Seduced Aunt And Fulfilled Past Desires

Hey guys! This is Raj from Mumbai. My previous submitted story got a great response and thought to share another of my wonderful experience with you. I am a 22 year old engineering graduate, 5.11″ tall, fair, gifted hairless body and quite muscular. Any unsatisfied ladies of any marital status, in Mumbai, specially suburban area can mail me at [email protected]. I give great body massages too after you have fulfilled all your desires with me 😉 total discretion guaranteed!!

This story incident happened quite recently with me, though the process took a lot of time :p. It’s a story about my mother’s best friend, whom I am so used to seeing from my childhood that she is almost my aunt, and thats what I call her. She is a quite fair woman, good height of around 5.6″ and vital stats around 36-30-36. An almost perfect figure as you call it, she was always a fitness enthusiast.

She was recently married to a not-so-good looking yet quite a rich guy, so one can guess how such an amazing woman might be enjoying her life.

Coming to the story, she and my mom had been friends since college. Hence she knowing me since my childhood was obvious. Whenever she used to visit us, she used to bring me a lot of gifts and I used to hug her and be with her as I was a child and she too was very fond of me.

As puberty struck me, I realised there’s more to that woman than just her sweetness. She was quite the sex diva, a real milf! And since I am already into mid aged women (readers take a hint ;)) I used to notice a lot and my creative mind used to build up these amazing fantasies.

Since its quite hot in mumbai I rarely wear a tshirt at home, unless there are some guests or anyone else. But whenever she came, I never used to bother to wear it, to kinda flaunt my fair hairess chest and also to maybe evoke some feelings in her. It worked, eventually :p

My dad has a business hence he needs to travel. Since it was for two weeks, my mom called upon my aunt to stay at our place for a few days to keep her company and yeah she agreed!! I was so ecstatic to hear this news and made a decision to atleast not waste this wonderful opportunity and accomplish some part of my fantasy.

She came after two days, and we greeted each other with a warm hug. Warm because I once again did not wear any t shirt and also had put on a good perfume to make her remember my odour :p we showed her her room and let her settle. The day passed in talking generally, having food etc etc

Since I am an engineer, I hardly feel sleepy at night and was awake watching a movie in the living room around 1am. Let me for the last time mention I was sitting without any tshirt, and also quite a loose shorts which could almost show everything if I took my feet up :p my mom and my sister were asleep in their room and aunt in the room she was given.

At around 1.10pm, my aunt came to the kitchen to drink water, and after seeing me awake she came to me. She asked me why wasnt I sleeping and decided for herself that she would give me company. I was watching gone girl, the ben affleck thriller. She joined me in watching it. Suddenly she is like “Why aren’t you dressed?” I said, ” I am dressed sufficiently, hiding what is required, do you mind?” :p

She: haha, not that I have a problem , in fact its quite better like this, fair, spotless, and shaved

Me: do you like it?

She: its better than the hairy ones which are yuck

Me:(being a little flirty) that’s’ not what I asked

She: (smiling, but not answering) do you have a girlfriend?

Me(gambling with the answer): yes, why?

She: wow, can you show me?

Me: not right now, let me be more comfy with you and make sure you wont tell mom.

She: no I wont, but lucky girl ;p

Me: lucky how (being so innocent :p)

She: I am sure you are a really sweet person and take care of her.

Me: and?

She: and I am sure she likes this( pointing towards my torso and chest)

Me: haha do you like it? You are allowed to touch it

And I take her hand and put it on my chest

She: so how is all that? ;)(asking naughtily)

Me: its amazing, maybe because I am too(and I take her hand towards my risen cock)

She(holding the dick in her hand): what do you mean? (with totally lusty eyes)

Me: I mean….

And I held her face and started kissing her. She stood still, one hand on my cock, the other on her lap ,and her face not reacting at all. I started sucking her lips, wetting them nibbling them. In about 30secs, she moved towards me, sat on my lap and here we are kissing passionately. She opened her mouth, started sucking my lips and meanwhile we both playing with our tongues. Rolling over each other we were so much in sync. Sucking those soft lips was a delight and she was so passionate about it that we both were just lost about where we were and what were we doing. It was about a 10 minute passionate smooch with wild tongue licking which honestly is the best part about a smooch and which my actual girlfriend doesn’t let me do 🙁

When we broke the kiss, we decided to go into her room as this place was quite risky. So we rushed to the room, closed the door and she just threw me over the bed. She hurriedly locked the door and came and pulled down my shorts, exposing my 6″ erect dick. She took it in her hand, and started to give me a vigorous handjob. It was for two minutes after which she started licking it, oh boy what a great feeling that was!! How are you mature ladies sooo good at sucking a cock! It was so pleasing and amazing. It took me 5 minutes to cum before which it was just a state of sexual nirvana for me.Now she was like, its my turn and that’s what I gave her.

I took off her nighty in one go and saw her wearing just her panties. Here boobs were bare in front of me; those fair with brown nipples, just rightly erect ready to be sucked and pressed hard! I took her boobs in my hands and pressed them both simultaneously to which she moaned a loud aah! They were soft and amazing that I just couldn’t resist. I then took one in my mouth and started sucking it like a baby. She constantly moaned, aaahh yeaahh mmhhh aaaahh harder suck harder and I was just obeying her commands. I kissed the other one while I put one of my hands inside her panty. She was already wet, like soaking wet. I just took out my hand and smelled and tasted its sweet taste and got more aroused by it. I pushed her back, and pulled out her panties in one go! Took it near my nose and smelled the sweetness. These things arouse me a lot and I really get better at what I would do after that :p

So there she was, lying naked in front of me, and it made me think of so much to do with her.

I lied down beside her too with her vagina near my face and pulled her over me. I made her sit on my face while I dig my nose in her ass crack and my tongue inside her pussy. I started smooching her pussy lips, licking all the juices of her hole and trying to penetrate my tongue inside her hole.

Meanwhile my hand held both her boobs and started fondling them and pinching her nipples. She was so much in pleasure! She constantly moaned aaah ahhh mmhhh yeaaahh while moving her pussy rubbing it against my mouth so that I access all the corners of her wet pussy with my tongue. In between I used to spread her ass and move my tongue a little towards the asshole, because as I had said previously, as gross as it sounds, to is one of the most pleasurable things for a woman. She was enjoying every bit of it and did not want me to stop. She might have cummed thrice on my face which I drank like a sex maniac and loved it.

To my surprise now she bent down and started sucking my cock! Aah that gave me an ultimate boost and also a clear access to her asshole. So there we were, she giving me an amazing blowjob while I licking her asshole.

I came in about 10 minutes after which I was exhausted. I looked at the time and it was almost 5.30! Around the time my mom wakes up. So I smooched her once again, took my clothes, spanked her perky round ass and told her to continue it tonight. I went to my room and slept like an elephant after that.

In the next part I may describe how things went further.

If any ladies in Mumbai liked my story and want to experience anything similar or even better, do email me at [email protected]

See ya 😉

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