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I’ll get straight to the experience, continued from my previous experience.

The driver stopped the bus and we didn’t bother as the conductor was rubbing my vagina by pushing my hips in his hairy legs even after i got an orgasm. I didn’t want him to stop either. It was a strange but good feeling. In about 3 minutes or so the driver came in with another man. The driver asked me to get up. I got up and saw that it was a motor workshop. They asked me to sit on the back seat. I got up and did so. The driver came near me and asked me to sit with my legs spread on the seat. He spread my vagina and glided his tongue through the spread area. He then bit the hair above my vagina and pulled it.

The workshop owner meanwhile unbuttoned my top and started licking and smelling my armpits. After about a minute they made me get up and walked me into the workshop. There was a room at the end of the workshop. We went in and there was a bed. They made me sit there and the conductor came near me and took off my uniform. I had only my bra on. The workshop owner meanwhile gave me a spank on my vagina and I closed my legs cause of the pain. He pressed the bulge of my vagina, when I kept my legs together he pressed my vagina for about a minute.

The driver started kissing me and the workshop owner was playing with my vagina. He brought his face near my vagina and rubbed his chin over it. He spread my vagina and started licking my vagina vigorously. Meanwhile, the conductor was playing with my nipples. They took turns to lick my vagina. The conductor and the workshop owner went out of the room. I was left with the driver who made me sit on my knees. He opened his zipper and brought his dick out, which was already hard. He asked me to open my mouth. I did i went close to his dick he stopped me and asked me to show him my tongue. I did and he spat on my tongue.

He then pushed his dick inside my mouth. He pressed my head to his body and his dick touched my throat. I was choking on his dick. He made sit on the bed and asked me spread my legs. He got up and and gave me a tight spank on my vagina with the back of his palm. The region around my vagina turned red. He brought his face down and spread my vagina. He licked the spread region and got up. He made me sit on all fours. He rubbed his dick in that area and slowly inserted it inside my vagina. He slowly started fucking me and he spat on my asshole. He then inserted his finger in my asshole while fucking me. In about 4 minutes he took his dick out and came on my back. He rubbed my back with his finger and made me suck all the cum.

Then the conductor came in and straight up inserted his penis in my vagina. I was lying on my stomach and he was holding my head while fucking me. He came inside me in a few minutes. The workshop owner came in and asked me to suck his penis. When i started he stopped me and held up his penis and asked me to suck his ballsack i did that for a minute or so and he made sit in a doggystyle position and fucked my vagina. He came inside me in about 4-5 minutes.

At this point i was exhausted, there was semen oozing out of my vagina just about reaching my asshole as i was sitting there with my legs wide open. I washed my mouth and drank some water. Took a cloth that was nearby and wiped the semen off my vagina.

In a few minutes the workshop owner came inside the room. He was a big man, dark skinned and he had dirty clothes on. He came near me and lifted me up, he had rough palms. He pulled my head closer to his and kissed me, while his right palm was squeezing my vagina lips together. I was already on the brink of another orgasm. He continued to do so until i had one and the pleasure made me kiss him deeply. He made me lie down on by back. He slowly rubbed his penis on my vagina and slowly inserted inside. It was big. My vagina was gripping his penis. He started fucking me and he was fast, in about a minute we were both covered in sweat and i had another orgasm. That made my legs shiver as it was not the first of the day.

I was at the point where i couldn’t take it anymore. But he didn’t stop. He went on for another few minutes. He groaned loudly and i felt an extra heat inside me again. Then he made me sit and spread my legs. I think he was holding it all for me, there was so much semen. He got dressed, as did I. I was covered in sweat and the region around my vagina was red. While he went out and i was getting dressed and cleaning up i thought to myself of the changes i had in 5 days. Before the old man it was just one person and in 5 days it has already been 10 men. Not that i hated any of it. I loved this, seemed strange. The conductor came in the room and said he’ll drop me off. The driver kissed on my cheek to say goodbye and the workshop owner did the same.

He took a bike from there and dropped me off 10 mins off my home. It was dark and he came off the bike lifted my uniform and rubbed my vagina as he kissed me. That was it and i went home after that. I had a sensation in vagina every time i took a step. I enjoyed it to an extent.

That was that and i had periods right after this day. So it was for me to keep some of them at bay until next Saturday. That’s when i finally decided that i need sex again. I will write about in my next post. This time it was with my lab attendant.

For more [email protected]. No sex requests, please. Waste your time elsewhere if that is your intention. All these happened a few years ago and I have no intention of going back to doing whatever I did in my sexual prime.

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