Suhaag Raat Of A Virgin Boy – Part 2

This is continuation of the  story mentioned above.

There was chirping and giggling outside the door. Someone knocked. I was not clear whether I was in a dream or reality. A harder knock. It took me a while to understand where I was. I woke up. Priti was wrapped in a comforter. So much stuff was on the ground. Bed sheet, pillows, other stuffs. The large glass of milk was also lay toppled but with only some milk spilled around. When I got up I observed all that squirt had left very visible mark on the mattress.

Knock knock – Jijaji ab didi ko chhor do. Subeh ho gayi. Aunty bula rahin hain.

I – “ummm bas 2 mins…”

I scampered and tried to bring some order..

I -“Priti get up, ur sister is here. See how the room is.”

Priti- “umm sone do, i want to sleep more baby”

I shook her and implored her to get up. She lazily got up. Her comforter slipped and i could see her complete naked body. In the orange of the rising sun fragmenting into the room through the window, she looked breathtaking. So milky white and so perfect. Her pink nipples and her pink pussy were showing their true colour.

I couldn’t help it & I went to her. She stood up in full glory. I got on my knees and started licking her cunt. She approved this by placing a hand on my head guiding my speed. I suddenly realised the possibility that some of these girls might be peeking. I stopped to look in that direction. It was quieter than it had been in the last half hour.

Priti held my head and spread her legs to give me more access. She started to thrust her hips. She also started to moan. I wanted to ask her to shut up but her hard thrusting was not giving me the chance. In the ecstasy of the moment i was also stroking my dick. Priti did not seem to mind it. Soon the thrusting grew in a sharp intensity followed by a moment of stillness. Then came out a gush of female cum on my face. It was slippery largely clear liquid. But boy it was quite a load. My face was again covered in girl cum. She fell on the bed panting complimenting my pussy eating skills.

“Didi please kholo na”

I knew she was there and must have seen us.I told this to Priti. She was nonchalant about it and said “baby it is completely ok for us to fuck. We are married”. I implored her to be quick. She grabbed some clothes and went in the bathroom. I quickly grabbed some of my own and wore it. Priti from bathroom called me to look for her panty. I couldn’t find any. She asked me to look up in her bag. I opened it up. There were many wears unsuitable for a new bride. While fumbling inside for a panty i found a box. I took it out and it read “Naughty Cock 8 – Premium Silicone Realistic Suction Cup Dildo (Flesh)”. I was stunned. I started breathing heavy. I was intimidated. I soon put it back in and gave Priti a panty.

I opened the door to let the girls in. Chinki, Priti’s younger sister did not let me off the hook. “Kyon jiju puri raat bhi kam pad gayi thi jo itni der lagi”. I flushed and my cheeks turned red. “I know my didi is hot but ab to apke paas kaafi time hai”.The other girls were laughing. I was just smiling and looking around. Priti stepped out of the bathroom. She scolded chinki and stepped out with them. I also left the room after them.

All day that dildo was at the back of my mind. I was feeling very insecure about my 5.5 inch cock. Would Priti’s pussy be loose. Will she even feel it when I enter as she is used to 8 inches. I was ok with the idea of her masturbating with a toy but for it to be this big was concerning.

All day I saw her playing this coy wife role. She played it so well. No one knew what became of her in the bedroom. She looked at me a few times and gave a quick wink here and there without others noticing. Truth be told that dildo had completely thrown me off track. I should have been so content and excited but I was rather apprehensive and tensed.

Chinki was in the same room as I in the afternoon. She was looking at me. I knew she had seen me in the morning. I was making myself busy in my mobile. “Didi is so lucky to have you”. I smiled and said “surely you can see that i am the lucky one. For a guy like me she is a like a winning lottery ticket. i clouldn’t get a girl like her on my own”. She came closer and said “oh jiju, you are not that bad. Stop underestimating yourself. I think you are very handsome” She pepped me up a bit and we got in a fairly long chit chat. I got to know that Priti could lift boys in her class and defeat many in arm wrestling. I also got to know that she liked wwf a lot when she was young. Then there was a bit of quiet. An awkward one. Chinki got up and said “ok Jiju I am leaving for home now. Hopefully aaj apko didi ko dene ka mauka milega”.

She smiled and wiggled her tongue between her two fingers for a brief moment, giggled and left. I felt so embarrassed. I was shocked by her boldness. I knew that there was naughtiness between Jija and Saali but this was too much. For a 19 year old Chinki seemed very advanced, like her sister. She too was tall but was lanky and very little boobs. She also wore glasses. Her ass was round and tight though. She was leaving for her college. Interaction with her made me feel that I had bitten more than I could chew.

Soon the night came. I was tired of all the thinking. I could not make out anything. I did not know how to approach this topic with Priti. She had been in the room for some time when I entered. The room was dimly lit. Only a table lamp was on. Priti was not in the room. She was standing in the balcony. I went in and poked her in the sides. She got totally spooked by this. I embraced her from behind. It took me a moment to understand that she was wearing my boxers and my vest. Both actually fitted her pretty well and showed all her curves.

I asked her “how was your day”.

She turned to embrace me and whispered “day went by thinking of tonight”.

“And what is gonna happen tonight?” I asked.

“I am going to brutally take your virginity from you” she gave a wicked smile.

I gulped and smile and turned to go inside.

She grabbed my hand and pulled me back in her arms. “Hey sab thik hai na? Is this too fast for you? Maine kuch tumhe galat to nahi keh diya na?”

I – “are nahi sab thik hai. In fact thik se better much better. Agar kuchh hai to ye darr ki tum mujhse bahut uper ke level ki ho. Kahin kuchh din mein you get bored of me ya fall out of love with me to kya hoga. I love you too much.”

Priti – “oye kya bol rahe ho. I could not be happier. I love your innocence. Aur thik hai main ab pativrata patni ki tareh tumhare sath pyar karungi. Tumko maine bahut dara diya hai ek hi raat mein. Maine kal bhi kaha tha ki kuchh ajeeb lage to rokna mujhe”.

I – “Kuch ajeeb nahi tha. It was better than any dream i had seen. Baby mujhe bas ye chahiye ki tum mujhse pyar karo aur mujhe tumhara wild hona bahut pasand hai”

Priti – “Haha I have many wild fantasies, main wo saare tumhare saath pura karungi and I love you. Stop being so conscious and just enjoy”. We embraced. I said “on a side note mujhe pata chala ki tum apne school mein ladkon ke saath wwf karti thi”.

Priti – “haha, yes i did. But fir ek ladke ko chot lag gayi aur meri complaint ho gayi aur band kar diya”

With that she lifted me in her lap.

“Priti you are so strong” i complimented.

“Does that turn you on or off?” she asked. “It embarrassingly turns me on too much.” I coyly replied as I was being carried in her arms.

“Abhi ke baad humare beech kuchh bhi embarrassing nahi hoga” she said as she literally threw me on our fluffy bed.

She was on top and was kissing me with passion.Her hands were around my head and her tongue in my mouth. I was feeling very horny now. My hands were covering all her back inside the vest. Her hands were now over my chest as she made her way down to my neck. She squeezed my chest and bit my neck. I jumped. She kept at it. “Priti.. aaa aaa aaahhh choro”. “Baby I just gave you a hicky. Ghar waalon se chupa lena warna sab samjh jayenge”.

She made her way down and started licking my nipples. My nipples are very sensitive. I wriggled as she exploited that. I grabbed her arms and turned her over. I immediately lifted her vest and went for her boobs. I sucked them hard and soft. She thrusted her chest forward in an arc. I suckled on her hard erect nipples. She guided my free hand to her other boob and made me squeeze. I understood that she wanted a harder squeeze.

She then grabbed my kurta and started ripping it. In three tries it was tattered and thrown on the floor. Then she took off my vest. Her hands were now caressing my chest. I was still licking the valley between her boobs. She pulled me in and hugged me tight making sure i feel her nipples on my chest.

Priti -“Apne chest se mere nipples ko ragro”.

I did that. She arched her body more. She reached and caught my lower lip with her teeth. She then dug her nails in my back and scratched. It hurt like hell. I jumped up and got out of bed. There was blood on my lips. She got off the bed too and walked towards me without breaking eye contact totally unapologetically. She slowly pushed me against a wall and licked the blood off my lips. She then pulled my nara and my pajama fell on the ground. She too threw her vest off.

She got down and pulled my underwear to my ankles and then off. Looking into my eyes she started to suck my dick. ”your lund is very tasty my dear hubby”. She was holding me by the thighs and had settled into a rhythm. Each stroke she flicked my balls with her tongue. I was getting too excited. It had not been more than 5 min but i was about to cum. “Stop stop i m about to cum”.

She instantly stopped and grabbed the base of my dick in a closed fist. She stood up. She was as tall as me. “Condom lao”. I brought a KS condom from my bag. Before i was about to tear it she asked to see it. She threw it in the trash. Then she went to her bag and pulled out a trojan extra ribbed condom. She gave it to me and said “mujhe ye waala pasand hai, ab se yahi khareedna aur koi flavoured nahi. Mujhe lund ka flavour pasand hai”.

She stood in front of me her hand inside her underwear as she watched me put on the condom. I struggled. By the end, inside the condom my foreskin was rolled back and too much of my dick’s pink was visible. It was not comfortable.

Priti came near took off my condom and threw it out of the balcony without looking. She took another condom and started stroking my cock fast. In 60 secs my dick was at its longest. She pulled all of my foreskin to the tip and then in one smooth motion rolled the condom covering my shaft. She winked and turned and went to bed. This was very impressive.

She lay on bed with her legs slightly open. She gestured my to come to her. I crawled onto her. At the right time i pushed my dick. It was not at the right spot. Priti giggled and grabbed it . Then started to rub her clitoris against it. She then brought it up to her pussy.

“Push now” she said.

It was tight, i could not get in.

“Aur zor se. Taqat lagao” she said excitedly. It was just too tight and dry. She grabbed me and flipped over. Now she was on top. She crawled over bringing her pussy right to my face.

“Ispe thooko”.

I did. she crawled back down. Held my dick and slowly sat on it. Slowly I slipped inside. It was warm and tight. It felt amazing. As if her pussy embraced my dick from all sides. I gasped as my eyes rolled to the back of my head. Priti sat up and started grinding her hips. I held those hips.

She grabbed my wrists and placed my hands on her boobs and arched her body back and started grinding harder. The grinding steadily increased. She pinned my hands to the side of my head and leaned forward to give my mouth access to her boobs. She was now pounding hard on my dick. The bed was squeaking and hitting the wall as her pelvis made that puck puck sound every time it hit my balls. She loosened her hair and they created a veil all around me.

I Said “main upar aa jaaun?”.

“Abhi nahi, is pose tu thora der last karega. Uper aaya too 2 min bhi nahi tikega”.

She started to use my entire shaft in her thrusts. My dick popped out and she put it right back in.

“tera chota sa cute lund bhaag kyon raha hai” she smiled and asked.

“Kyonki teri choot is so tight, kahin tumhare ex boyfriends ka mujhse chhota to nahi tha” I retorted.

Priti – “Kal hi main unko bulati hun. Jab teri gaand marenge na tab tujhe samajh aayega ki kiska bada hai”

With that she closed my mouth with one hand while she pressed my nipple area with another as she thrusted harder. I began to moan. I was muffled and said I was about to cum.

She said “no no wait”.

I could not as I thrusted hard and lifted her off the bed. I came a lot. She got off me and started rubbing her pussy fast.

I got off the bed and threw out the condom, opened her bag took out the dildo. It was incredibly big and realistic. I applied some jel that was in the pack. I switched off the lights and spread her legs. She was still masturbating with her eyes closed. I took her hand off her pussy forcibly. Then inserted the massive dildo slightly. She gasped as her whole body tensed. “Oh baby, i love this surprise”.

Clearly her body movements and her noises made clear she was enjoying this more than my dick. She pulled me up. My head lay on her arm as i sucked her boobs and fucked her with the dildo. I said “saaf pata chal raha hai ki tumhe bade laure kitne pasand hain” and increased the intensity.

“Sorry baby but I cant help it. Aaaaah” she screemed as she came on my hands and bed.

We then embraced for a while. She pulled out the dildo.”tum upset nahi ho na”

I – “Not at all but tumhari choot phail jayegi kya?”

Priti – “thore time ke liye but uske baad phir se tight”

“Chalo ab naya condom lo aur mere uper aao and fuck constantly in rhythm. No stopping. Ruke to thappar marungi”. “lets see your fitness level”.

4 thappar ke baad I had cum again. As i lay on her all sweaty and panting, she embraced me, her both hands squeezing my bum.

“baby tumhe pata hai why i brought that dildo, main ek din tumhari gaand maarungi usse”.

She must have seen the shock in my eyes but she kissed me and pulled me in a sweaty embrace.

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