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Hello indian sex stories readers how are you , this is Prakash, I am back here after a long time nearly after many months from my previous story because of my work, now I am going to share my story hope you all like it

Any unsatisfied girls or aunties can contact me [email protected] or ping me in hangouts time passers please stay away


Coming to story I am average looking south Indian guy , I got message from a man in his early 40s after my previous story initially I thought he is asking for contacts of ladies but later he said he is cuckold and he wants his wife to get fucked in front of him and his wife is also ready for it, he said his wife is in her late 30s about them and we chatted for few days and we fixed a date for meeting at his place.


The day I went to his home knocked door he came and opened the door and welcome me. I went inside the home and sat on sofa I was looking the home we are chatting things and after few minutes his wife came with tea, she is typical south Indian housewife in her late 30s has little tummy but she is good looking maintained her body well having little tummy and curvy ass


I said hi to her she replied hello with naughty smile went inside and she said I am going to take bath and she went to take bath in her bedroom after some time she called us he took me inside bedroom and locked the door she was wearing a blue saree looking hot I went near her took her hand and feeling her smooth skin I moved my hand towards her face while moving hand on her face she kissed on my palm I also took her hand kissed on her palm and kissed her ears moaned wait baby I will fresh up I went to fresh up she was waiting for me on her bed as I came out she came near to me we were smooching for few min. Her husband was watching it while smooching I was feeling her back moving my fingers on her back then I removed her saree she was in her blouse and petticoat


I pushed her on bed started kissing again and rubbing her boobs over her blouse she removed my shirt and pinching my nipples then I removed her blouse and petticoat she was only in her blue inners I started kissing her from toe I reached her thighs she was shivering I placed my hand on her love hole and rubbed gently till she cum she was wet kissed her love hole over her panty and slowly moved to her boobs squeezed her boobs over her bra than her hubby came and removed her bra, her boobs were firm white and brown nipples I was squeezing one boob and sucking other boob she was moaning slowly and her hubby was smooching her while I am sucking her boobs she removed my dress feeling my dick over my underwear she removed it also and took my dick in her mouth she was giving a nice blowjob she was good in it,


I cummed in her mouth she drank it completely again we had smooch again her hubby came removed her panty it was clean shaved pussy I started to lick her pussy and did it for few min she was pressing my head towards her pussy it was smelling nice again she took my dick in her mouth but now her hubby was licking her pussy we did it for sometime, then I sat on bed made her to keep her ass on my thighs and lay down and started spanking till her ass become red, I was love to see the movements of her ass cheeks and she was moaning we are going ready to be in missionary her hubby came hold my dick and guided my dick into her and he was happy by seeing that, I was fucking her in missionary position I took out my dick and cum on her body again he came with towel wiped it fully, now she was on top of me and riding me I was feeling her boobs while she ride me and we shifted to doggy position and some more positions we have tried then she was giving me blowjob her hubby was licking her pussy,again we did few more positions and slept for few min she was happy then we went to take bath I love bathroom sex we cleaned each other body


I was rubbing her clit till she cum and was licking her pussy again and we did in standing position than we cleaned ourselves and we slept naked that day her hubby went to other room to sleep, I was feeling some movements I woke up she was giving me blowjob early in morning and she was licking my body from toe we had a quick session in early morning before her hubby wake up she went to kitchen I also got fresh up went to hall her hubby was there he asked me how was it I said good I said him come with me. I took him to kitchen made him stand at corner placed a hand on her started kissing on her back she was aroused I made her sit on kitchen slab moved her saree till her belly and removed her panty threw it on him and I was fucking her with smooching for some time he was smelling her panty then she prepared to breakfast, I had breakfast said bye to them than they gave me some money I came out happily and them they can ping me anytime.


I have few more stories I will write whenever I am free and based on your comments


Unsatisfied women can ping me in the hangout or mail me [email protected] those who are interested in real meetings only not for time pass chat and guys don’t ask contacts as I maintain confidentially, I am not giving you their contacts. And I can give you massage


See you soon with next story depending on your comments till then bye take care

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