Fling With Big Boss In SF-Bay-Area

Publishing my experience first time. I will share the real sex story I had with my big boss. Life feels dull when you move from a very active party and sexual life as part of reallocation. I moved to bay area recently and if any girls looking to party in SFO or nearby area or wanna enjoy NSA fun ping me back at [email protected]

Without the little background, this real incident can’t be enjoyed fully. About me, 29-year-old well built boy and always looking for new avenues of fun and pleasure. Was having fun till December 2016 partying each weekend and few hook up here and there. As part of my job was transferred to SFO starting 2017. Fast forward life in south bay turned boring because of bad weather and mini friend circle. Life always has a twist.

Was lazily shopping in a local big chain grocery store and noticed my previous big boss lady from Bangalore in store. Background big boss as she was my bosses boss in Bangalore. A tall powerful attractive lady in her late 30, not a beauty queen. I had a fetish for milf and power girls(power because of position). I had a dreamed of her in my bed many times. As Bangalore is our major development center and bay area office headquarters big bosses fly often between 2 cities.

I am sure everyone has a crush on their beautiful lady bosses and would behave same if they get chances dominate them in bed or get dominated. If you enjoy the story rate it high and drop a feedback to [email protected] so I can pen down my other experiences like 3sum and some flings.

I just smiled when we faced each other. Started to talk casual stuff about my life at bay area etc. I was explaining her issues with missing fun from Bangalore. I was observing the charm from her face was missing I thought maybe because of jetlag. I had picked nice wines and beer in my cart already as part of my weekly shopping. She enquired if I am planning to party. I said no for my own consumption obviously can’t talk freely to bosses. Surprisingly she said how about we party today as she is stressed a lot and want to drink and could use my company. She insisted we head to a nice restaurant nearby.

But I insisted I can host her in my home got nice cheese platter we can enjoy my wine collection. I was in dream world didn’t realize what I was talking. Surprisingly she agreed. I came to know in a while. Guys if we stare at woman regularly and think they will notice is a false assumption. Few enjoy few may object so be careful and respect their choice.

We drove to my home and I set the wine and cheese and got my dream party started. She liked my alcohol collection but stick to wine only. As any other parties, alcohol makes you talk. I just blurted you don’t like at your usual charm. She explained me the office politics I was expecting personal goals so I can score a point but the office politics talk continued as I too have exposure to the MNGT because of my technical presentation and panel discussion. She was getting too sad because of some dick head above her blocking her ideas. I just thought I don’t have any chance of my dream coming true which looked like almost achieved few hours when she agreed to join me in my home.

I was getting up to refill wine she just got up and hugged me. I was shocked and surprised and surely couldn’t compose what is happening around. I still don’t know how to explain that scenario you can imagine and maybe you can understand. Later she told me she had observed me staring at her body in last 2 years multiple times and knew I wouldn’t mind the hug she badly needed. But it didn’t take me much time to compose myself from shock and hold hr back. She released from the hug and was not shy or anything that’s what power girls bring to the table. I didn’t talk anything went and got wine filled. I let her talk as I knew that will get me something more than I did talking.

She slowly opened about she observing me watching her in our meeting in Bangalore. I had to admit I did and had a thing for her. We were open now she came close to me and started to ask why do I have a thing for her. I didn’t have anything to say because m major attraction was her power but if I admit it I was worried I may be dominated. I didn’t care and told her I like her body and how she handles the power. She leaned on me and we were kissing pretty dramatic it took 20 min between a hug and kiss silence some other words which I forgot because of alcohol at the time in the body.

We were slowly kissing and I was in hurry to feel her body. She was mature and taking her time I learned little how to enjoy sex with this mature lady. I always enjoy hardcore for a long time using the techniques I mastered but even sensual sex can be enjoyed I understood. We were kissing and slowly I was allowed to feel her. Both of us were good kissers :).

I wasn’t sure she wanted so I didn’t force anything to let her lead. She slowly started to move the kisses to the neck and lower body giving me goosebumps. I was missing touches from 3 months obviously my senses were sensitive. She opened my top button and kissed my chest I was really in a dream. Slowly I took over her and moved to her body. Kiss near her ear made her go gaga. I was desperate to feel her nice sized boobs but was hesitant. She was high too and wanted to take it to next level. She directed mine had slowly towards her chest. I was feeling her over clothes. Slowly took initiative and tried to free her from her top she said let me see you free first. The typical managerial style I got rid of my top and she even insisted get rid of pants. I asked you can help me to get rid of it. She just unhooked my belt and flyer and made me come out of pants. Now I jumped to free her. She slipped and started to take pleasure from my desperation.

I caught her and got rid of her top got dream view of her boobs over the bra. I was staring at her best part was she was not shy and covering that what I like with power girls. I slipped her boobs from bra cups and started to suck them her hand was caressing my man on underwear. I was madly enjoying the boobs with my hands having good fun with her tight ass. She had an amazing ass which I always glared from back when she uses to walk in front of me or in elevators. Now I am feeling them for real, wow, can’t believe. We moved to the bedroom.

We were again kissing on the bed slowly I unhooked her bra and moved to enjoy her boobs. Those had me go crazy in past in meetings in mind ;). I slowly inserted my hands in her panties to feel her cleanly shaved pussy. She was feeling my 7-inch thick man in undies. She pushed me up and pulled my undies down. I did the favors and freed her rest of the clothes. Sex goddess was in front of me. I am sure everyone has a crush on their beautiful lady bosses and would behave same if they get chances dominate them in bed or get dominated.

I moved head between her legs and was showing her my oral skills. She was dripping wet already my tongue job made her moan out loud. I continued my oral job and she hit her first orgasm. She just pressed my head so hard didn’t let me breathe freely till her hard orgasm was over. She got up and pushed me on the bed and put the condom on my man and started to ride me like a lioness that was so awesome. Seeing her facing the ceiling and riding up and down. I was crushing her melons and having fun from her crushing my man between her legs. She rode me for well 10+ minutes she moved to doggie position and asked me to enter her deep she finished one immediately once I started to pace it up. She was just hitting the orgasm hard. Clenching the sheet I continued and let her have full pleasure after few more minutes we moved to regular missionary and both finished together.

We meet in office when she hears but we never did it again or we treated it just like adults no emotional attachment. Maybe when she need me next time here I will be there ready to bang her again ;).

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