Seducing Friend’s Mother And Made Her My Wife Part – 2

Hello friends, First of all, Thanks for reading my previous story “Seducing Friend’s Mother And Made Her My Wife Part – 1” and this story is the continuation of it. Thanks to all readers for appreciating my story and on their demand I’m writing this part. For the new readers, I suggest you read the first part.


So after coming back our relation was now at a different level. She was now very free with me when we were alone. On seeing her happy with me, my mom suggested me to spend more time with her so that her mental stress


will be less. On hearing this I was in extreme happiness, but I controlled my feelings and said: “If I give time to her, then I will get less time to stay at home?” To which she said if you stay at her place also I can understand bcoz she needs


support now and she is very well mixed up with you. Now, this was the time I was in seventh heaven and before my mom changed her words I said: ” Ok if your insisting I will stay at her place if time is not managing?” Mom said that she will also talk with her and will tell her about this. I said ok and left for college


In college, I was not able to concentrate on lectures, because my mind was thinking what would she tell to mom? Will she give me permission to stay at her place? Will I able to enjoy every moment with her? So I bunked the college and reached home as fast as I can. On reaching home I came to know that she was not at home, I called her she said she is at aunt’s place? I said mom to come quickly and kept the phone, my heart was beating faster because I wanted a Yes from her side. I was drinking water and door bell rang it was Mom. And behind her came my aunt. Mom said now get ready son, your shifting to the new home of your aunt. Hearing this I was happy as hell. But controlled my feelings and at that moment Sangeeta came near me and said ‘Thanks for taking a decision to stay at my place’, I hugged her and said “I told you na that I will be there for you always Sangeeta( whisper in her ear). She blushed and pinched me.


I didn’t wait for the next day, and moved to her place at night only. Her husband was not at home, so we 4 were only there. At their place they use to lay their bed on ground in the hall, so her son slept early at one corner of the bed. And we three Aunt, her daughter and me started talking, at around her 11 her daughter started feeling sleepy, so she slept next to her brother, aunt slept next to her and at her right side I laid. Now the lights were off and I wanted to still

talk to her, at that moment she asked me ” R you asleep?”


Me: – Nope Sangeeta, I have habit of sleeping late( we were whispering)


She: – Ohh that’s great even I sleep late, so we can talk now.

( She came closer, Now we were facing each other, and were so close that a little movement will crush her juicy boobs on my chest)

Me: – Sangeeta you look beautiful? (trying to make her comfortable)

She:- (she pinched me on stomach) Thank you

Me: – So Sangeeta if I stay here, won’t your husband will have a problem?


She: – No he will not argue as I’m going to tell him that he is taking free tuition of our kids, and for giving proper attention staying with us.

Me: – Ok, in that case, its good. But now I can take only your daughter tuition. As your son is joining college.


She: – No problem you stay here, I will look after what he say.

Me: – Ok let’s sleep now.


After that she went to sleep, I was still awake. I wanted to grope her ass again but was feeling nervous. So I whisper her name 2-3 times, she didn’t respond. So I moved my right hand over her head. She did not move. Now my courage increased. I slowly placed my right hand on her waist and steadily moved towards her ass. In between, I felt the lining of her panty over the nighty. In some moment my right hand was over her left side ass and I started groping it slowly enjoying every moment of it. Then after groping her ass for 10-15 mins, I moved my middle finger near her ass crack, due to her panty I was not getting proper space but still rubbed my finger for some 5 mins and again groped her ass for another 5 mins. Due to this session, my rod was in standing position. So I went to washroom and relieved it by masturbating.


I daily morning at 5 go for walk, so I woke up as my alarm rang at 4:30 a.m. and went for getting fresh up, as I return from washroom aunt was also awaken was doing some work in the bedroom. I peeked in Hall both were sleeping, so i went inside and said, “Good morning Sangeeta, what r doing?”


S: – Good morning, just doing daily chores.

Myself: – I’m going for a walk, do you like to join me?

S: – Really I also wanted to do, but not today as I have some work. From tomorrow onward I will join you.


M: – Ok for sure, just don’t ignore tomorrow.

S: – Tu jabardasti lekar jaana fir bas.( you take me forcefully then)

M: – Ok Sangeeta and I give her a flying kiss.


S:- (she also replies with flying kiss)


When I returned both were still sleeping and aunt opened the door and by looking at her I understand that she has just taken bath now. So I intentionally went to hug her, she stopped me and said go take bath first and then hug me as much as you want. I took bath quickly and went to a bedroom, I was just in my lowers and she entered the bedroom. I acted as I was feeling ashamed and was not looking at her, to which she laugh and replied ” someone wants me to be his GF and now he is feeling shy in front of me” and started to go out of the bedroom. Hearing that sentence I took advantage and by holding her hand pulled her towards me and hugged her tightly. She was astonished by this action to which I replied, I wanted to hug my GF like this so I’m doing. She laughed and said ok so when you will leave your GF.


M: – Till no one else does not wake up to disturb us

S: – Really that’s interesting and now she also holds me tightly.

M: – Sangeeta your body fragrance is making me crazy and started touching her neck by lips and my hands were moving on her back

S: – Praful your naughty, now stop ( and she was making low moans) mmm, ahh….


M:- ( I raise my head and moved towards her face, a very little distance between our lips) Sangeeta I will stop but on one condition, today afternoon when no one will be home we will play truth and dare.

S: – oh you want to play truth and dare (she winked), what if I say that I will not play?


M: – Would you like to make your boyfriend angry?

S: – Ok I will play, don’t get angry, now leave me and get ready for college.


M: – Sangeeta one selfie in this pose plz…

S: – No nothing now, we will enjoy in afternoon, now go


I left her and get ready and went to college at 9 a.m. To my luck, the first week was half day so I returned to her place around 1 p.m. She opened the door and by looking at her I was lost in thoughts. She was wearing Orange Anarkali which I had to choose for her while going to trip. It had a deep cut in front due to which her cleavage was visible. She said, “Have your lunch quickly and come to the bedroom to play, I will be waiting there” by breaking my thoughts. I hurriedly had my lunch and went to the bedroom. As I entered the room I saw that she had closed the windows and pulled the curtains, She was sitting in one corner of the bed. She had put on lipstick, tied up her hair in bun type, her melons were trying to get free from the dress. I sat opposite to her and said, Sangeeta your looking incredibly HOT…. She replied, Thank you for giving a flying kiss… and said let’s start the game.


I told her the rules and said that once we start there is no going back. She said, “ok I’m ready to play but I have two conditions, First is that this should be a secret between both of us and no third person should know about this.


And second no sex. I said ok and started the game by asking her truth or dare.


S: – Truth

M: – Did you had any bf in school/college days?

S: – No I didn’t have any, I was not lucky…

M: – Ohh really… I thought you might have at least one bf.

S: – Nope. now my turn truth or dare?

M: – Truth


S: – I know you have GF. Tell me about your relationship

M: – Yes, I had a GF. We were very much involved in each other and had a good physical relationship also but due to her parents she had to left me.

S: – Ok sad, I’m sorry.

M: – Don’t be its ok now. what do you take?

S: – Truth


M: – How is your sexual life going on?

she felt little shy after hearing this, but lower her eyes and said

S: – It is not good for starting, he will just make me nude, then enter his limb dick about 5 inches give me some 10-20 shots and his cum will be released. After that, he will go to his side and fall asleep. and nowadays he is not even doing that. From last 4 months, we didn’t have anything.


(As I was listening to her statement my excitement war rising as she must have a strong urge to get fucked up, but being calm I replied in a low tone)


M: – Sangeeta sorry to hear that, but how can he treat such a loving and beautiful wife like this, if I was in his place I would have always fulfilled your wishes… whatever you needed let it be

physical or any other thing.


( This dialogue made her blush and she winked at me and said then I should have waited for you… and laughed… I also joined in her laugh)

S: – So now tell what you want truth or dare?

M: – Dare (in a confident voice)


S: – Oh so your taking dare… I thought you will not try dare…

M: – It’s the game we have to.


S: – ok so here is your first dare… bring fruit jam from kitchen apply it to my foot and then lick it.


( I understand that she had made research of game… and went to kitchen, fetch the jam bottle and applied to her foot, now I started lick very slowly enjoying every part of her)

S: – You are doing it as you love it(mmm mmmm)… ok now stop jam is over. Now I take the dare.

M: – Ok then r you ready for it?


S: – Yes tell I will do it…

M: – Give me a back massage with your boobs for 5 mins over your dress but I will remove my shirt.


S: – Ohh smart boy, just don’t get aroused by this act cause I’m not going to let you fuck me.( and winked at me with a cruel smile)

M: – I pulled her and said I can control my feelings don’t worry and kiss her on the forehead.


S: – ok get in your position over the bed.

I slept in the bed half nude and she came over me and pressed her 2 milky boobs over my back, a current flow through my entire body. She slowly moved over entire back providing me pleasure. She was also asking r you enjoying, I said don’t talk let me feel the pleasure. After 5 mins she stopped and turned down and slept by my side lying her back on the bed, I immediately got up and got over her and kissed her again over her forehead this time a little longer…. her boobs were being crushed under my chest. First, she tried to push me but my forehead kiss stopped her and she grabbed my body by enclosing her hands around my back.


M: – Thank you Sangeeta for this….ur just awesome

S: – Don’t say thank you… and I command you that your next dare is to Smooch me till I don’t tell to stop you.


Hearing this I was in seventh heaven and without wasting a moment my lips stopped her next words and my tongue entered her mouth and then touch her tongue…. She also started to respond. my dick was over her crotch I started to give little strokes. This feeling made her wild and she scratched her nails over my back, and I also grabbed her tighter her boobs were deeply crushed and my dick was throbbing her pussy over the clothes only. Suddenly she pushed me away, but due to my grip she failed, but then she grabs my head and broke the kiss and said just stop and pushed me again. We both just slept over the bed in silent mode, I looked at her, her eyes were closed and her heart was beating faster. I understand that her juices were released. After 1-2 mins she got up and said


S: – Thanks for giving me such pleasure but please keep this a secret…

M:- (I hold her hand ) Promise Sangeeta whatever happens between us will be a secret.


S: – Ok so your turn I again take dare( she winked and smiled at me)

I wanted her to take dare, so I played my 1 trump card

M: – Ok as you have taken dare, I dare you that whenever just both of us are at home you will not wear any undergarments.

S: – She looked at me in shock and said why?


M: – Just do it no question.

S: – Ok my boyfriend as your command.

M: – That’s good. I also take dare then

S: – You say that I’m your GF so from now onwards you should treat me like your GF, should take me out for dates, dinner, movies, etc.

M: – Ohh damn sure, you will enjoy every second with me when we r on a date.


S: – Let’s see to it. Now we should end our game as my children would be coming home.


M: – Ok let’s stop this. I really enjoyed today. What about you?

S: – Yess me too, thanks for such a plan.


After she got up and started to move out of the bedroom, I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her over the bed and got over her, and started licking her ear lobes. She said Praful stop now we have enough time ahead, I whispered in her ear…. Enough time? …So you are telling that I can do this with you whenever I want. She said not every time, just when both of us are at home. Now just leave me Plzz… I left her and she went out of the room and I was looking at her shaking asset….


For this part I stop here, the real adventure with her started from the next day which I will continue to my next part of the story. If you liked my story please give me feedback on [email protected]. And please ignore my grammatical mistakes if any.

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