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Hi, Everybody. My name is Roy ( name changed). I am 36 from Bangalore and married..decent looking with an average size dick. I am a great fan of this site and this is my second story and did get a good response. This happened with colleague …to tell more about her, her name his neeta ( name changed ) she is married with 6-year-old son. She is separated as her husband lives with an another women…she is decent looking..intact looks more than average..wheatish….5.2 and perfect to be a wife

We are good friends who share everything about our personal life. We used to chat on WhatsApp regularly but nothing beyond that even our chats were decent but sometimes I used to flirt with her but was healthy flirting. Everything was going in a decent way once we had a common off we started chatting and it continued till late night and just casually I asked if she wanted to come for a long drive to maddur CCD and this is 50 km away from Bangalore..very quite place not much of crowd. We went to this reached to this place by 8:30pm..and v chatted till 11:30 and decided to leave..and while on the way to Bangalore, there is a stretch which is supposedly haunted ( I had read a arrival about it )..I told her the same and to my surprise asked to stop the car at that place..hence I stopped and v continued to chat and on the other hand looking around if we see a ghost…while chatting I casually asked If I can kiss her and as soon I asked her that..there was silence and all I could hear was buses and lorries passing by…then I bought my face close to her and our lips met…there was no despo feeling in us….we smooched and she didn’t respond initially but after a minute she responded and we kissed for almost 15 to 20 min…it was a passionate kiss and v broke the kiss moved and I dropped her to her place and I went back home.

Next, at office, we couldn’t see each other in our eyes…finally, after a week, I sent a “Hi” message in our office same time..and I got a hi response from her as well. Again our chat continued on WhatsApp but v didn’t discuss that night in the car. After a month or so my wife went to Delhi for 2 weeks and on one of the Fridays I was chatting with her and then I told her about my wife’s business travel and her I was getting bored and I wanted to go to Coorg for the weekend and asked if she wanted to join me…initially she refused it and even I didn’t force her…so started the car and immediately got a message from her saying she will join as well. I was happy and picked her up on the way and I drove to Coorg and I had already booked a room which was in the middle of the coffee estate and mother nature who was simply beautiful. We spoke a lot during the journey and reached the place by afternoon.

After reaching there had lunch and rested for some time around evening it’s started to drizzle and it was more beautiful and everything became so romantic.. I was looking into her eyes and without saying anything I smooched her this time she responded and no one to disturbed us and I asked her if she wanted to go inside as it was getting cold…we went inside and began kissing again and I slowly pressed he boobs and then I said sorry to which she held my hands and put it on her boobs. I started to pressing it and she started to moan and I moved to her neck and gave a love bite for all most 10 min…while pressing she whispered if I wanted to take off her top…

I said yes and she removed it and I was surprised her boobs was awesome big ones and the nipples were long and because of cold weather and they were hard.I sucked them for a long time one after the other then I placed my hands on her pants in pussy area..she got up and opened the pants and the panty and fingered her first one and then a second finger and her moans became louder and she came. I took out the finger and was sucking the juice and immediately she got up and started to suck the juice which spread on my fingers and she-she came down and took my cock in her mouth and gave awesome blowjob..I was about to come I told her but she continued and I came in her mouth. She drank everything and next to my turn ..I went down her pussy and started to lick…

I licked her thighs gave them bites and went back to pussy and licked again…she started to twist her body and there was loud moan and she came again and I licked it clean…then started to kiss again then I put my dick and inserted in her pussy and it went in as she had cummed twice and me slowly started to pump and began to increase the speed and then I was hitting end of the pussy and the room was filled with moans ..and after 10 min of hard pumping and I told I was about to come..she didn’t say anything and I came in her pussy…when I saw her I could see tears rolling down her eyes and there was a sense of satisfaction. We rested and it was 9:30pm..after 10 min we had dinner and was night session ..we fucked 3 times that night and next day in the shower as well.

We left on Sunday morning and reached Bangalore by evening. I dropped her to her house and I came back…that night we again chatted and spoke about everything. Including sex and different positions.

We still meet every day at work behave normal but we never miss a chance to have sex. I hope you guys liked my experience. Any females who wants a one night stand or wants to be a sex partner email me @[email protected]

Please note.Don’t send any emails if you want sex exchanging partners. I wouldn’t be interested

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