A Girl Gets Laid With A Man In Theater

I went to a movie theatre and the seat number is A3. I never went to movie alone but this time I did. After the movie started a couple came a sat on A1 and A2. Initially I was really into the movie.

But, after sometime I heard some sounds and when I saw at the couple. I was shocked. I wasn’t able to find the guy’s hand which means it is lost in the girl’s top. There are smooching crazy and can clearly hear the sound even though the theatre is equipped with dts. Then I stopped watching the movie and started seeing them. They actually didn’t care about me. I never had physical relation with a girl so I was very much excited.

After ½ an hour a girl came and sat right next to me. I was able to see her face when she turned on the flash to watch the way. She dressed like she was going to some function. She accidentally place her hand on the hand rest on which I was resting my hand. I felt like crazy. She adjusted her hand so that it wouldn’t touch me. I peeked at her twice and she is the girl who went to the same school which I went. I tried to remember her name and I can’t. The smooching sound increased and I caught her seeing them. She laughed seeing them. This time I accidentally touched her hand. But she hasn’t moved her hand a bit. I was like crazy. Many ideas ran in my mind.

I kept it touched for a min. she isn’t rejecting it. I took advantage and grabbed her hand. She isn’t struggling. I think the atmosphere is adding some strange feeling to me as well as for her. I moved my hand and touched her hip she slightly moaned. I know that moaning is the conformation for proceeding to next level. Her scent was fantastic which made me to kiss her on the cheeks.

She then grabbed my hand tightly and said my name. I was dazzled by hearing that. I wasn’t that kind of famous in my school for someone to remember my name. But, she did remember my name and said it loud. When I was to make my next move suddenly a lights lit up and its interval. When I saw the other couple they were like nothing ever happened. The girl beside me is also behaving in the same manner.

I went out and brought something to for both of us. She took them without refusing. When the movie stared she stared grabbing my hand this time it’s me who isn’t refusing. I was hoping that something more should happen. We stared kissing and it ended in 20 min. Then I touched her boobs. They are in perfect shape but the dress she wore made me uncomfortable and took my hands off her. She took my hand and placed it on her boobs and said “press them.”

Then I said “The dress is making it impossible.” She immediately unzipped her dress and the made the dress to loosen. She took my hand and place it inside her dress so that I can feel her boobs they are crazy but still there is this bra which is avoid me the full pleasure. I complained her about it the she laughed and unhooked the bra which wasted like a min of my prestigious time. Now I can feel her spongey boobs and her hard nipple. She asked to suck it. It is kind of difficult due to the seats we are in but nothing can stop things like that from happening. I sucked her boobs for a long time and I lost in them.

In intervals I pinched her naval which made her say ouch! I made a final move and touched her pussy with her dress still on. I felt the crease on her pussy. I stated to rub it and she started to moan loud with which I stopped if not everyone will watch the movie that is going behind them. She said, “Do it and I won’t shout.” I did as she said and she did as she said. When I tried to move my hand into her dress below the lights lit up again and I felt like failing all the subjects in my b.tech. Actually more than that. She cover her dress and started walking away like nothing happened. I just followed her.

After clearing the crowed. She asked if I was free for which I said “Absolutely.” She asked if I have a bike. I said, “Yes.” She gave her number and asked me to meet outside the theatre. I took my bike and went out the theatre and called her. She hasn’t picked up my call I felt very disappointed. Suddenly someone sat on my bike and it is her. She said, “I have to go to the hostel.”

When I went there she said me to wait for five min. within ½ hour she came with black t-shirt and skin tight jeans. I was surprised to see the change. Her body shape was perfect. She got on my bike and said, “I asked permission out for the night.” She asked me about my place. I said, “ I live in single room which is owned by orthodox owners.” That’s what I said to her and she is kind of disappointed. I asked “why are you asking all these questions?”

She then said that she want to finish what we started in the theatre and was shocked as usual and I was very eager to complete her wish. I took her to the house where I have a room. I made a little peek through the door and found that the owners are awake. I have to climb two floor to reach my room. If I got caught with the girl then I will be seen on the television saying that xx company employee brought a girl to their house.

So I have to take a great care to get her to my room. I open the gate which made some sound, which in turn alerted the owner, she peeked through the door and I immediately said hello. She ignored me and turned towards the t.v. I called my girl in and then I closed the gate.

After that we ran to my room. On the first floor there is a dog. It’s sleeping and it wouldn’t wake up even if there is atom bomb. She came to my room and she surprised and said that my room is better kept than hers’. The first question I asked her was her name she laughed and said it. Its anupama. She immediately stared to remove her dress. I stopped her and said that I don’t want to start it with ending. She then stopped and asked “what you want?” I went near her and kissed on her lips and then involved my tongue.

While doing all this I pressed her boobs, ass, naval and it really pleased her and said that I am a good multitasker. Later I slowly removed her t-shirt. She is in black bra. I said her that I am a virgin and don’t have any practical experience with this. To my surprise she said the same which I thought can be know at the ending. While kissing I touched all her body kissed all over her. She took her turn and removed my shirt and kissed me all over.

Then I placed my hand into her pant and into her panties and her pussy is completely wet. She did the same with me and got hold my pennies and said that it is rock hard. Then I slowly removed her pants and found a pink panty. Many of my friends said that women are very serious about matching even their inner will be a matching one. I thought they were wrong and asked her about it and she said that she forgot to match it with rest in a hurry to get fucked by me. She removed my pants and I am in my boxers. I took her from my sofa to a single bed, kissed there for some time and she became crazy and tore her bra off and threw away. I did the same to her panties. She took my boxer off and grabbed my pennies. I asked her to give me a blow job for which she said, “yack.”

I made a deal by saying that I would lick her pussy if she gave me blowjob. She said, “You do first.” I never had any experience and I am like john snow in GOT. I saw her pussy it was like perfect I touched it and it is so creamy I stared with kissing and then liking and then sucking and then I place a finger into her pussy and did fingering. She actually guided me in doing all that. I did my part and asked her to do hers’ she initially refused but deal has to be deal. She grabbed my dick and placed it in her mouth. I said her to suck and stroke it simultaneously. She did as I said and it gave me lots of pleasure.

Later I spread her legs and tried to push my dick into as shown in the porn movies. It isn’t going inside. I sucked her pussy one more time and made it lubricate.

Then I pushed my dick into her it went to some extent and when I was trying to push it she is crying loud. I said that we can stop it if it is paining but, she said “I want it to happen.” I heard that women have more sex drive than men. But now I know. I said that it might be painful. She said, “Go ahead and make me feel it.” I counted 1 2 3 and the pushed the dick inside she cried loud for which I thought that I would get caught. But no one ever came to catch me. She shouted to remove my dick and I did as she said. When I saw my dick it is full with blood and her pussy is also bleeding.

Now I came to know that she is virgin and I am lucky to fuck a virgin. After cleaning the mess she asked to give another try. I pushed my dick in, she said to take it off. But, this time I haven’t. I started to bang her slowly and she started crying.

We are in machinery position. I reached her and kissed her on the lips while banging her under. After few strokes she started to enjoy. I felt my some warmth liquid inside her pussy within seconds I ejaculated in her pussy and the kissed her passionately.

After a little break a banged her again and again till 4:30 am. I said that she should leave. She kissed me few more times and gave me a final blowjob. And it is perfect. She dressed up and took her torn bra and underwear and place it in her bag. She laughed and said that we should go to the same movie next day for which I undoubtedly said yes.

This is the story I made up hope you like it.

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