The Bisexual Diaries – Part I

I only figured out that I’m bisexual when I was 18. That may seem a bit late to some of you but until then I was firmly convinced that I was straight. I’d had a string of girlfriends and I definitely enjoyed being with them I have a few interesting stories from that time of my life but this is not one of them.

This story takes place when I was about 22. I had graduated the year before from college and was working in Mumbai at a large mnc. My work involved a lot of travel, and consequently, I spent the year after graduating mostly in small towns across India working from various client sites.

My manager at the time was called Sachin (name changed). He was a tall, good-looking guy. Big and broad-shouldered, he had an imposing, dominating presence, one that would make me go weak in the knees every time he was around. Usually, he would come to the job site in the last few weeks of a project to make sure everything was ready and that my team had done the work properly. We’d spend the last few weeks typically troubleshooting problems over late night meetings. It was at one of these meetings that I developed a strong attraction to him. A few things were at play here; one he was my senior, which made the idea of a sexual relationship with him very hot to me. Secondly, he was married, and I’ve always been very attracted to married men.

This story, however, starts in one place and ends in another. We were in Nagpur, towards the end of a particularly difficult project. We had a small office party to celebrate the successful deployment of our project. There were drinks all around, and by the end of the night, I was quite drunk. As the party was winding down, Sachin and I posed together for a few group photos. While standing next to him to take one such picture, he put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him. My senses immediately went into overdrive, and I was acutely aware of how tight his arm was around me. My breath caught in my throat, and I didn’t want to make a wrong move in case I was misreading the situation. Then as soon as it started, he moved away from me and continued mingling with the rest of the team there. I was so confused and questioned whether I was misreading his intentions. I went to bed that night and masturbated thinking about how sexy it would be if I could get a chance to take his manly cock into my mouth and be able to slowly pleasure him. Little did I know that this would become a reality in the next few months.

The turning point came when I was back in Mumbai for the end of a project. Sachin was supervising the team again, and we had a series of seemingly endless late night meetings trying to wrap things up before the deadline. The urgency to finish was compounded by the fact that Sachin was quitting the company and these were his last few weeks in office. It was at one such late night meeting that everything changed. It was about one in the morning, and Sachin had sent everyone but me home. We were both working on the client presentation and were quite tired from the long hours we’d already put in that day.

During discussions with him, I would often ask him questions about parameters and assumptions. This necessitated him to lean across and look into my laptop while I showed him graphs and figures. I was so turned on simply sitting next to him, but didn’t want to say or do anything in case it backfired. I asked him a question, and he leaned across to look into my laptop. When he did this he casually placed his hand on my thigh and continued looking at my screen. My cock started getting hard by having him so close. I could smell his cologne and immediately felt my cock jump in my pants. While reviewing my work his hand slowly started rubbing up and down my thigh, gentle slow motions. I looked up at Sachin and he finally looked at me. With a smile on his face, he asked, ‘what, you don’t think I’ve not noticed you staring at me while at work?’ then he squeezed my thigh harder and leaned back into his chair and spread his legs slowly.

My mouth was dry and I didn’t know where to look. My mind kept telling me that I should move or at least say something, but every time I tried my voice would fail me. I glanced down at his pants and could clearly see the outline of his growing cock. It looked huge. I decided to tempt fate and leaned in towards him, extending my hand to his bulging trousers. I placed my palm against him and could feel the dull throb of his cock beneath the fabric. He felt hard as steel, strong the way I expected him to be.

I couldn’t really control myself anymore. It was as if everything was working on autopilot. I moved out of my chair and ducked under the meeting room table. I wordlessly unzipped him and pulled his trousers down over his muscular thighs. He was wearing boxers underneath, and the sight of his cock confined by the boxers drove me wild! I pressed my face up against his crotch and took a deep breath. Fuck, just the smell of his cock was driving me insane. Here I was, underneath a meeting room table at one something in the morning with my manager’s cock pressed firmly against my face and I knew that I’d rather be here than anywhere else in the world.

I fished his large cock out from inside his boxers and gazed at it with a mixture of trepidation and lust. It was a beautiful piece of masculinity, 7 inches in length and at least a couple of inches in girth. It felt perfect in my hands, throbbing strongly and leaking precum. I knew it would feel even better in my mouth. I ran my tongue up his shaft, slowly taking in the amazing essence of this cock. I circled his knob with the tip of my tongue, tasting his tangy musky maleness. He’d leaned back further in his chair by now, giving me more access to his amazing cock. I looked up and saw him looking at me through half lidded eyes, drinking in the sight of this young boy so joyously sucking on his cock. I stuck my tongue out, placed his member on it and slowly sucked him into my eager mouth. I cannot begin to describe to you what it feels like to suck on a man whom you’ve been lusting after for months.

I started gently, only sucking on his head and the first few inches of his shaft. Bobbing my head up and down on his length while I used my tongue to tease him and build him up to his eventual orgasm. He grew impatient as I continued toying with his cock, and meshed his fingers into my hair and pushed my mouth down onto his cock. I gagged at the forceful penetration and my eyes teared up. He didn’t relent and he continued pumping my head over his cock, using me to pleasure his cock. I was in seventh heaven. Here was the object of my desires and he was using me as he saw fit. It was a reaffirmation of what I’ve always wanted in life, to be a man’s companion and be able to serve him whenever he wants. His assault on my mouth continued for a few minutes, and I enjoyed every second of it. He gave me a break after this relentless throat fucking, and I grabbed his now very wet cock and rubbed it all over my face, kissing his length and slobbering over it. I had to taste him.

With this singular thought, I renewed my efforts to satisfy him. I took him back into my mouth and started deepthroating him. Time stood still for me as I slaved over his hard manhood, pushing it deep into my mouth and then sucking and tonguing him. I played with his heavy, low-hanging balls and gently squeezed them every time I took him in. I honestly cannot say how much time passed with my on the floor sucking his cock, but eventually, I felt his balls tighten and his cock harden further in my mouth. I knew exactly where I wanted his precious cum. I sucked on him harder and faster, running my tongue over his length every time I pulled his cock out of my mouth.

He grunted and then with a choked guttural yell he came in my mouth. String after string of hot, delicious cum filled my mouth and sprayed all over my tongue. I must have swallowed at least thrice before he finally stopped shooting his seed. I was out of breath and panting, my hair and face a mess and a tiny bit of cum still coating my tongue. I kissed his now softening cock and sucked him again, cleaning him up of all his remaining cum and my saliva. I then pulled his boxers and trousers back up and stepped out from beneath the table. He was looking at me with a slight smile on his face.

Needless to say, we did this every single night for the next one week until the end of the project. A week after he quit. We’ve met a few times after and it’s always been a memorable experience. But those are stories for another time.

This is my first story on Indian sex stories. I plan on writing a few more across categories, depending on how this is received. All my stories will be true life events unless I specify at the start that it’s a fantasy and a product of my imagination.

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