Me And My Girl Friend

Hi, guys, this is a story for those who fantasize about making or treating their girls to sluts, Trust me, This is a Real story of mine.

coming to the story, I am a good slim guy with nice physic, studying in a nice reputed college in Bangalore. My girl’s name is Kavitha (name changed). She is from Bihar. I am 1-year senior to her but as I got a year back I have to study my 1st year again, which turned in favor to me. I am lucky enough that I have got into her class. Unlike, last year no students are as friendly as those. Everyone is busy in their own work. And this made me mad and let me take the 1st step.

Time passed by, and I missed an internal practical. And I have to do it alone. As far as I know Everyone has attended the exam and I am the only one who did not attend. When I went to take the retest. I got to know that there is one more girl who got absent because of her sickness. She was Beautiful. 5.6 feet tall, half curly hair, She got the best numbers on her body, 34D-28-32. Well, this definitely made me horny.

In the test we have to weld two objects, which is pretty scary for girls, so, as a gentleman, I helped her with that holding her hands from behind, and trying to help her without any bad intentions. But, as far as I know, she pushed a step back because of the sparks and accidentally my hands fell on her boobs. Those were the best melons I have touched. soft, big and good enough for me to bend her and fuck her brains out.

I had no choice I was only thinking about her and asked her out immediately after the exam and to my surprise, she said “yes”. Well, I am happy and took her out. She already had 3 boyfriends. None worked out. But she had kissed 2 of them, nothing much than that. I was happy to here that she is a virgin, and want to be the 1st to make her feel like she needs nothing more than sex with me. Days passed, I proposed her, she took her time but accepted me at last.

After 2 months of casual kisses and normal hugs, I finally got to take her to a hotel and of course made love to her. As it is the 1st time she felt so emotional and she was kind of like behaving as my wife. Even I liked that, After that, we had many hard sessions, Even in public and made her completely mine. We were happy, but as we know humans want always much more than what they have, I had lost interest in the normal mouth to mouth and even blow jobs are not turning me on. So, I told to my girl about this one day and she confessed that she also have the same feeling about this, so, we decided to spice things up. I asked her for a suggestion and she immediately said that she want to be fucked by someone else before me.

As much as I am shocked, I was thrilled as well, I got us to a hotel nearby and did not decide what’s next. We had an evening sex and started to speak about how this is going to workout, as we were speaking, It was my first time speaking so directly I could not control myself and made her lie on the bed and as we were naked already, I immediately Inserted my cock into her and she let out a soft out a soft moan, This thing I like the most I started to drill her hole in a fast use and she started abusing me in a way I got shocked. She is abusing me and moaning at the same time like “Mathorchod, aur jor se chodo, Aaj is randi ka chooth pado. Is randi tho bas tumari hey, aahhahahaa, chodo, Kya, tum tumara ma ko bhi aise hi chodta kya?”. And now I got unstoppable I fucked her like 30 minutes and released all my sperms on her face.

After our session, I got enough of her today, but still not satisfied. I called the room service and ordered something, as soon as he arrived without telling her I opened the door and allowed him inside, she was a little scared as she was still naked covered with my cum. Seeing her the service boy got too excited and little confused, but took all the plates and arranged on the table without taking his eyes off her. Kavitha also did not say a word and allowed the boy to take a good glance at her. I wrapped a towel around and went out with him. I asked him “Why you looking her like that”service boy: “Nothing sir, she is beautiful” is she your girlfriend?”Me: “Oh, no she is just a slut, I got her for 4000”service boy: “Sir, in that case, if you don’t mind I am ready to pay 2k, will you please give her to me for the next 4 hours”Me: “Ok, but with one condition, whatever you do, you should do it in this room”service boy: “Thank you, sir”

He was so excited and went out for now. I went in and had my dinner and asked my girl to go to sleep as I am tired already. After half an hour I got some rope and tied her to the bed, she is in sleep and did not found out what I was doing. After tying her I called him and said she ready, within 3 minutes, he was in front of our room. I sat on the sofa and asked him to do whatever you want to do to her.

Without wasting any time, he jumped on her and started to tear her dress, she started to gain her senses, I went there and closed her mouth with my hand and said “Hey Randi, good morning, I sold you to him, and so you have to make him cum using your filthy body”. I dunno whether she understood that or not, but she made no noise. while I removed my hand she said: ” As you wish master”. That really turned me on, but I went back and sat on the sofa, having a clean look on what they are doing.

She started to co-operate with him, He did not waste much time on the foreplay but definitely sucking her boobs rather biting them very hard and fingering her vigorously, I can clearly see clearly, that he is having a great time, and he is chewing her lips and kissing her on the neck slowly,maybe she liked it, She is letting soft moans and pulling him closer to her while kissing him. her soft moans filling the room and making me hot. She started to remove his shirt and kissing him on his lips. She got pinned down but making a good effort to keep both of us happy.

He started to suck her pussy now, she liked it a lot and moaning and scolding us both as filthy as she could. “chutiya sala kitna gande banavoge merko? ahhahhah aur andar, aur andar, muje aaj banado asli randi jaisa”. The service boy was a little confused but I could not control myself and asked him to fuck her.

kavitha : “Are behanchod tumare pas dum nai a kya? vusko chodne bolra?”me : “Is kuthi tho bahuth bolrahi he, iski chut ko phad do abhi”s. boy : “A tho bahuth experinced randi jaisa lagrahihe sabh…”kavitha : “haan re chodo, is randi bas chudvane keliye paida huyi he”

He did not waste much time and started to pound her she is enjoying it a lot and did not even look at me once she totally forgot I was there and was deeply involved being fucked by him. All the juices started to overflow from that little pussy of hers. And I a recording it all. She could not hold it much longer and cummed within 10 minutes. But, the service boy did not stop. He is still turning her into a perfect slut who can be used by anyone. I went there and let my rob go and without wasting a second she started sucking me off.

It was a great sight. My girlfriend being fucked by a servant and sucking my dick at the same time. She is same as a cheap slut. After 2 minutes of fuck, I turned her and made him fuck her in doggy, so that I can insert my dick in her mouth. by this, water started to flow from both her holes. he was so hard and fucked her for more than 10 minutes and they both came at same time. He was tired and let her go and sat on the sofa, But I am not, I fucked her face for 20 more minutes and That gagging sound made me even hornier. Now, I started to fuck her in the pussy, the servant started using her mouth.

After hours of changing positions and ramming her pussy, We are tired and we went to sleep. The service boy had another round after I slept and left. In the morning we thought it was a great night and started to make out of the hotel.

But who can expect that my GF will be fucked by 10 more people on that day even without her cooperation?. Yes, She is raped and used as a slut. I will continue in the next story…..

If you like the story email me, I can assure the security of the conversations “[email protected]”…

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