha. Her heart beat and breathings become heavier. I said I love you in her ears now for my surprise a hand traveling over my 8” tool. It is completely erected condition she gives gentle massage there and I keep giving massages to her boops.

After some time I unbutton her jeans and inserted my 2 fingers inside the love hole and kept there for long time. Our bus journey ends at Chennai early morning 6:00 Am. She adjusted her dress and come down. We booked a hotel room and she told if we gets time after interview we can play buy some condoms for us. And now I was told the truth and trap about how I was bring her to hotel room. She was extremely shocked but that shock ends with naughty smile. Immediately she brings her lips close to my lips. I take her lower lips inside my mouth it tastes good. We break our kiss after 10 minutes.

She told lets fresh up and continue our game. We both go together to the bathroom toilet of the hotel room she removed her panty and pee and pissed there. I clean ass her with hands using water and I take her out of toilet without cleaning her pussy. She says no but I love to clean ladies pussy with my mouth I love the salt taste in girls pussy. I eat her pussy for 30 minutes. Then we take bath together my dick was in between her legs my hands giving gentle massage to her ass. Her soft poops where pressing against my chest. Kissing on the lips and neck and forehead area continued for some time.

We both come out wet and she orders me to wear condom she don’t want get the risk of getting pregnant I wear my condom and I ask her to hold the bed and bend a bit. Her pussy is visible from back side and I inserted my dick from back. My hands are giving massage to her soft mangos. I bit her ears and I gently massaged over her pussy lips by using my hand. Comparing to she is not so tall I turn her a bit without removing my long and strong dick and kissing her lips. I hold her hair and bend down a bit and started hammering her. We tried different positions. And she told I am better then Karthik and her husband Ramesh. I ask Hey babe do u fuck your own brother? She told yes I do. And she told she is trying for me for several years. She called karthik’s mobile no and told she is with me and what happen between us.

Karthik also come to also come to room. Till today she is an ass virgin but today she decided to give her ass for her own brother karthik. She told she can’t take mine because it is much big one for her ass. I am also agreed. Karthik removed his dress in minutes and lubricated his 5” tool with oil and apply some oil in the ass hole of vani. Slowly he insert his tool that makes her more pain. She opens her mouth because of pain and I inserted my tool inside her mouth to make her silent. Each stock of karthik in her ass gives me a blowjob stock in my dick.

We played in different positions and continued our relationship for another 6 months. Now she is with her husband in abroad. I miss my darling vani. girls or ladies if you want travel with me same like vani please write your request to [email protected].

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