Sex With My Village Cousin Sister

I am Raju 27 years old from Chennai 6 ft tall and fit guy, again with a beautiful true sex story about a relationship between myself and my cousin sister. Her name is Harini and she is 6 years elder to me. This happened in my native village near Chennai.Before going into it Girls, ladies of any age can contact me to have chat, sex chat, sex which will be secure.Please share your views with feedback [email protected]

To say about her she is typical south Indian girl with medium sized boobs any guy will love to fuck her daily. She will be gorgeous in saree. I used to masturbate thinking of her beauty.The story starts when I was in 5th std and during annual holidays we used to go to our native village. Often my cousin elder sister used to take me upstairs to a room and make me lie on her lap and make me to suck her small lovely boobs like a baby and to lick her pussy. I did not understand then. This continued till the 6th annual holidays.

Thereafter from 7th std holidays, she used to avoid me since I was matured enough to know what was I up to. She went to college and I was not able to meet her.

She completed college at the same time where I joined college. I used to think about her and the lust to have sex with her increased year after year. I was waiting for a chance.

Now she is a beautiful lady and with perfect boobs and any men will love to have sex with her. Even during weekends, I visited my village and my sister. During that time her father met with a minor accident and was admitted to a town hospital and her mother was looking after him. Since it was during my semester holidays I used to take her to the hospital with me on my bike.I showed my intention by applying brakes unnecessarily and her boobs pressed by back thereby I enjoyed and masturbated thinking of her. Since we were staying alone I was planning to make use of the opportunity. When she came to my room I was busy watching a video in my mobile intently she grabbed it and saw a sex movie was playing and she was shocked to see and went out of the room.

After dinner, we were watching television suddenly she slapped me I never expected this. I asked the reason for slapping, she said for watching sex video.I was acting that I was very angry with her and I argued that you made be to suck your boobs and lick your pussy when I was young. She was shocked to hear that suddenly went to theCsex bedroom without saying anything.

I was very sad because I thought whether I hurt her badly, but I strongly believed that it will bring an opportunity to fuck her.It proved right again that being open minded gives the opportunity.

I was sleeping in my room at midnight it was like somebody touching my cock. Slowly I opened my eyes and shocked to see my sister fondling with my cock. I got up quickly and caught her head and kissed her lips. I was not able to control myself. We kissed for 15 minutes sharing our saliva. I started pressing her ass and kissed her and carried her and kissed her forehead ,ears all of her faces since I loved her so much.

She asked me to follow her to the bedroom then I started to remove her dress and she removed mine and we were completely nude and started to explore each others body. She said your cock is so big that she never expected this and if she saw earlier she would not have wasted much time.

Then I started to kiss each and every part of her body and licked her completely. I touched her beautiful boobs and pressed it slowly and started to suck it and pressing other. Since we were alone she moaned loudly. I tasted both of them and enjoyed a lot. We both were in ecstasy.

She took my cock and started sucking it like a lollypop and massaged my balls which made me mad and after 10 min I cum in her mouth. She drank it completely.I asked her that I want to lick her pussy she said to do whatever you wanted here after I am yours. Then I started to explore her beautiful pussy since it was the first time seeing real pussy. I spread her legs and touched it she gave few jerks and I started to lick my sister’s warm pussy the smell was super and I drank every drop of her juices eventually she had an orgasm.

She was out of control she said come on fuck me baby tear by pussy put your fat cock inside me it’s all yours. Then I spread out her legs kissed her pussy and licking it with my hungry tongue.

Then I gingerly pushed my 6.5’’ cock inside her hole, the heat inside her pussy made my cock hard and slowly pumped in and out and we both were kissing madly. Slowly I increased my pace and I was fucking her hard where my balls hitting her ass make a music we both were moaning loud. Then I asked to take the doggy position and fucked her pussy hard. Then, at last, I cum inside her. We both were breathing heavily and kissing. I carried her and leaned towards the wall and fucked her it was really superb.

Then we hugged and slept naked for some time. Then after an hour, I took my cock put it between her boobs pushing her boobs tight towards my cock and fucked her boobs it was really new sort of pleasure and we took 69 positions I sucked her pussy while she took my cock licked and sucked my balls and we both had a great time sucking and licking.

After a short sleep, we tried different positions and enjoyed. She said that she enjoyed so much that I can have her whenever I want even after her marriage. We had regular sex till her father came back from the hospital after four days. After that, we had sex in both of our homes and tried different positions and we are enjoying a lot.

Even we had sex when her mother was at home. I even fuck her thinking of fucking her mother and enjoyed a lot. That is all my sex story.

Girls, ladies, women of any age can contact me for a chat, sex chat, sex or dating everything will be private and confidential. Be frank to contact me and we can enjoy a lot You can contact, give feedback [email protected].

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