Sexcapede With An NRI Reader.

Hey, everyone out there. Good day to you all. This is going to be my fifth sex story out here, and this one’s completely different from the others. This one’s about a mature woman, a reader of mine, an NRI, and how we ended up fucking like rabbits in the couch of a posh hotel. I’d be taking many of you out there on a fantasy journey, so lie back, get your dicks in hand, or maybe put your fingers on your pussy, and dream everything I’m going to say after this. Have fun reading.

Firstly, I’m a male anonymous writer based in Chennai. Aged 20. The rest, the story, the lady, the places, and everything else would be anonymous. So let’s start.

After my first post on this site a few months ago, I had an anonymous text from a lady, saying she liked the way the sex story went. We had a few casual talks after that, and slowly, the talks started escalating. I asked for a pic of her and she asked for mine too, and we forwarded each other’s pics. To say about her, she’s a little on the shorter side, but with ample boobs. An average guy couldn’t hold one of her melons if he uses only one of his hands. She’s a bomb when it comes to anything related to sex, and as a normal man, you couldn’t ignore her if she walks by you.

She was a Chennai based girl, living in the US. Married, but living alone due to her job. And all the living alone did fuel her desire. She grew into one colorful, passionate and lovable partner, and a good dream to experience. Since she was in the US, our talks were mainly based in hangouts, where we did have time contingency since it was a day when it’s night here, and vice versa. And since it was a night for one of us often, pretty much one of us were high every time. Our talks escalated into each other’s personal life’s real quick and then slowly escalated to sex talks within a week. She was a goddess with her words and could give even a dead man a boner with the words. We were having everything in text and as far as back then, that’s all we could have.

Slowly, we started to get comfortable every passing day and on one fine day, she agreed to have a video chat. It was night over there, and conversely day here, and we turned on the cameras of our laptops around 11. Our intimacy started right on that day. It was just normal talks for the next half an hour, and as the clock ticked near the 12 mark, I realized she was growing uneasy every passing second. I initiated the sex talk in the video calling session and slowly I could see her one hand getting disappeared below and she closing her eyes and experiencing whatever pleasure our mouths can give. Slowly she started to tug at the sleeves of her pajamas and after the next ten minutes, her sleeves were down her shoulders and whatever dress was covering her boobs, she held it safe with her hands.

When I asked her if she could remove that off too, she said to wait till I get to Chennai. When asked when she would that be, she replied she’d be there the next week, and all I had to do was while away an entire week, waiting for her to come home. A thing easily said than done. It was really hard to live that one week away, and pretty much every day, I had to masturbate to keep myself alive.

The day finally came when she texted she’s leaving to India. We texted all the way, in fact, sexted all the way, when she was in the shower when she locked her apartment door when she was in the car when she was in the immigration line, every time. And before she boarded the plane, we knew both of us were too horny and I demanded her a selfie. She was hesitant at first and then used the restroom to send a quick selfie. She flashed her blue bra, something which was finding it difficult to hold those massive melons in place. She typed, present wrapped in blue waiting to be unpacked. And that was all I needed to get aroused.

I asked for another one when she was on the flight, and this time, she pulled her pants down to unveil her blue panty, the photo typed, matching presents, and a kiss smiley.

It was an 18-hour journey from San Francisco to Chennai, and I asked her to rest cause I wanted to see her the first thing she lands in Chennai. She replied that her husband and family would be there to welcome her, to which I replied I only want to see you, nothing more. And so, I had to bear that impossible wait from when she landed to the time she came out of the airport, and trust me, I had my hearts jumping when I first saw her in real life.

Only her husband came to pick her up since it was pretty much around midnight. I made sure she couldn’t see me and texted her that she looked a real bomb and that I was desperate to see her boobs now. She was shocked to see that and asked me how’s that possible, I said it’s her problem and that I was too much desperate for her boobs right now. She told her husband that she might have missed a baggage in the airport gates where he welcomed her and that she’d be in the car with the luggage as she was tired. So she got into the car and texted me what do I want now? I asked her since you are home now, can I see her breasts. She replied with a wink and laid down on the back seat, pulled her top to her neck, she removed her bra and threw it forward, arched her back, and sent me a clean selfie. Gosh, they were too perfect.

Her boobs. Milky fair, perfect round brown hard nipples that was too much hot for the already warm temperature. To make sure her husband doesn’t have a doubt, I asked her to forward that pic to her husband quoting I’m waiting for honey. And boy he was happy. They were too steamed up after that and ended up booking a hotel to bang before getting home. She made sure the hotel was booked for two days and texted me saying, the party’s tonight, and sent me the address.

The night turned up, and she excused her family saying she’d be going to a friend’s house and got to the hotel early. I reached there around 9 in the evening and reached the room she mentioned. I had instructed her clearly how our meet would be. I’d text her once I reached the floor and could spot the room, and that she’d leave the room unlocked, get into the shower, strip herself naked, turn her front towards the wall, and wait for me to join. And she did just that, well with a little change. I locked the door, stripped myself naked and opened the door of the shower. There I could see her, all wet, her big boobs and butts held tight it a leopard printed set of lingerie. I moved forward and slapped her butts, cupping her boobs really tight, biting her earlobes, pulling her stud in the process and whispered, didn’t I tell you to be naked when I get here. She turned to say something, and before she could say any, I closed to gap with my lips.

We smooched like a hungry pair of wolves, praying over each other. We were literally starving for each other for the past one month, and when we were available to each other, we couldn’t handle the heat. We quickly pulled out of the shower and she was rubbing her butts against my dick, feeling it’s girth and heat as we moved on to a warmer location. She searched for a towel as I lowered the AC as far as it could get, directed it in such a way that the throw was in our body, and pushed her towards the bed. Her lingerie was dripping wet after the shower session and it had stuck onto her boobs, pretty much revealing what it was supposed to hide.

Her nipples were erect and literally made a hole through the bra. I put my mouth over the bra and started to fondle her nipples above the clothing, biting, pulling it time to time. She laid back, arched her back, tied her legs around my crotch, and was moving her pelvis area over my dick, asking me to take it to the next stage. I asked her to wait as I took the ice cream I had on my back.

I took a handful, moved her panty aside and put the ice cream over her pussy. She screamed of the sudden cold as I covered her mouth with one hand, and used another hand to push it deep into her pussy. She was enjoying this, and the tempo was too high for her to handle and she started to squeal with all those coldness inside her as I lunged forward into her pussy. I parted her lips and entered my tongue deep into her pussy, tasting the mix of her pussy juice and the ice cream, and it was good. I reached the inner walls of her pussy, stretched my tongue wherever it could reach, bit her clitoris, and fingered her asshole. And when her pussy was cleaned off the ice cream, I found out it didn’t have a speck of hair on. She looked at me wondering at the sight and replied she had waxed it for me, that it was my good boy present. And that was enough for me to get back at her again.

She was enjoying everything I do. Screaming. Squealing. Moaning. Crying. She was on. High as fuck and literally begging me to go for more and more and more. And I tried to satisfy her as much as I can with my mouth, and she thanked me for that by squirting all over my face. She took my face in her hands and used her boobs to clean it up, and shoved it into my mouth. I sucked it for a time I couldn’t imagine. She let me play with her boobs for almost half an hour more after which she pushed me back, and moved towards my dick.

She laid me back and took my dick into her mouth, giving a tight blow-job. She slowly moved towards the tip of my cock, giving me a rim-job and then suddenly deep-throating me. She played with my balls, occasionally pulling the entire thing into her mouth and gagging herself in the process. My oh, my. She was the goddess of blowjob and after a passionate 25 minutes, I shot my load deep into her. Both of us were tired after that and decided to get something to eat. We ordered a light dinner and switched on the TV. I sat on the bed and she crept up to me and sat on my crotch, her ass crack over my dick, and gave me a slow lap dance. I was slowly getting aroused, thanks to that and after another 5 minutes, I was hard once more. I took the remaining ice cream I had and put it on her neck, put my entire mouth over it, blew into the ice cream covered area, and sucked it all back in one go.

She tightened her pelvic muscles and laid more back into me and pushed my head, deep into her neck, closed her eyes, and sank into the momentary pleasure I was giving her. We lost time, and finally, the sound of the bell woke us up. She quickly wore a loose pajama and got the naan, Kadai paneer and paneer butter masala we had ordered for dinner. She placed the dishes on the bed and moved to get water as I had asked her. I grabbed some ice cubes, the paneer butter masala and slowly moved towards her, and as she turned back, I pulled her pajama down, and smeared the warm paneer butter masala all over her boobs, and before she could realize what was happening, I emptied all the ice cubes I had into her pajamas, pulled it back up, and hugged her tight.

She was squealing, begging me to let go, as the warmth and coldness brought her into a highly aroused – numb state where she didn’t understand what was going on. I pushed her down on the floor and got on top of her and put my dick inside her pussy.I found she had tears in her eyes and I removed whatever ice cubes were left in her pajamas and placed it on her clits. Suddenly, another idea occurred and I pulled her into the restroom, saying let’s clean her up first. In the shower, I turned the hand shower to warm, and placed an ice cube over her clitoris, and then emptied whatever water the hand shower was spewing onto her pussy. She started to shriek and eventually came in the next few seconds.

I could see her getting exhausted as I put my dick inside her, the shower turning cold every passing minute, and our moans more evident as the clock ticked by. It was an hour of the slow session, each trying to give each other the warmth inside the cold shower and when I was done spurting my cum all over her body, we were totally drained out. We reached to the bed and took turns drying each other, and when she was done dry, I started to finger her, putting one, then two, and finally three fingers into her pussy and one down her ass. It went for another half an hour as we went down 69, and she gave me a boob job with her monsters. It was amazing and finally, when the clock raced past 12, we were done and dusted.

We decided to have naan we ordered before and it ended up in a dinner sex. By the time we came one final time, we had no juice to do anything further and ended up sleeping cuddling each other, only to wake up for another early morning session. We left after that, and since she had to leave within the next week, we couldn’t have anything more after that. But she promised that we’d have once more when she drops in the next time and that one, would be better than what we previously had. I smiled and was there to bid her farewell in the airport, and this time, she sent me off with a nude selfie video, and I had to masturbate inside my car thanks to her.

That’s it, people. Hope y’all liked it. Any queries, comments, feedback can be emailed using the mail ID given below. Any women/men who want to make their sex story in a readable format and post it here can contact me at the same mail ID. Any women in and around Chennai, who wants to be satisfied mentally / physically can contact me in the same ID too. I’m up for casual flings, casual dates, one night stands, and phone sex if that’s the least. The mail ID is [email protected]. I’m waiting for your feedback.

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