Seven Nights With My Ragini Aunty

This happened a few months back which is real.As I’m getting up early morning, I heard my phone ringing.


Hello…..I said


Hey, Mohan ragini here.

Ohhhh…Yes aunty, good morning…

Ha, mohan..U know your uncle has left for Pune this morning. I need you here be 7, 7.30pm in my home


Hey, Aunty..I’m totally busy these days..U know, I won’t be able to be there with you.


Mohan..I can’t call anyone else, as I’m concerned abt my security. Only you are reliable.Anyway, I need you here…

She cut the phone.


I was really annoyed with her character. But she is 7 yrs older than me, and little fat, and sexy too. I remember her big boobs projecting out in her silk blouse.


Really admirable and lovely too.


I got up, had tea and after getting ready, started my car, and drove to my office.


Evening by 5.00pm, I was back at home, and suddenly saw aunt ragini in her pink silk saree, looking soo sexy, talking to my mom.

I suddenly remembered her call in the morning. I was abt to step on the staircase leading to my room upstairs, and my mom called.

Mohan…You know, your uncle has left for a week to Pune, and you are supposed to take care of ragini, and her small kid at nights, till he returns.


Mom…What you are saying…(I asked.) 1 week? Don’t you know tat I’m busy, in business since last month? Tax problem, labour problem, new contracts…Etc..?


I don’t want to hear any excuses. You do your work daytime, and be with her after 8.00 night. It’s your uncle and aunt.


Without saying anything I stepped up and reached my room and unlocked it.


Got inside n, I was changing my dress to refresh.


Suddenly, I turned back, hearing the door open, and saw my aunt ragini staring at me, from head to foot. I was shy, tat I’m standing just in a 3/4 th Bermuda, and nothing on top. Her eyes were shining I noticed, and felt no sadness missing her husband. She came near, and I felt her sweet fragrance raising from her body, and said…Mohan..Don’t get upset with me dear, it’s because I can’t ask anyone other for staying with me at my home with me.


Please it’s because, I’m very much scared at night..


Ok..Ok..Let me see, you may go now..I will try to be there..Ok?

Thanks mohan, I know you will accept my request. Thank you dear once again.


She left closing the door behind.


I opened my washroom door and stood under the shower for more than 20 minutes, and felt completely refreshed.


I stepped out and changed my dress, and went downstairs, where I met my mom.


She said…Aaah, you ready? Now it’s going to be 7.00. Have dinner soon and go to ragini, as..She may be scared by now.

Ohhhh…I said,.Let her get scared.She is not a small kid, to get scared by 7.00 evening.


Youuuu….Mom said rudely raising her hand as if she is going to beat me..N I slipped away from her.


By 7.45 pm, I reached my uncle’s house, and rang the bell.

I heard slow footsteps on the staircase coming towards the door…….!!!The door opens, in front of me.


My aunt ragini standing in front of me, on a silky transparent night gown.


I was really astonished, this much beautiful she is?

Hai Mohan…Come…Y-you are late? I was expecting you and waiting.Let’s ‘ve dinner.

No aunty…I had it already…


No no..I was waiting for you to come, and you give company..N, nandu slept early. (Nandini her 2 yr old daughter).

Ok, ragini, I will  have a little.If you insist.


And she spread the dishes on the table. I was really surprised to see a variety of dishes displayed on the dining table. I know, she made it for me specially, and if I don’t touch it, it will hurt her. So, we had dinner together, sitting close.


She took the empty plates, and started to the kitchen. I say on the sofa, waiting for her to finish.


Haa Mohan…Say, how’s your business going on.?

We talked about 1 hour sitting there, and she said.


Ok, Mohan…Let’s go upstairs.Nandu is sleeping there, and I arrange your bed upstairs next to my room.


I followed her, upstairs and I watched each step make her buttocks tilt.

She opened the room for me, which was fully furnished, including a family cot. She switched on the air conditioner, and slowly the room was getting cool. She passed a blanket to me, and asked…

Dear, are you feeling comfortable Mohan?

Of course…Yes, I said.


Ok..If you wish for anything at night just knock my door. Ok?

She said, and turned back.


I lay on the bed, and little later heard a knock on the door…Suddenly I got up and switched on the light, and opened the door. Ragini was standing there shivering. I asked…


Hey..Ragiii..What happened?


Mohan…I’m scared dear..I heard someone calling my name.

Ohhh…No, ragini..You might ‘ve dreamt.

Noo, mohan..I didn’t sleep..Please


Mohan, come in my room. You please sleep next to me. I’m totally confused.


Please, you close your room and come.


I stood thinking what to do but knew that she was really scared…I looked at my watch. It showed 9.30 pm. I closed the door and followed her, and entered inside her room. The room was filled with a sweet loving fragrance of jasmine flowers. I enjoyed that intoxicating fragrance and sat on the bed.


She sat beside me. Her face was scary looking. Nandu sleeping on another end.


I admired the pink bedsheets neatly spread.

Suddenly she kept her hand on my thigh.


Mohan…Please be with me for 7 days till he returns, I’m very frightened you know? Don’t leave me, dear, please……


Her eyes suddenly became wet, and she leaned on my shoulders. Her big boobs resting on my arm. I felt something raising through my veins.


She was holding me tight……..As this is making you get exited and want you to know whats next I would like to make it more romantic with next part of the story if you give a positive response for this.


Your response make me write more realistic and make you help yourself at free time.I promise you that you all will fall in love with part 2 story. If you like and need a help aunties please mail me at [email protected].

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