Sex With A Goan Chick In Pune

Hello everyone, I am pie, I am 5’8″, fair, with athletic body. Today I am going to tell you my story, this is my first story guys so I am writing my first ever experience.

About 6-7 years ago I used to live in pune, where I used to work as a software engineer, I was single so my friends started setting me up with girls, one day a friend of me told me about one of his goan friend who used to work with him named carmel peirera, she was a new joinee and was not aware of culture of pune, but as she was from goa, she was very bold in a way.

One day I went to my friends office, where he introduced me to her, she looked very simple, but by looking at her boobs anyone can get excited, at starting she was very shy, but she shared me her contact no. And email id later, at starting we used to chat through msgs, and she told me that she is kind of committed with a goan guy, but nothing that serious, within 2 or 3 days we started late night calling and soon video calling.. Every time she used to bed a little I used to get my penis erected.

One day we made a plan of watching movie at night and she agreed, before movie we were just talking about our job area, as we both were from same field.

Soon the movie got started, during the movie by mistake I touched boobs and she did not responded, so I got courage and I started touching her legs with my legs and then my hands with her thighs, as the crowd was not that much and she was not responding at all, I touched her boobs, and she gave me a look and suddenly started smiling in a strange way as she were also enjoying, we started kissing each other and in between I touched her everywhere, after the movie got over, as it was already too late.

I offered her a ride till her pg, but she said she cant go there as its already too late. I told her to stay at my flat, she said no as she did not trust me but after asking for the same 2-3 times she finally said yes.

She said to promise her that I will not touch her in that way as she was virgin and only wanted to have sex with one she will marry. I sweared to god and she came. When we reached I offer her some water and asked if she wants to have alcohol she said yes and we started having old-monk soon she started talking about her family and sister and got emotional.

I told her that I liked her and she suddenly hugged me, and then we stated feeling each others body we were in my double bed we were hugging and kissing, I started pressing her boobs and she started moaning, I knew she was enjoying I suddenly unhooked her bra and pressing it more, the I untoped her and when I saw her big round boobs I got so excited that anyone can see the tent of my pants, she started laughing at me, and kissed me, she said she loves me and started kissing me hard,

I slowly came down while kissing with my hands and put my fingers inside her jeans, she was moaning and moaning, then I unbuttoned her jeans as it was tight and started rubbing her pussy, she was moaning badly I felt the wetness in her panty. She started moaning loudly so I kissed her and inserted my finger in her pussy, she started begging to leave as she was a virgin but I said no darling not so soon.

Then she started kissing me and pulling me towards her. Oh her pussy was smelling too good, I slowly pull down her pants and then panty. Oh what a goddess she was looking, with her big breast,

I suddenly kissed her saying I love you and we kissed for 20 mins and then I slowly kissed her neck, her chin, her big soft breast, I squeezed her with one hand and sucked the other at the same time my hands was in her sweet wet pussy, fingering her, and enjoying her moaning sound,

I slowly came down and kissed her naval while squeezing her boobs, kissed it licked it, and her aroma of pussy attracted me so bad that I directly jump there and started licking it, sucking her pussy lips, and started fucking her pussy with my mouth,

She started pulling my hair and then pushing it more towards her pussy, she was enjoying it a lot, but saying nothing, suddenly she removed my tee shirt and started removing my jeans too, I helped her on that, he looked at my tent and smiled and then started rubbing it, and then she pulled it out, I was just enjoying looking on what she was doing, she started licking my big tight dick, I held her head and pushed it towards my dick so that she can suck it, she started sucking it but after few mins she looked at me and gave me a look to put it inside her, so I did the same,

L pushed her down in bed and kissed her softly then pushed my dick directly inside her pussy, it was too wet that it did not get obstructed , she screamed for once but the she started enjoying it, I fucked her hard from front in missionary for 20 mins and the I turned her and inserted my dick into her pussy from behind, I fucked her in doggy while holding her boobs from behind. She was moaning badly like aah… Ohhh uh.. And we did the same for half an hour and after that we both came. We were too tired that we slept like that only.

Next morning we had sex in bathroom and then in kitchen to my bedroom and then I dropped her to her pg. On the way she stopped talking as she was not virgin no more. But then she started talking freely.

After few weeks I stopped talking to her as I got to know she is in relation with someone else and some guy saw her with his boyfriend in some hotel in pune only, but after some years she called me from Goa, as it was her birthday, she invited me there and we had an amazing time there also. I will tell you that story later.

Guys please let me know if you liked this story.

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