Sex After Work With Anamika

Dear all ISS readers, kk again, here is another sex episode with anamika, a real time experience. After my first story, “Training session with the staff”, “Sanjana in pune”, “First experience with girlfriend”, and the “Hot ass licked by kk” this is another episode with anamika, my angel in the third world country. Please send your feedback as usual to [email protected]. But please do send…All feedback are more than welcome.

As you all knew about my angel, who is damn sexy, hot and petit ass girl, with great suckable breast. This experience was after our work, after the training is done everyone where on the job, and we as usual, found some time for ourself and one of those experiences was the “Ass licked by kk”, now this is all about a day which happened after our work.

Lets go to the scene

On daily basis, after her work, she changes and comes back and stands just outside my accommodation for her husband to pick up, such like that one day, everyone left, and I too told bye and went to the accom.

Within 5 mnts, I heard a knock on my door, I want and opened, it was anamika who was standing and she quickly came inside my accom and closed the door. I asked “What’s wrong jaanu, sharma did not come yet”…At that time only she pounced on me and kissed my lips, she was too hot and I can feel that…

I too grabbed her and kissed her lips, and we were in a deep smooch .. And she was not in a mood to leave my lips, neither me, her smell was so toxicating…And then after 5mnts, came to her senses and asked her, “Kya hua sweety”… She replied, ” I have told him to come after two hours as I have to work late”….I again grabbed her in my arms, her breast squeezing on my chest and again a strong smooch ….

I made her stand and again hugged her tight….My hands were on her ass cheeks and was kissing and licking her neck…..And she was moaning hhhha aaaas hshshhs ….. Ohhh hhhh…. Kkkk … Love you….

Sorry did not tell what she was wearing…Whatever she wears she always looks hot….But today she was steaming…My angel was wearing a single length frock till knee length and it was easy for me to hold her ass cheeks, so soft like butter or a dough..I was kneading and continued my smooch now on her lips, she was holding my head and her tongue was inside my mouth and my tongue was insider her mouth and was wrestling, she was tasting so sweet as usual. Her entire lips were in my mouth …. She was just moaning mmm …… And my hands were still on her ass….

After another 5 minutes I released her and both were breathing heavily…I lifted her and took to my bed room, and she told me, she wants to use restroom, I told ok but with two condition, first, she should not close the door, and the second should not wash after peeing…She told “Chee”…No I will not, then I told “Phir nahin jayaege” and hold her hand and pulled towards myself and hugged her, she turned herself and now her back was pressing and my hard on was rubing he ass…She struggled to go from my ars, but I did not release her…She struggled “Chodo muje, urgent,” I told her in ears, “Phir wo dho condition”….Again she told, “Chee, thum pagal hain”, I told then ” I will not leave you and started to squeeze her both breast with my both hands and kissing her neck.

Then finally she told “Ok baba, chodo mujhe” janedho….Then I left her, she went inside and I too went inside the washroom, then she screamed, “Bahar jao”, but I did not, then finally she sat on the commode lifting her frock, I was mesmerized, “Tum kuch nahin paheni”, she told

“Nikaldhiya” , and I was just watching her pee, but she covered herself with the frock and I can only hear the sound,

“Tum pagal ho gaya” she uttered when peeing, what a sexy situation was it, and I was standing with my hard on, poking my uniform pant …..

She took water, I pushed it down, told her “Second condition”, she replied, “Unhygienic”, I replied, “Pyar me sab kuch hygienic” and pulled her from the commode, and again hugged her inside the bathroom. Smooched her and now my hands went to her ass, lifted her frock and held her tight ass, and one finger went down her ass and touched her pussy…Wow it was wet, she started moaning…. Ooohhh hhhh gghhgh ghaaa aaaa ….. Mmm ,,,then I kissed her lips tight and my fingers were in her pussy slowly touching and caressing her wet pee filled pussy..

Bought that to my mouth and licked my fingers, and she again told holding my fingers “Kya kar raha ho”…I replied, “Taste kar raha hoon”…She again kissed..The pee in my fingers was divine….

We both came out from the restroom, and outside…And immediately pinned her to the wall just outside the bathroom and started to raise her frock from behind and was rubbing her ass crack with my right hand and my left hand was holding her left breast and squeezing it, and my mouth was on her neck, licking and back of the ears…Wow what a taste and I can feel the sweat taste, behind her ears … And was munching her ears … Mmmm mmmhh ahahah hhhhh aaaas sshshs hhsh was her moan … And my fingers slowly touched her ass hole and was rubbing it, and one finger went down to her wet pussy…

The entire bed room was with our moaning and shh shh shhh sounds … And kissing sound and her moaning and simultaneously rubbing her side thighs with my 7” cock, and slowly her hand came down side ways and caught hold of my dick on top of my pants and was stocking, but she was not able to stroke fully as it was inside my pants ….

I lowly pulled her zip on her back and slowly started kissing her back, licking it like a dog, and went down as her zip travels down opening her frock and disclosing her flesh and my tongue was following and lips kissing and she was just moaning lifting her face upwards…Hahha hah aaah hhhh sssss hshm mmm mmmm oooo ooooo oddss ssshhh ….

Went down till her ass crack and removed her frock from her shoulders and now kissing her shoulder and completely the frock has fallen down on her legs, and she was stark naked, I hugged again, and now she is completely naked and I am hugging with just pants, and my hands on her breast squeezing, and my tongue licking her side of the neck on her shoulders, and hugging tight and she slowly put her arms around my head and turned and smooched me on my lips…. And one hand went down to my pant and pulled the zip and entered the pant…

I just turned her around and pushed her to bed and she fell on her stomach and my angel was nacked with her petit ass and full naked on my bed. I removed my pant, threw it and my brief and became naked and just fell on her flat on top of her body and both our body was one now, my dick pressing her ass and my hands went down and pressed her breast…

I slowly kissed her neck, she was sweating and came at the side, as her arms were straight on top of her head, I went to the side and sniffed her arm pit and started licking the right one first, she got tickled and got it down moaning ohhh aaaaa, nnnnooo and then again I kissed her back again and went to the left hand and started sniffing, it was intoxicating..And so sweet and again liked it and my hands still on her breast…Again she got that down….

I went still down licking and reached her ass crack, wow what a smell….Now slowly started to split her ass crack and found her as hole and slowly sniffed and still down and licked her clit…Haaaa she moaned, and told nain….Pls nahin…But her salt taste as she has just peed was so nice and started to lick from below, by letting my tongue inside and she was just holding her hands clutching the bed sheets and moaning….Ohhh hhhg ghggg hhhh aaaaaa mmm mmm plllsss nooo …. But I did not leave her over hole, with one hand she tried pushing me….But was not able to…I removed her hand and licked continuously, my nose in her ass hole and my tongue on her pussy, she squirted so much of love juice because of orgasm and was overflowing and was continuous and I can feel through her moans haaa aaaaah hhhah ahhhh hhhh aaaan nnnooo

This made me mad and crazy and was still going deep …. Finally she finished her orgasm and as soon she relaxed I made her lie on her back, and now started licking her pussy flat with my tongue and she was just closing her eyes and moaning …… Complete me kkkk plsss …. And I was lying parallel to her and licking her pussy…She was searching my dick in air closing her eyes and finally caught hold of my dick and started stroking up and down …. And moaning …. Hhahah ahahah ahahahh ahhahaa mmm mmm mmm

Slowly she pulled me towards her and I lied sideways, she slowly tilted her head and took my cock in her mouth and was already started giving blow job…Wow and then slowly to make her comfortable, I came on fours on top of her head where she took entire length in her mouth and I was fucking her mouth and licking her pussy…..We both lost in each other and was completely enjoying …… Thinking about that I am hard now and want to mastrubate and I am actually doing ….. Wow woow

I then pulled myself from her and came on top of her and asked her “Daaloon kya”…. She was still closing her eyes and relied “Mmm”, “Pls dalo”, “Pls”…. Slowly I placed my dick at the entrance and pushed slowly, holding her breast and kissing her lips… Smooching her and my tongue inside he mouth …The entire dick went inside … Haaa haaa was he sounds but did not open her eyes … I went in and out and simultaneously lifted her hands and started licking her breast, arm pits and she ohhhh what a taste…. After few strokes …. Removed my dick and went down to her pussy and started licking it…The entire room was full of sex and our sounds… And second round of fuck….

Finally reached my peak and she has already reached 5 orgasms… And removed my dick out and sprayed it all over her… The time was 10:30..She got up kissed me, even though tired and exhausted as her husband might come, had a quick hot shower and ran down to wait for him.

Hope enjoyed my experience, anyone want a similar experience please write to me in [email protected] ….. Will be secrecy… And do send me your feedback

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