Teacher Aunty Gets Fucked Part – 4

Hi friends how do you like my stories, well the series has not ended yet. But this is something I wanted to share with you as this happened on 12 April this year and was the first kind of thing that has ever happened to me. So I thought of writing it down.One of my old friend’s sons was getting married in Surat so I traveled by train. I had some plans of visiting the university over there as I had studied in Surat. So I told my friend that I will not be living at her home but asked her to help for booking in some hotel so I can be free for myself too. I too wanted some time away from all the mess behind my home.

I reached Surat at 10 in morning, I was wearing a white saree with a maroon border and a white blouse which was half of half sleeves, tight enough to make my chubby arms exposed. My hair was unkempt and I was looking for my friends Anju’s younger son anchal. He was to pick me up. I have seen the boy many times on the Facebook profile of Anju so I had no problem in identifying him.

Anchal came towards me and greeted me with a hug. I was taken aback but its just that Anju’s family is quiet modern and they greet each other with a kiss on either cheek. It was not that I was a complete stranger to Anchal we had chatted quietly on Facebook but never met in person. I should rather say he has always commented on my facebook pictures I used to upload. He picked my luggage and we started going towards his car.

Anchal: hello aunty you are looking gorgeous in this saree.Me: thank you beta.

Anchal: we are going to a hotel where I have booked a room for you.Me: thank you, by the way, what time are the program of marriage.Anchal: it about time, you get fresh I will wait for you in the lobby and then take you to the venue.

We agreed and reached the destination. He took my keys and escorted me to the room. Anchal is a fine boy, 6 feet tall fair and muscular. Someone whom girls will like to be with. He told aunty I am waiting downstairs you freshen up. I replied why to wait downstairs wait in my room its ok. He denied but I kept insisting to which he finally agreed and said I need to do a call then will come in. I went in the room and the door was kept unlocked by me. I thought of taking a bath so I took my clothes and went for a bath. I thought he will not come in the room and so I went to the bathroom. It was a fine suite where the bathroom was glass walled and had curtains which can be opened and closed.

All the curtains were down except for one. I didn’t mind it as there was no one except me. I started the shower and was showering in when my mind got dirty and thought of giving myself some pleasure. The hot shower was on and I took the hand shower and sprayed water in my pussy. I was fingering and spraying water. I pleasured myself and completed my bath. I wore a towel and came out and saw anchal sitting on the sofa. I was still unaware he must have seen me pleasuring but I got shy of being in the towel and went back I asked him to hand me my clothes which were on the bed. Even my undergarments were there. He gave me my black bra and panty with blue blouse and petticoat. I wore and came out. I was still not wearing saree. So I wore towel instead, he kept his face down in his mobile avoiding me. I like the fact he was not being a bad boy. I took my saree and went to change and we then headed to marriage.

I greeted his mother and family and she asked if Anchal has been nice to me or not. I said he is been too nice to me than expected. I was not used to boys not forcing me to sex unlike him. Somehow this made me uncomfortable or may be jealous why he didn’t approach. I tried talking to him in one way or another and tried to befriend him. I asked him you always talk so good on chat why are you not friendly in person. He replied I don’t mind if you are ok with that. I replied to be chill with me and then we had fun in the marriage reception. It was 11 in the night when everything was finished and I had to straight back to the hotel and again Anchal was with me. I was feeling sleepy and the hotel was quiet far so I slept on the way. When I woke up I found we were in hotel parking and Anchal was looking at me but he didn’t wake me up. Due to sleep my saree was pulled down and my lipstick was rubbed on and he was watching me all along. I corrected myself and asked him what are you looking, he said I am looking at the hottest milf in town right now.

I knew the meaning of milf and so showed a little anger and asked what do you mean, he replied mother I like to flirt with. I thought he is kid and won’t do anything so I told him I will leave. I left took the lift to my room. I was thinking about him and how I will I spend the night alone, I opened the door when I got a pushed from the back and was thrown in the room and when I turned the person pushed me to wall closed the door lifted my hands on my head and kept it there and I saw it was Anchal. He overpowered me and before I could complete my sentence anchal what is this… He gave me a long smooch. I tried to resist but I wanted him to not stop, but I didn’t want to give easily in. So I acted like stopping him and same time allowed him to smooch me.

After a minute he stopped and we were breathing heavily and I asked what are you doing? He lifted me in his hands and took me to the bathtub and dropped me in. I screamed ah… I was whole wet and saw him removing his shirt. He had 6 packs. I couldn’t say a word and was stunned at his body. He came in and started tearing my clothes forcefully. I too gave in and hugged him. Soon we were nude and he was kissing me. I was wet down there and we were still kissing when suddenly he inserted in me. I screamed ahhhhh… My mouth remained open and he started drilling me. Water was spilling out of the tub. But he didn’t stop. He came about in 5 minutes.

I asked him is it over he said this is a trailer and went to bed room I came out and saw his dick was the average size a turn down for me but it was a thick one. He said come over here I went towards him and he pulled me on my knees and told me to suck. I obeyed him and soon the dick grew to size. He told me to stop and pulled me on the bed. It was nice comfy bed with spring he came on top of me. I knew he won’t last long so I co operated with the half mind. But he started drilling me with a slow pace. The slower he went the more he lasted and the more I screamed. He shifted my position from missionary to doggie to other styles. He didn’t cum for 30 min. When he used to get sensation he would stop in between kiss me bite and then again started pumping me. The thickness did what the size was losing. I was too tired but he had no plans of cumming. He saw I was exhausted so he asked do you want me to cum. I with open mouth signaled yes. He increased his speed to max and I held the bed and screamed ahh ahh ahh ahh and he cummed in me.

He was still not tired and sat on the bed I was too exhausted to do anything. I laid on the bed with him asking for one more round. That night itself he fucked me for 2 more rounds. Next morning I woke up full naked next to Anchal who was 18 and my friend’s son. Though I had plans of going to university, he made me cancel those plans and convinced me to stay with him at some friends place for 3 days. These three days we had more sex in swimming pool in the kitchen in the garden where we were full of mud. These three days all I wore was mini and micro and sometimes only the shirts which he removed. Sometimes his friends paid a visit and they took me to heaven and bought me back. Then the time came for me to back to Ahmedabad by train but they insisted on a car journey. So we came back by car with me giving a blow job to both of them all around the way. It was me 49 yrs old with two 18 yr stud and a hot experience. Comment if you like my story.

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