Sex With My Mature Teacher

Hey guys, I ‘m gonna share a real incident with my teacher just a few days ago. My teacher’s name is Shruthi. She is 49 years old. She looks fair and she is a bit fat but she has a sexy ass and her boobs are good too. First I’ll tell you about my incident with her. So she used to teach me social science. At that time I had an attraction towards her. I don’t think you will. I do because I love aunties. So I liked her. And after my 12th got over I went to my school to thank my teachers and when I went only she was there coz it was a holiday and she was there because she had some work. And about her ..She is married and she has no kids.

So I met her and we started talking . And then she asked about my life and college. And then she asked whether I have a gf. I was shy then. Then she said it’s okay you can tell me ..I know nowadays boys have gfs. But I don’t have one so I told no I don’t have. She asked why..And I told that I like mature women. She asked why and I said that I find them attractive and sexy. I love aunties and she laughed . Then she asked which women I like I told it’s you ma’am and she was shocked .

Then I told her ma’am I have to tell you this I really like you and you’re very attractive to me. And she said I ‘m surprised I never knew I was good and I told her ma’am you’re sexy only for me and every time in I understand your teaching because of your sexy body. She was smiling and blushing she held my hand and said. Okay so let’s have this secret relationship me and you. And I told her it’s time for you to get fucked . And she was like yeah my boy yeah baby.

Then she held my face and told me”Oh boy you’ve transformed me from a normal person to a naughty dirty and sexy person…I’m so happy..You can have fun all you want and you can fuck me all you want”.

Then we started smooching hard. Ahhhh I was sucking her mouth and drinking her saliva… Sooo tasty. Then I started kissing her neck and then I removed her clothes then I continued kissing and licking .I bit her boobs on her bra and she was moaning “Ahhhh oooohh my boy!” then I removed her bra and started buying her nipple and started sucking her boobs. Ahhh soo sexy and good ahhh.

Then I went down kissing and sucking her belly then pulled her panties out and saw my dreamland . Wow what a sight! Her pussy was hairy and I love hairy pussy. Then I started sucking it hard and she was moaning loudly “Ahhh ohhh ahhhh” . Then I licked her legs and then went to her ass and started kissing and licking her asshole. She moaned louldy. Then I dragged my tongue from her asshole to her pussy and she moaned loudly as she got the orgasm.

Then I hugged her tightly and smooched her hard and while smooching I was fingering her pussy. She didn’t know I would do all this coz doesn’t know much about sex other than the intercourse part. Then I took my dick out com . Told her to suck it so she gave a naughty smile and started licking it. Then liked the taste and started sucking properly. Ahh soo good. Then we smooched hard again. Then I told her about the 69 position and we did it.

Then I went to put my dick in her pussy. Then she asked without condoms how will we do it. So I said it’s okay I will cum on your body. So she agreed and then we got into position and I put my dick into her pussy. Ahhhh such an amazing feeling for both of us.

Then I started fucking her hard and she moaned loudly “Ahhhh my boy ohhh ahhh”. We fucked for 15 minutes in different positions and then finally I cummed on her belly and boobs and I told her to wipe it and taste it. She liked it. Then I started licking her armpits aahhh so hairy and sweaty and I loved it . Then I licked her foot and her hands. After that I took her panties and rubbed it with my cock and wiped it on her face and she was feeling dirty and naughty and she wanted more.

Then I wanted to make it more dirty. So we slowly went to the toilet right next to our room and then I started rubbing her pussy very hard. She was moaning loudly and then she squirted and I tasted it. And ahhhh sooo yummy. Then she gave me a hand job and I cummed on her face . Then she wiped it all over her body and I pulled her close and we hugged and smooched hard. Then we fucked again. Then we put our clothes and we went to her car and we stripped and I fucked her again.

We were sweating so much and we wanted to be dirty so we licked each other’s sweat and ahh we loved it .Then she held my face and said she wanted my cum in her but I said it’s not safe then she said she will buy pills. She was feeling very horny and naughty.

So then I held her and smooched her again romantically and then slowly put my dick inside and she moaned ahh. Then slowly in and out in and out and she kept moaning. Then I started fucking her hard and then I cummed in her and aahhhh such a good feeling it gave me..Woow. Then we smooched hard .

Then she told me that it was the best feeling she ever had. Then we put our clothes and I went and I gave her my number and she said she will sent nudes when I am bored . So now we don’t get to fuck coz we don’t get a proper time. So only once I was able to fuck her. So if any girls or aunties need some sexy fun please contact me [email protected]

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