Fun With Teammate In Friend’s Marriage

Hi everyone, I am back with yet another story. I hope you enjoyed my last story. This is the story about how I and my teammate, Meghna, enjoyed and had fun in one of our friend’s marriage. First let me tell you about the girl Meghna, she is 26 years of age, always ready for exciting stuff and trying new things. She has a nice fair skin, and with a figure of 34d 28 34. She is one girl in our team whom everyone wants to go out with, and even my manager who is 45 years old married with 2 kids, do not let go of any opportunity to get close to her.

Anyways, me and Meghna are very good friends and often discuss our personal stuff with each other. We even go out for movies, shopping, lunches and dinners together and we really enjoy each others company. But we are not BF-GF, and are just good friends.

Now coming to the story, this incident happened about 2 months back, when one of our friend was about to get married, and he invited us. We both were very eager to go for the marriage, as he was one of our very close friend and it has been a long time since there has been any fun marriage.

So we both went to his place, and he had booked rooms in a hotel for his friends, and had asked us to go there directly and come to his home, after getting fresh and ready to go. So we went to the hotel, and there we met another of our friend, who lived nearby Rakesh’s home and he was there to greet us, and take us to our rooms. Rakesh had booked 2 different rooms for both me and Meghna, but after checking at the room, we decided to take only 1 room, as we wont even be there in the room. We will only be keeping our luggage there and coming for changing before n after the marriage.

After giving us our room keys, he went back to his house and we both went to our room. As soon as we entered, I jumped on bed as I was really tired and wanted to sleep. But Meghna as she is, wanted to get ready and go to the marriage house as soon as possible.

So I told her, that she can get ready first as she will take time, and once she is ready she can let me know. So she went to the washroom to take a bath and I started sleeping. I was sleeping when suddenly I heard the door of the bathroom open, I did not get up or moved from my bed, but just opened my eyes little to see, and what I saw got me excited then and there. Meghna was in a towel coming out of the bathroom.

She had left her clothes outside as they might get wet inside. She was looking beautiful as well as sexy, with water dripping off from her hairs on to her shoulder and the towel. She soaked her hairs a bit and looked towards to see if I was sleeping or not. She did not notice that I was awake, and then removed her towel. She was standing with her back towards me with nothing but just her panty. She was wearing a pink silky thong type panty and her ass was shining as it was wet. Her milky white back was inviting me to touch it, feel it hold it.

I somehow managed to resist myself as it would have been awkward for her and might have caused our relationship to take a bad turn. I just kept quite and under the sheet and continue to see what was happening in front of me. She took her bra from the chair and hooked it on. It was a matching pink color push up bra. She wore it and turned towards me, I saw her standing in front of me wearing only her inners. She was looking sexy as hell, and all I wanted was to get up and start licking on those juicy looking boobs of her. But I still remained quite. She then wore her lehnga and choli which she had brought to wear for the marriage. She had to tie a knot to her choli at the back, but her hand was not able to reach there. She tried several times but failed.

After 4-5 failed attempts she moved closer to me, I noticed that, and closed my eyes. She came near me and tried to wake me up. I made some noises as if I am in sleep, so she shook me and I opened my eyes and asked if she is ready. To which she said yes. So I moved up and sat on the bed. I looked at her, and was trying to imagine how she was looking in bra and panty. She looked at me and as if questioning with her eyes, How am I looking? I understood and answered, you are looking stunning. I am sure there will be a lot of marriage proposals for you today in Rakesh’s marriage. To which she said shut up, and then said that I need a little help from you. I asked her yeah tell me. She turned her back towards me showing her untied choli, and said can you please tie this

I stood from the bed, and moved closer to her. Her hairs were still little wet, and was giving out a soothing and hypnotic smell. I lost my conscious a little after smelling that and started to tie the knot. At first I tied it very hard, and she almost screamed at me, yelling and saying what are you doing. Not that hard. I released the knot and started tieing it again. This time it was very loose. And she got really angry with me. And said what are you doing, have never tied a knot.

I said, yes I have, but never for a girls choli and that too when that girl is smelling this nice. She lowered her eyes, and playfully slapped my shoulder and said shut up and just tie it nicely now. I moved closer to her, and this time, moved my hands all over her back before taking it up to the thread. I noticed she was enjoying my touch, as her breathing started to increase. I tied the knot, this time perfectly and she moved away sadly, as if not satisfied. I asked her, what happened and she said nothing. Go and get ready.

I went to the bathroom took a shower and came back with only a towel rapped around my waist. Now it was her time to watch and enjoy. I wore my shirt and then removed the towel. She was looking at me and didnt say any word, and there I knew that she also is attracted to me and I might get lucky tonight. I wore trouser and jacket and combed my hair and was ready to go. I looked at her and she was lost in some thoughts. I called her,

Meghna, lets go. She moved as if woken up from a dream, and got up and we left for the marriage. We reached Rakesh’s house and greeted him and wished him and his family. As me and Meghna did not knew much people there, we remained closer to each other. We left for the marriage pallace with the family. After reaching there, we had food, and then took a table and sat there, looking at the bride and groom. Meghna was still lost somewhere. I had never seen her this quiet, and so I asked her, what happened.

Meghna: Nothing

Me: C’mon yaar, tell me.. you are never this quiet, I am sure there is something

She continued saying nothing, but I pressed her hard, to tell me the reason. After some persuasion she finally said.

Meghna: Mukul, I think I love you

I was startled a bit, and didnt knew what to say, I asked her, what do you mean by you think.

She said, I always had feelings for you, but today at the room, something happened, which confirmed me about it. I was happy, listening those words from her, and to make her happy, and see her as her, I also said, Meghna you need not worry, cause the feeling is mutual. I love you too. And even I didnt knew about it before today. She smiled as soon as I said i love you. And I knew she is back. She was feeling so happy, that she asked the waiter to bring two glasses of vodka to celebrate. We did a cheers to our feeling and drank vodka. Suddenly she said, Mukul, I not just love you, but am ready to move forward and quickly with you. I understood her but acted as if I am confused. She said she will explain me when we reach our room.

I was so excited from this, I told her lets go now. She said atleast let the marriage ceremony begin. After sometime, guests started to go and only family remained. I asked Rakesh’s father, if he could arrange for me and Meghna to go back. He asked one of his driver to take us back. We reached our room, and Meghna locked the door and said… So Mukul, as I was saying.

I moved closer to her and started kissing her. In between I said, no worries, I knew what you meant. She smiled and started kissing me harder. She pushed me closer to her and kissed me. Opened her mouth and moved her tongue out and moved it inside my mouth. I was sucking her tongue in and we were smooching. We kissed like this for around 10min. During this, I moved my hands all over her back, and untied the knot which I had tied in the evening. I unhooked her choli and she let it fall on the floor. She too, removed my jacket and unbuttoned my shirt, licking my chest as she went down unbuttoning each button. She licked my chest, and sucked my nipples as she removed my shirt off my shoulder. I was enjoying her movements and let her take control. She made me fall on the bed.

She lifted her lehnga and sat on top of me. She kissed me on my lips, and moved down. Kissing my chest and then she moved near my dick. She held it over my trouser. She removed the belt and unzipped my pant. She removed it pant at once, and saw a big bulge in my undy. She made a wow sound, and held my dick over my undy. She started licking it, and then with her teeth removed my underwear. My dick flung up as she moved the underwear down.

She held it her hands, and started stroking it. I was enjoying it and was going mad. She then touched the tip of my dick with her tongue. The touch sent a sensation within me and I oozed out a little precum. She licked it and spit on my dick and took it her mouth. She was sucking my dick taking it all in. She held my balls and squeezed them in between, making me go crazy. She did that for about 10min, when I said Meghna, I might cum anytime.

She started sucking it harder, and unloaded myself all inside her mouth. Her mouth was full of my cum, and she was sucking it in. She liked the taste of my cum. She then stood up and removed her choli. She was sitting on top of me in her bra and panty. And she said, do you like what you see? I smiled at her mischievously. She did not understood, and asked me what happened. I told her I have seen you in this before I might like you now if I can see you without them. She was surprised as to when I have seen her in bra and panty. She asked me and I told her. She was angry but smiling. I suddenly pushed her to the bed and came on top of her. And started kissing her.

Now it was my turn. I kissed her on her lips and moved my hands behind her back and unhooked her bra. I removed her bra, and stared at her naked boobs, and said this is what I wanted to see. Her face became red with embarrasment, I hugged as if consoling her and then held her boobs in my hands. They were as soft as cotton. I pressed them a little, and she gave out a sigh sound. I moved my tongue near her nipples and licked it with my tongue tip.

I then took her whole boob inside my mouth and started sucking it. I was licking her nipples, sucking her boob while my hand was pressing and pinching her other nipple. She was making all sort of sounds and enjoying what I was doing to her. I moved down, and started licking her belly. She was even more excited as I started licking her belly. She moved her belly up when I moved my tongue inside her belly button to lick it.

I moved my hand near her panty, and noticed it was all wet, and could feel more liquid coming out of her. I moved my hand inside her panty and her pussy was all wet from outside and inside. I slid her panty down, and saw her pussy. It was pink and wet. I started licking her pussy, tasting the liquid coming out from her. I moved my tongue inside her pussy and started tongue fucking her. She was moaning now, loudly and enjoying it. It was her time to go crazy now. I moved my finger inside her pussy while licking her with my tongue. And after about 15min she blasted out all her liquid. And it was all over my face. I cleaned it with my hand and licked it all. We both knew what needed to be done next.

So I took a condom out, and gave it to her. She placed it over my dick and rolled it down, and while doing it she sucked it up. It was her favourite flavour, rasberry, and she was licking it tasting it all. She had my dick up and ready within seconds. I moved her on bed, parted her legs wide, and placed my dick near her pussy.

With one hard push I moved my dick all inside her. She screamed out as loud as possible. I kept it there for sometime and then started to move in and out. I fucked her, initially slowly, and then increased my pace, and started fucking her harder. She was moaning and calling out names. I fucked her like this for about 5min, and then she said she wanted to take control. She came on top of, and placed my dick on her pussy, and pushed herself down.

She started jumping on me. Her boobs jumping up and down with her and I was looking at them. In between to arouse me she would her boobs, and try to lick her nipples which made me even more hard. She fucked me like this for 10min, when we both were ready to cum. She increased her pace as we neared end, and soon we both came almost together. She was tired and just came down and lie on top of me. I removed the condom, and we both moved inside the bed sheet, and slept naked in each other’s arm.

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