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Hi, this is Deepak from Bangalore here… reading stories from past 2 years… And this is a sex story about a reader who read my story and emailed me and how we ended up having sex!And any girls and aunty in Bangalore who would like to have sex secretly or sex chat can ping me or mail me to [email protected].

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Ok let’s get into the sex story, ISS published my sex story after many days and I almost forgot that I wrote a sex story….., suddenly one day evening I started receiving my emails , I got like 20 emails from the readers all these happened 1 week before and all of them started appreciating my sex story in that there were a 4-5 girls and another girl named Spoorthy she had sent a message on google hangouts. And there was no profile picture I thought it’s a fake and some boy is texting still I replied saying thank you… (and this is the real conversation below)

She: hey, Deepak, it’s a nice sex story.Me: thank you Spoorthy (name changed ).She: where are u from?Me: BangaloreShe: wow! I’m from Bangalore tooMe: that’s good …Where do u live?She: *************Me: are u kidding I live in the same area.She: wow! That’s surprise. We should meet sometime.Me: sure why not! Coffee tomorrow evening?She: cool ! ****** cafe 6pm !Me: should I use ti to text you next time?She: haha no! And she gave me her number!

Me: called her just to verify that’s a girl or not? It was a girl and her voice was so pretty she said hello for 3 times I was lost in her beautiful voice and I said hello and told her this is my number and we spoke for an hour or more on the phone about her life and my life and ended the phone call … It was already 10 pm and after the called she sent me a message in WhatsApp saying it was really nice talking to you and again the texting went all till 3 am. And we are all ready to meet. ( still, I haven’t seen her, her WhatsApp DP was something else other than her picture and I didn’t mind asking her picture because anyway I was going to meet her next day)

I was kinda excited to meet her by listening to her voice it was 5 pm and I got a called from her that I was ready or not? I said I will be there at 6 don’t worry and she told she will be wearing a gray top and jeans! I said okay and told her that I will be wearing a white with blue stripes t-shirt! And reached there at 5:45 itself it was very near to my home and I was waiting outside for her and at almost 6 she came with her scooty, I saw her from distance and trust me she was so hot with her outfit and parked her scooty and I waved my hand to her… And she came near me I was expecting a handshake to my surprise she gave a hug instead!

Let me explain about her, she had nice straight hair and her face was so cute like Alia Bhat any guy would die for her, her red lipstick was adding her beauty too, and she had perfect boobs not too big or too small…And she was skinny, not fat and her ass that’s was so perfect! Totally she was awesome! And we went to the coffee house and had some snacks and coffee and we started talking about her life and my life a lot till her mom called it was 8:10 already and she said she has to go or else my mom will kill me! I said okay and she gave me another hug while going!

This time, I texted it was really nice meeting you…I enjoyed the day so much and she said she too loved it and I asked for a dinner sometimes she said after 2 days her parents are going out of the station and she said she will cook for me and will have dinner in our home! That’s so sweet of you I said! And we started talking that night and it went the topic went to sex and she asked me about my experiences and told her and she told she was a virgin…And topic continued till 2 am and we almost had a sex chat and slept off the same thing happened in 2 days and she finally texted me that her parents are going outstation in the evening I said I will come at 7 she said cool, and gave me her address!

I reached her house at 7, she opened the door I brought some cool drinks for us and was looking so hot in her shorts and a t-shirts, I can notice she was not wearing any bra her nipples were coming out of her t-shirt and went in and gave a hug this time I gave a tighter hug her boobs pressed my chest…We went in and she said dinner will be ready in 20 min, I said ok she was cooking something and I took her hand in mine and held it.She didn’t mind I was holding her hand it was so romantic and I don’t know how I got the courage but suddenly I kissed her hand.

She saw me to my surprise she blushed and didn’t say anything and I took this as a green signal and I went behind her and hugged her holding her stomach my dick started to rise and she was wearing the shorts I guess she would have noticed easily and I started kissing her neck and licking it she just closed her eyes and enjoying the moment and my dick became hard it was pointing directly in her ass crank and she started mooning a bit and she switched off the stove and said upstairs my room ! And I followed her to her room and holding her hand…

We went to bed and sat on bed and I sat beside her and I started kissing and lips and we lie down eventually and I was smooching her and the same time by hands went near her boobs and started pressing it she removed my hand and I again starting pressing it this time she didn’t remove my hand instead she was moaning and I kissed her neck once again and came down and I removed her t-shirt she was not wearing any bra and directly I started sucking those beautiful boobs her nipple was hard already and she mooning so much and sucked her boobs for like 10-15 min and went down near her belly and kissed it and I removed her shorts to my surprise she was not wearing any panty either she had little bit public hair and I went below to suck her and stopped me and said what am I doing?

I told I will kiss ur beautiful pussy, she said ewwwww ! Seriously? She was new to this she didn’t know she would love this so much I just said relax and wait for it and I started sucking her pussy! Omg, it felt so good and she was moaning and enjoying like hell and she said why was I not knowing this thing gives so much pleasure! And moaning and I said wait for it babe, u will love more and had orgasm and I removed my shirt and my jeans I was just in my underwear, I told her to open it, she was so shy she said no, and I took he hand kept it on my dick which was already erect and she touched it for the first time in her life and she removed my underwear and had a good look at it by holding it and I told her to take it in her mouth she said ewwwwwww ! No ! And just said her u will enjoy just keep it in ur mouth and suck it like a lolly pop and she started sucking it slowly and she started enjoying it she took at speed and suck faster.

She sucked me for 10 min and I said lets do it and I took out condom from my jeans pocket and wore it and she said she was a virgin please do it slowly I said okay and I slowly inserted my dick in her cunt and she started to scream and I slowly moved it to and fro and after a while after she settled I gave all my pressure and gave a harder push my dick went in and her pussy was filled it blood and she told its hurting to remove it and I smooched her and started fucking her slowly and became ok with it and started enjoying it and increased my speed and started fucking her hard and she was moaning awwwwww!

And I fucked her for 10-15 min in the missionary position and told her to will fuck in doggy and turned her back and started fucking at in doggy and was totally enjoying it and we fucked for another 10-15 min I asked her can we try anal? She said no will do it another time not today, I said okay and said will fuck in cowgirl position and I lay on the bed and she came on top of me and adjusted my dick in her pussy and we started fucking it was a great view her boobs were bouncing and enjoyed it…

She had orgasm many times and I was about to cum she told cum on my boobs she got up and came on her boobs and we both slept on bed both are fucking tired and I kissed her once again and I said I was hungry and she told dinner is almost ready and we wore her shorts and t-shirt and went near kitchen and I got dressed up and we had had dinner and I fucked her another time after dinner and we slept.

Next sex story, how I took her ass virginity will be coming soon.Hope u guys liked my sex story… Feedback’s are appreciatedAny girl or aunty in Bangalore who wants to have fun can contact me ([email protected] ) privacy assured!

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