Teacher Aunty Gets Blackmailed Fuck Part – 3

Hi friends this is continued story of part 2.I was in the bathroom thinking of what is going on when suddenly I heard a knock on the door. I opened it a prostitute was over there with shirish.

Shirish: dress her up like one of you.

The prostitute agreed and came in. She looked at me totally nude and I was just avoiding an eye contact with her.She said: what a mess you are in bitch, the inspector wants me to dress you up like me.

I saw her she was short height dark complex chubby girl with waist length hair she was having a tattoo of a heart on her forearm and other had hetal written on it. There were three stars at the neck and she wore black saree which was transparent and a thick red lipstick.Hetal: let me see what do you have that he is replacing me by you.I got surprised and asked what?

She giggled and said don’t you know?I was his favourite bitch and now he wants me to dress you up like one of us and then he will have you as his personal bitch.I got scared and angry at the prostitute and my eyes were full of anger.

I said I am a principal of school highly educated and decent how can you compare yourself with me?

She got annoyed by this she came near me forcefully pressed my cheeks by his hand and said ohhh so you are a high profile bitch let me taste it and he smooched me biting my lips and forcing her tongue into my mouth.

I gasped for breath and then she released me. I was breathing heavily with water in my eyes and she laughed.

Well, the inspector has gone out for an hour that leaves us for some play time said she and so let me see what skills do you have.She came towards me I tried to stop her, though she was shorter than me but she had enough strength to push me to the wall and she started playing with me. Her one hand was in my pussy. I gasped and moaned ahhhhhh….

She laughed and said honey let me teach you what a real bitch you are. She pinched in my pussy and I moaned I wanted to stop her or me didn’t want to stop her. I was totally confused she kept doing it. My eyeballs went up and I closed my eyes and my mouth was open and was breathing heavily pushing my body towards her fingers and moaning ahh huh ah huh… She kept doing it and I squirted. I didn’t know I had ever squirted the way I did. Her hand was full of it ,she brought it to my mouth and made me lick it.

She laughed and said so now are you getting tamed bitch.I looked down shyly with a small smile.

Now your turn to make me squirt I was sitting down exhausted and she was standing that her pussy was at my mouth length. She pulled her ghagra up and pulled my face in and covered me. I was in her saree Ghaghra and she pushed my head towards her pussy. She commanded lick it. I obeyed her and started licking, I licked her where I wanted myself to be licked and she was enjoying each and every moment she spread her legs and soon she was lying on the floor with me going on all four to lick her pussy. She squirted directly in mouth then we both shared a laugh. This was my first laugh in the whole incident. She told me to clean up so she removed her clothes and started the shower. We were nude and cold water was being poured on us.

She hugged me and brought my face towards her and started kissing me. I liked to be dominated by this whore.She took soap and applied on all my body slowly on my breasts in a circular motion on my ass while slapping it. We were covered with soap when sirish opened the door and saw us. He said ladies your master has arrived he took off his clothes at the door and came in.

Like obedient girls we made space for him he was between us with two us at each side hetal took care of the top kissing him, playing with his nipples and he pushed me down towards his dick. I took my tongue and was polishing his dick where an enormous amount of precum of was flowing. Though he had fucked me earlier I was getting the view of his dick for the first time. It was decent long but too fat. No doubt I had a problem with. We continued like this for quite long.

He then made me go on all four and came from behind in doggie style to me. He told hetal to lie down in front of me and made me lick her pussy while he fucked me with his fat cock. His each thrust made me go weak as I was unable to handle it.

He would come in my pussy to the whole length then take the dick out real slowly and then insert it with full force and speed. I was going ahhhhhh to ahhhhh and licking the pussy in between. Hetal was first to cum in three of us followed by me and last when was about to cum he made me open my mouth and kneel on my knees. I was gulping his dick he kept his hands on the back of my face and started fucking my mouth. He was going too fast and all the sound I could make was gag gag gag… He cummed and all the cum hit the back of my mouth and in it went. I licked him clean and we had a bath. He went out and wore his uniform and hetal gave me a yellow saree to wear with low cut backless strap blouse.

She made me put thick red lipstick and a gajra on my head. My cleavage was seen to the max and I looked like a typical sex worker. He then told to get in a jeep with hetal. He took all of us to police station got my photos snapped took my address in fir and registered me as a sex worker in the official dairy. Now I was a sex worker in the police records, it was his mean of trapping me for further use. It was 3 am and then he took me to his home which was locked. He gave me proper clothes and took me back to the home where I was keeping him happy on the way by giving a blow job. He dropped me there and I told him to leave as my daughter will wake up. He replied ahhh your daughter to is sexy. I knew now his lust will be on my daughter and I need to keep him attracted to me so my daughter remains away. I laughed and gave suddenly smooched him to which he was surprised and liked it too. He left and I went it. I slowly opened the door and went to my bedroom. I thought my daughter must have slept as she knew I was out for a social party and would be late. So I went near her room and there was a mild thumping sound. I peeked from the door and saw my daughter in the missionary position with his eyes blindfolded and two boys fucking her nuts out who were friends of her ex-bf. I froze and took a step back. I wanted to barge in the door and slap all of them.

I stood there thinking about what to do when one of the boys saw me and pointed the other towards me. But to my surprise, they didn’t stop and smiled and continued the other boy who was completely nude came out near me. I back off two-step he quickly pulled my hand and said shhh… Honey, we know what you do in your office with your bf. Keep it quit and we won’t touch you make noise and you will be bedding your daughter with us on top of each of you.I kept quit and he understood my silence and brought his face near mine, my eyes were wide and he was a cm away from my lips where his hands were already on my ass and boobs.He took his tongue out and licked my lips and I sighed in disgust and he backed off to the room. Later honey. He smiled and went back to the room. I went to my room and they started having it harder as the pleasure moan of my daughter increased.Little did she knew I was in my room. So I went out to avoid embarrassment and didn’t return before 5 in morning. I rang the doorbell and my daughter opened the door and said, mom, where were your whole night. I asked her why her eyes were red didn’t she sleep in the night and she said I was studying now I will sleep so don’t disturb me. I tried to go to her room but she stopped me. So I knew the boys were still there and so I came to my room to fresh up. I heard my daughter going for a bath in her room so I too went to bath. I removed my clothes wore a towel and was standing cupboard and when I closed the door the two boys were standing in my room. One rushed quickly and pushed my mouth and other closed the door. He pushed me on the bed and said the time has come honey.

I just closed my eyes and knew my daughter is following my steps… To be continued

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