Seduced By Teacher When I Was Doing Engineering

Well, this is my first sex story on this site.So please any feedback is appreciated

I was a virgin when this story took place, bit that I had never seen any naked ladies on porn channels.This experience opened my eyes and taught me a lot which I’m sure will come in use in my future.Truly speaking this was really a night of firsts.Contact me on [email protected] for safe and discreet sex for ladies of any age located in Bangalore.

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I am located in Bangalore and study in a reputed college in the city.This is the story of how a teacher seduced and fucked me.I am studying second year engineering when this situation took place(26-03-2017).I was in a class half full of girls.I look average, about 6 feet in height and fairly muscular.The lady in question was fairly busty and rounded in all the right places.She knew she was being ogled by all the guys.Her room was right outside college and she encouraged us to go and ask her if we had any doubts.One night right before the exam as was my usual I visited her.

I knocked on her door and heard a faint voice saying come inI could hear her in the bathroom and waited outside.She came outside in a transparent night and needless​ to say, my six and a half inch cock immediately sprang to attention.She started saying I know you look at me in class.I’ve been without sex for too long.Come on and satisfy me.

I was a virgin and had no idea what to do. Sensing this she says next to me and guided my mouth down to her hairy pussy.After getting one whiff of that heavenly scent I was hooked.I started licking it like a dog.She started moaning and guided me throughout the whole process.Soon she was in the process of orgasming and imagine my surprise when she started squirting as well.It was like I was in heaven.All thoughts ​of the upcoming exam flew out of my head.She told me to lie down and said that she would repay the favour.She removed my shorts and my cock immediately sprang out.Her mouth slowly sheathed my cock and she started giving me the most amazing blowjob ever.

After about two minutes of this, I couldn’t hold in my orgasm and started cumming in her mouth.She expertly swallowed every drop and was soon in front of my face.

We suddenly heard knocking on the door and a voice saying open up.She said please relax its only one of my friends.Imagine my surprise when the person who walked in was none other than the HOD(Miss Reanna) of our department.She was regarded as the biggest milf in college but no one had any chance to view her as promiscuous.She immediately ​took charge and made me go down on her.She had a slightly sweeter pussy scent.I put all my new tricks to use and started licking her pussy.Miss Jacobs who was the other teacher mean while started licking my dick which in all the excitement had become rock hard by then.

Within no time I had Reanna orgasming over and over.She was a real screamer.I put my already lubricated dick into her sopping wet pussy and started shoving it in and out.Jacobs started feeling left out and vocalized her feelings.They made me lie down on the bed and while Reanna straddled my cock, Jacobs lowered her lovely pussy over my face.With such an onslaught on my senses, I could only last 10 min before I violently cummed in Reannas pussy.

As I was in such got company my dick was hard relatively quickly and it was Jacobs time to get fucked.She said please fuck me in doggy style as that is my favourite.I quickly started fucking her and Reanna were pleasuring herself.Jacons started orgasming pretty quickly and her pussy contractions made it impossible for me to last any longer.

Completely satisfied we collapsed on her bed with the musty odor of sex still permeating the room.

Meanwhile, Reanna who was satisfied woke me up and ordered me to satisfy her.This was when I realized she was a bit of a dominatrix.She told me to start licking her feet and gradually move upwards.I started by slowly circling her toes and then licking her magnificent calves, slowly reaching her thighs in the process.I was about to reach her pussy when she stopped me and said that her boobs were feeling neglected.I directed my attention upwards and started worshipping those beautiful breasts.

My dick started gradually pushing at the entrance to her pussy.She told me to stop and asked me if I had ever anally fucked a woman before.I replied that this was the first time I have seen a woman naked other than porn movies.

Well, this is a night of firsts was her reply.Her ass was already sufficiently lubricated thanks to the liberal amounts of pussy juices flowing down there.

Her hole took my dick rather easily which indicated that she must have been a veteran in anal sex.

Loud sopping sounds came as I slid in and out of her shit hole.She stated screaming like a banshee which was when I became thankful to the rather deserted location.Her body started shaking as she was racked by her first anal orgasm of the night.I kept fucking her through this and she experienced about 5 more by the time my already tired dick shot its last load of the night.She lay down contently in my arms as we drifted off to a magical sleep.

As this is my first story there will be certain mistakes.Please excuse me for them.All characters last names only are mentioned in order for privacy.

Measurements of all charactersMiss Jacobs:36-29-35Miss Reanna:38-26-36Belli-Height:5\’11\”Weight:69 kgDick length:6.3\”

Women of any age in Bangalore who want discreet sex please contact me at [email protected].

I have my own place where I stay alone or I can come to a location of your choosing.

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