Sexting With A Chennai Aunty

After sharing my experience in Indian sex stories.I got some good response from girls and as well as married evening I got mail as “I liked your story, ping me on WhatsApp and also she attached her number on that mail.I am narrating the conversation which I had with her.girls of any age interested in sex near Bangalore and Chennai can also contact me in [email protected]

This conversation is real. It took place over WhatsApp Messenger. Onlythe name has been changed.

Me: glad you liked my story

She: I read your all stories.

Me: what is your name & where are you from?

She:Shilpa from villivakam,Chennai

Me: are you working or studying right now?

Shilpa: no I am married to a man, runs the business. what do you do?

Me: I am working in Bangalore. What is your age?

Shilpa: I’m 34 and a mother of 8-year boy. Can I Ask You something, Vicky?

Me: you can ask me what ever you want.

Shilpa: What gets you hot?

Me: women squeezing their boobs makes me hotter.

Next, she sent a pic. It showed a pair of big size boobs squeezing by a women hand.Shilpa: do you like it?

Me: are those boobs urs?

Shilpa: yeah they are mine, just now I took a pic, to send it to u.

Me: I want to put my lips on those boobs.

Shilpa: do it whatever you want Vicky Those boobs are yours.

Me: what is the size

Shilpa: 36. What is ur dick length?

Me:16cm. Send me a pic while fingering urself in pussy.

Shilpa: its ur turn Vicky. I have shared my boobs pic already.

Me: what do you want me to share?

Shilpa: ur dick.

I sent her my dick which I took at that moment.for which she told it’s not big as well as not too short.

Me: do you like my dick.

Shilpa: I want to take in my mouth

Me: now send me you fingering pic

Shilpa sent it to me .thrre she was fingering with three fingers. Moving inside her pussy

Me: I wish I could be there with you.

Shilpa: what will you do Vicky? if you r here

Me: first I will kiss on ur ear.

Shilpa: yes, kiss me there Vicky.

Me: Next on ur lips, I will put my tongue inside your mouth, We both will exchange our saliva.

Shilpa: yeah kiss me hard.

Me: one of my hand will start pressing ur boob and another hand on your ass.

Shilpa: you are making me wet.

Me:: then I will remove your saree from your body, then I see ur bra, your half boobs are looking outside of it and I will suck you both boobs.

Shilpa: Vicky, I would be doing handjob with your dick.

Me: then I will remove your bra with my hand, while I keep on kissing you.

Shilpa: remove it from my body Vicky.

Me: then I will go down and I will remove your panties with my teeth.

Shilpa: I want you to suck my pussy, Vicky.

Me: It makes me harder. One of my hand moved to ur pussy, I will kiss and lick ur pussy.

Me: then you will be very desperate to take my cock inside ur pussy.

Shilpa: I need your dick inside me.

Me: I will start from teasing you by rubbing my cock on ur pussy. Then I put my dick inside ur pussy.

Shilpa: I can imagine how your cock will feel inside me.

Me: I will fuck you hard. After 15 mins I will cum.where should I cum?

Shilpa: cum in my mouth, I want to swallow your cum.

Me: It feels great.when you drink my cum.

Shilpa: Can I see ur whole pic.I am not going to share it with you can trust me.

Me: first you send me your naked body image.

Shilpa sent her naked body with her face. She was looking great. Even after she gave a birth to a child.

Me: best ass which I have seen. I am imaging how great it feels to me while fucking u.

Shilpa: really do you like my body?

Me: I am stroking my dick thinking about u.I want to grab you and kiss hard.I want to put my lips on those nipples.

Me: I want to spread ur legs and eat ur pussy.

Shilpa: now send me your face.

I sent it to her.she was so happy that she got turned on by seeing my naked body.she told me, she wants to suck my dick till I cum in her mouth.

Me: I am waiting for the day to meet you,

Shilpa: you can come here. So that we can have some good time in bed.

Me: what about ur son and hubby?

Shilpa:my son will go to school. When my husband will go out of town.i will message you before 2 says. You can come to my house.

Me: I will be waiting to feel your lips around my dick.

Shilpa: yes. Wait for the right moment, Vicky. What are you doing now?

Me: Masturbating on by seeing your are really a fucking hot, you made me hard.

Shilpa: I am also fingering here.

Me: Ok tell me.which sex position is your favorite.

She: women on top so that I can ride you.

Me: yes I can see your boobs moving up and down while I fuck you.

Shilpa: Ok bye need to hubby is on the way to home.

Me: ok bye, see you me tomorrow when you become free.

Keep your sexy text messages naughty. It makes the exchange of texts more exciting because your partner wouldn’t know what’s on your mind.Instead, they’ll feel like they are the one that’s building up the sexual texts by asking the right questions, when in fact, you will be the one who actually starts the whole sexy game by saying the perfect sexy words.

Next morning when her husband and left home.she called me and we both had sex chat while we both were moving hands ourselves on each other bodies.she was very much interested in meeting me.l, so was i.she told next Wednesday her hubby is going out of town for two says.we both planned to meet on that her son will go school. I took leave for two days in my office. I got a bus and I went directly to her home.

we had some quite memorable sex.which I will share in my next part. Write ur feedback on [email protected] girls of any age interested in sex in Bangalore and Chennai can also contact me.


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