Shree Gets Addicted To Me – Part 1

Hi ISS Readers,This is Kumar from Bangalore. Any girls, women looking for secret fun from Bangalore or wild chat can msg me at [email protected]. secrecy and privacy assured.

I am 30, good looking decent male working as a professional in an MNC. I have decent tool size of 6 inches by 3 inches and medium built body with 6ft height and 70kg weight.

Coming to the story, it happened about a year back. A new family moved next door to me. It consists of a 60 years couple, their daughter. shree 28 years and her bro..about 22 years. She looks beautiful with an approx 36-32-38 figure about 5.5 height and 65kg weight. I like chubby females more and that made me like her the day I saw her.

we used to greet each other and exchange smiles since we are neighbors. Her mom also used to talk to me well. I liked shree lot but never thought I will be having her on her bed. Things were going usual and normal until one night when I had to give her company.

It’s a Friday night and due to some urgency at their native her parents left to their native and her brother was on a site visit officially. Her mom requested me to accompany her since she felt I am good and friendly with them. Shree is working and she had some urgent deliverables to complete hence stayed back. I assured her mom that I will take care. went along with them to drop in a bus stand in my car and me,shree returned back.

While coming back we spoke bit casually as prior to this our talks were bitten formal. We spoke about her personal things like her marriage plans etc.. She told will be soon looking for alliances and since she was concentrating on work bit more she delayed her marriage a bit. mainly the reason is that she didn’t get much interest in marriage, but now she wants to get married soon as all her friends are married already and having kids. We reached home. I went inside her home and we sat on the sofa and continued our casual chats.

Then we started having out dinner there. She changed into her night attire and we started eating. Her night attire was a tight top and skirt in which she was looking awesome. Simply to say she looks like Tamil Telugu actress Sangeetha. I am in t-shirt and night pant. This is the first time I m seeing her in such tight tops and that showed her figure in a much beautiful way which tempted me a bit. But I controlled myself since we are​ good friends and don’t want to spoil it. Her cleavage also little visible which s making me bit uncontrollable. Tried to look into her eyes, but since she is shorter than me my eyes were covering both. She noticed that but didn’t give any reaction, which she told me later.

Dinner is over and we went to wash plates. She insisted she will wash my plate but I resisted it and as a result, my body brushed against hers and by that time there was a little tent in my pants that pressed hard against hers. I didn’t know what to do so simply gave her plate and balanced ourselves. She came to the hall after cleaning is over and I kept silent for a minute. She asked why I m silent, I told sorry I couldn’t have brushed against you. She told its okay its normal. Then we started talking about her again and slowly I started asking why she wasn’t interested in marriage these days. She told she had a boyfriend in college but he left her after college as he got another girl in his workplace. I told her he is unlucky to miss a beautiful girl like u.She told the reason is she didn’t allow him to touch her and nothing went beyond a kiss between them as she is from conservative background and she wasn’t interested in going beyond that time, but the girl with whom he is living now gave her to him during a party and then they started loving each other. Now she is interested in getting married and enjoys her life.

I asked her desires, she told that she wants to have a smoke, drink before marriage and if a caring guy can deflower her she is okay. But she will marry the guy chosen by her parents only. The hornier side of me woken up fully and asked we can smoke and drink now. She felt happy as her loads of work tension also has to get relieved. I went to my home, bought my cigarette pack and signature whiskey, sprite that I kept for my weekend. She made some omelets for snacks and some homemade snacks were available.

We started our smoking first. i taught her how to smoke and she learnt it quickly,since its first time for her,she felt little discomfort for couple of puffs then she picked it up. our bodies kept touching in this process. She didn’t mind it and my tent became bigger which she noticed without my knowledge. I mixed whiskey and we started drinking. Slowly sip by sip is what I taught her. Paralelly we are smoking too and by next 30 mins, we had 2 pegs and 3 cigarettes each. She is in bit high now and straightly asked why tent in my pants. I told it’s because of her beauty it’s like that and I like her She told She felt something good when our bodies brushed from the kitchen and it felt good for her and she too likes me. I took that as a green signal and went near to her and hugged her. She didn’t resists and kept normal. I told her I could be the caring person to deflower her if she likes. She.hugged me back but told she will think of it and tell shortly.

I don’t want to hurry as she might tell okay or else at least I felt her body till now which is happy for me. I asked her why she suddenly got the thought of getting deflowered from a caring guy. She told that the guy marrying her might not be caring so better to have it with a caring guy before it as afterwards she doesn’t want to be with any other guy than her hubby and she told that her friends used to tell how good it will be to have fun with caring guy than one without caring. And her hormones also asking for it. But for that, she can’t go out with random ones as she feels its not good for her life.

I told her if she wishes I can be the caring guy, as already she knows how good I m into caring being friend itself. She didn’t says anything, but I told why not lets me show the caring needed for your body if its okay for you will proceed or else will stop the moment u feel discomfort. She thought for a while and told okay. I went near her, hugged her, planted a kiss on hear lobes and her neck the. moved to her lips. slowly kissed her lips and kept smooching her back. she started responding well and I moved my hands to her bumps and she liked it. I took her to the bedroom and laid her on the bed. I climbed up and started smooching her and kissing her all over her face neck and arms. She got aroused and we undressed each other. Now we are nude. I went ahead to do foreplay by kissing all over her body and squeezing her boobs gently. I turned into 69 positions and started licking her pussy and thighs. Didn’t insist her to suck me but she slowly started shaking it with her hands and to my surprise, she kissed it and took it to her mouth and started sucking it slowly. She did better for a first timer which made me more excited. We kept sucking each other for 30 mins and I kept fingering her also and she squirted out her load which I drank and licked it clean. She then told me to enter inside her and I took out a condom and put it on my cock. She asked is this my first time, I told I had my experiences which I showed in ISS. She got more excited now and told me I am very good and handled in a caring manner than just sex.

I told her shall we do anal since she is a virgin. Ideally, she wanted in pussy but she remembered her friends telling her once anal is more fun and readily agreed. Then I removed my condom and told for anal lets try it without a condom as its safe. She agreed and I positioned her in doggy style and applied some oil, my saliva to her ass and made it bit open up. meanwhile, i fingered it also to make it ready, then I put in my cock slowly and started fucking her, after the 10th stroke it went in full and she screamed a bit in pain, I smooched her back and slowly increased my speed and meanwhile I was playing with her nipples too. She enjoyed it a lot and she asked me to pull her hair and ride like a horse, I did it and our fucking went wild and I slowly started slapping her ass also which she liked it and then we both are about to cum together. When I was about to cum I told her will she suck and drink my cum or shall I fill her asshole. She told she wishes to taste my cum, I pulled out and she took it in her mouth. I pulled her by her hair and made it go deep throat and did it for few strokes and I came fully in her mouth.

She liked it a lot and drank fully. We both laid together and she told me she is feeling lot relaxed now and she is happy to get all her desires true. She told her her pussy wants to be deflowered too. I told will have that in our second round. We hugged each other nude and she cleaned my cock with her tongue. She told that she liked me a lot from day 1 and wanted to try out with me as I m friendly and caring. she wanted to have me satisfy her needs, but she wasn’t able to spell it out. She felt happy when saw her cleavage and my tent formation that tonight somehow we will have fun and wore a sexy outfit just because of this I felt happy and told her I can fuck u whenever u want even after ur marriage. she told she will definitely do it and didn’t goes to native for the same reason. She told she wanted it to be one time only but the way I did take care and went for anal made her get addicted to my cock. She went to sucking again. And I played with her boobs.

Then we lit up a cigarette and we exchanged smoke from each other mouths to have variety lip lock.

Awaiting your feedback readers especially females at [email protected]

Will write about next session and full weekend fun in upcoming parts and later how her friends too joined us for fun….

Pls don’t ask for her details as I can’t violate privacy I assured her.

Thanks for reading and awaiting feedback especially from female readers and those looking for secret fun with full privacy.

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