Seduced Office Employee Part – 2

Please read my earlier post” seduction of office employee. This is a continuation of the first part.

As I positioned my cock over her asshole, I could see that her asshole was quivering in and out. I gently inserted the tip of my cock in her asshole, it was very tight, it went in a inch and she started screaming”Raj, birat beekhaise, pokorot nusudibo please, moi mori jaam.(its paining a lot, please dont fuck my ass, I will die). Unmindful of her screaming , I pushed in a lil more,my cock went in another inch. Her asshole was clamping down hard on my cock, it was so tight that my cock was straining hard.I waited for a while so that she could adjust , she was wriggling her ass hard ,trying to push my cock out but I held on to her waist and kept my cock inside. She was crying and begging me to stop.

I thought about using some lubricant but I didnt have any except a tube of vaseline in my bag but I thought if I take out my cock from her asshole she wouldnt let me get insidede again, so I decided to keep on . I pushed a lil more harder and my cock slipped in a lil more . I could see that her hole was stretched quite far and putting a lot of pressure on my cock.By now about 4 inch of my cock was inside her ass.I again waited a lil and now I started to spank her ass cheeks lightly. She turned her face around and looked at me . I could see that she was in pain but not like earlier.I asked her” kenekua lagise?” (how does it feel?),she replied” beekhaise”(its paining) kintu alop kom( but a little less). I said ” forget the pain, try to enjoy “. I started to spank both her ass cheeks a little harder.Her cheeks were starting to get redder.She had stopped wriggling her ass by now and was still.I pushed harder this time and my 7 inch cock slid right inside her hole all the way in . She screamed like hell.”Ahhhhhhhhh mori goloon”( I am dead). I again waited for a while.

After about a few minutes, I withdrew my cock a lil and again pushed it inside slowly, this time it went in smoothly. And she had also stopped screaming. I guess her asshole had adjusted to my cock by now. I pulled out my cock about 5 inches and again rammed it in. No screaming from her this time, so I slowly started to fuck her asshole and leaned on her and cupped her boobs and started to press them hard. Her nipples were hard and erect , I took each between my fingers and pressed them hard. She started to moan,mmmmmmmmm etiya bhaal lagise raj( now it feels good). Raj suda jure, moor pokor phali diya aji,moi tumar randi ajir pora,mmmmm aru jure suda”( fuck me raj,tear my ass,I am your slut from today, fuck me harder).

I kept on fucking her ass and kneading her boobs. Her boobs felt great. Soft and round. I kept on fucking her ass for around 15 mins and was about to cum. “Moor ulabo hoise.Khaba niki?( I am about to cum, will you drink it?). She said yes. So I pulled out my cock from her ass and she got on her knees and took my cock in her mouth and started to suck. Within seconds I exploded in her mouth,I cummed in waves. It was the best I had cummed in my life. She drank all of it ,not letting a single drop spill.Even after I had finished, she kept on sucking me off. I caught hold of her hairs and lifted her face up, she was looking at me as if she was in a daze.I took my cock out of her mouth and carried her top the bed and laid her there.She said” raj mur bur tu sudiba ne?( raj will you fuck my pussy?). I said yes I will fuck your pussy. But first lets have a drink. So I got a drink for both of us and laid on the bed. Dhe snuggled close to me and said”Mur pokor tu etiyao alop alop beekhai asse kintu birat bhaal lagil.Mur sake pokor phuta tu etiya sake alop dangor hoi goise na?) my asshole is still paining a little but I enjoyed it, I guess my asshole has become bigger now?). I said yes it has.

We finished our drinks and she started to get a lil high.I made lie on her back on the bed and started to suck her left nipple and my hand was on her right boob. I was sucking on it like a baby suckling milk and kneading her right boobs very hard. Mmmmmmm kha mur gakhir kha,aru jure doba, nopple tu jure kamur saala.(eat my boobs,press them harder saala). I knew hearing those swear words that she was very horny and getting wild. I moved my face down and came over her cunt. Its smell was awesome and it was totally wet.I spread her legs apart and licked the lips of her pussy. It tasted salty and was very wet.Her hands were on my head and pressing my face down on her pussy. I parted her pussy lips and pushed my tongue in.Her hips bucked as soon as she felt my tongue inside her. I slow started to tongue her pussy . I was tongue fucking her pussy and she was going wild. Her pussy was very tight but was awesome. I pushed my tongue deeper and flicked her clit. She jumped as soon as I did that and she was moaning and pressing my face deeper ito her pussy. My nose was right on her pussy now and I was deep tonguing her pussy.She started to have an orgasm.Her juices were flowing a running like a river in spate. I lapped them all up and she was bucking her ass as if she was fucking my tongue.I kept on tongue fucking her pussy.It felt and tasted great.She was moaning and thrashing her hips wildly against my face.Kha saal kha, khai lo mur pani maderchod,saala toi bahut bhaalke sudibo jaano.Aru sud muk. Muk randi banai dili toi.Ahhhh aru sud….Baari daal humai de mur bush’t.Saala kukur, bari daal di nusudo kiyo?( drink sala drink,drink my juices you motherfucker,you know how to fuck nicely,make me your slut,fuck me pussy with your cock you dog, why dont you fuck me with your cock?)

I brought out my tongue out of her pussy . My whole face was drenched with her juices. I went up to her and started to kiss her.She could taste her own juices, we started to french kiss and I lay on op of her. My cock was grinding against her pussy.Her boobs were pressed against my chest. We kissed for about 5 mins.

I will describe how I fucked her pussy in my next post. Feel free to give me feed back on my email id [email protected]

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