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Hai myself priya mittal, 28 years old housewife living with rahul my husband and we decided not to have baby because my husband not ready for that. He used work in mnc company and leave home at 9am and comes at 6pm and we live in pune my stats is 34 28 36, my skin colour is cream colour and I shave my pussy hair because my husband doesn’t like.

During free time in home I used to read iss stories but only few are interesting and I used to imagine as heroine in all stories I read it was giving me little satisfaction but after few days I found one iss author and we chatted for months and continuing now also but ever meet him directly, he used to make me crazy.

When I become crazy I used to tell him to abuse me in hindi but he doesn’t know hindi so we used to end chatting there, and I used to sleep for some time. This was my routine. Next to my home there is a rent houses, one day one boy came to that home he was around 19 years & looking for job and his name is pavan from ap. I got this information first from my husband.

Because pavan and my husband working in the same company, rahul liked him so much that he used to bring him to home for dinner regularly once I asked why you bringing him home, he said he is good and joined under me and he used to work smart and do’s anything I say to him.

I didn’t talk much with rahul after listening from him. After few days pavan used to come to my home and used to say rahul sent me to bring red colour file in his bed room. I used to call rahul and conform then I used to give file or anything. Like this continue for many days and I stopped calling rahul every time pavan comes to my home.

Pavan: said to rahul that he like your home food and from tomorrow onwards he used to have food in your home only.

Rahul: no problem pavan.

Pavan: but one condition, I will pay for food.

Rahul: as your wish pavan.

So from that day pavan used to have food in my house only, now he started staring my body while I serving food and used to comment on food that I love your food and your juices. I know what he was talking but my husband didn’t understand.

Sometimes he used to ask to me like aunty you like banana, in front of rahul only I used to get little discomfort and again he asked aunty juice is ready for drinking, like this went for few days.

One day he came home for some file, I gave the file and asked him to stop and said from today on wards don’t talk to me like that in front of my husband.

Pavan: like what?

Me: I know you know don’t act smart.

Pavan: oh aunty I don’t know what your talking.

Me: ok go.

I felt current shock passing through my body as he touched my pussy area without my permission.

Me: idiot ohh aaaah take your hand from there.

Pavan: I want juice aunty.

Me: I swear I kill you now take your hand.

He rubbing between my legs hardly over my red sari I can’t control my feeling and shouted to take his hands but he said I will not take till I drink your juice. I was thinking if I say to him to suck my pussy he will take advantage of me.

So I didn’t say anything except scolding him to take off his hands, now he started kissing my horizontal lips I closed my lips so he was sucking my lips from his tongue, he pushed me against wall and pressing my boobs over sari, I couldn’t control my feeling and started opening my mouth for moaning that time he was sucking my upper lips and lower lips one by one.

Truly speaking I was in cloud nine, his erected dick was pressing against my pussy and rubbing by making up and down movements, his hands folding my breasts, his lips sucking my lips, first time in my life I experienced such a feeling. But suddenly he was raising my sari and petticoat upwards with his both hands while kissing my lips.

I was unable to speak because he was kissing my lips, only I can utter so I was telling him to stop, please don’t do this to me I am decent women please.

Pavan: I like decent women aunty.

Me: please pavan I will make your favourite dishes you like.

Pavan: I only need decent women juice.

He pulled my sari and petticoat till my waist now his dick his rubbing my pussy over my red panty, now he moved his right hand into panty and touched my pussy and said I like clean pussy! And he inserted one finger inside & rotating inside I was like aaaahhh god aaah nice finger he listen that and said I know you enjoying.

Me:please pavan I cant allow you to do such things

Pavan: I know aunty but I like naa your pussy juice is saying everything to me.

Now he inserted 2 fingers into my pussy and moving it inside and outside aaaahh hhhaaah aaaaa hhaa I was moaning without knowing to me after few strokes he pulled out his fingers and kept on his tongue and sucking my juice.

At that time pavan phone started ringing, it is was my husband rahul.

Pavan: before receiving phone he said aunty you should not talk anything when we are talking if you talk I will share your naked pic in internet I took that pic when you are taking bath.

Me: I was blazed I said ok I will not talk.

Pavan: hello sir.

Rahul: wru pavan come fast I need that file urgently.

Pavan: just 2 min sir I am drinking juices made by aunty.

Rahul: ok come fast.

End of call conservation.

He kept mobile on dining table like he was video recording as, now he pulled my panty down and trying to insert his dick into my pussy aaaahh we both moaned.

Me: you rascal what you have done take out.

Now he pulled out his dick and again inserted again and said me to say again.

Me: you rascal what you have done take out.

Again he pulled out and said me to repeat my words.

I said I will not repeat so he moved his hands on my ass cheeks and touched my ass hole oh my god it was something great and hard because he kept his finger on my ass hole and by putting pressure on his finger he put his half inch finger inside my ass hole. I said you rascal what you have done take out your dick.

Again he removed his dick and inserted into my pussy and said me to repeat I said you rascal fuck me hard now he started fucking me with speed by lifting my legs and holding on his waist, I was shouting like yess! Yess! More aahhha aaahhh aaaaaah fuck me hard fuck fuck fuck yaa ahhhh uufff you are best than my husband he didn’t make me to go so crazy fuck deep deep deeeppp aaaahh I cummed soon this time. He pulled his dick and cummed on floor.

He said he want to wash his cum and said me to lick his cum on his dick or he will post my nude pic in internet but I didn’t done that before even to my husband but I don’t have any chance I licked his cum by closing my eyes but suddenly he held my head hairs and forcing me to take his dick into my mouth.

I made me to give him a blow job and he made me to take his dick completely inside my mouth sometimes it touched my throat and cummed in my mouth it was disgusting but I swallowed some and spilled some out. He wiped his cum from my sari and took his mobile and file and run to office.

I will tell remaining incidents if you like this story and please inform me your response through my mail id [email protected] if you like I will post next incident.

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