The Confused Sensuality – Indian Sex Stories

Based on true incident – Narrated as a story

Shweta sat watching the TV with her hand on her thigh. She was horny but was in no mood to masturbate, she wanted to have sex. Slow, sensual, deep, ahh! she was losing it, but it had been months since her husband had fucked her. Just then her colleague, Sammy called. He was in her area and wanted to return her USB he had borrowed, and he was going to come in another 20 minutes.

Shweta checked herself out in the mirror. Her shoulder length straight hair looked good on her 5’6 inch body. She had put on just a little off late but that only made her ass and boobs look bigger. All in all, for a 33 year old married woman she looked sexy. She was never attracted to Sammy but today she unbuttoned her top button on the long black nighty, revealing just a little cleavage from her 34c boobs.

It was 20 minutes since Sammy sat there on the couch. He could see Shweta in the kitchen from where he was sitting. Her ass looked great and he had tried hard not stare at her cleavage while talking to her. Something was different today. She had never been so close to him. He was a fresher in the company, just 21 year old and never had any conversation with her other than work. She brought back the coffee and sat right next to him, shoulders rubbing. The hint of cleavage and the physical proximity was enough to give Sammy a boner. He tried to cross his legs to hide it but Shweta says “It is okay, you don’t have to hide it”, with a very naughty smile. Sammy felt encouraged and held her hand and moved it on his erect dick.

Shweta was confused. She was horny and was trying to seduce Sammy. But she had never slept with anyone else before. She was scared but Sammy had already held her hand on top of his crotch and now he had guided it into the pants. She felt his warm and hard dick which was growing as she held it. She had give handjob hundreds of times to her husband and was very good at it. Sammy stood up and she unbuttoned his jeans and pulled it down and then his underwear. Sammy’s six inch dick stared right at her as she continued to give him handjob. Sammy took of his shirt and stood completely naked. He was not sure what was going on and where it would end, but Shweta had a tight grip on his dick and kept stroking.

Sammy held her shoulders and pushed her back onto the couch and got on top of her kissing her cheeks and ear but she wouldn’t let him kiss her lips. He was normally a gentle guy but her held her jaw tightly and pressed his lips. She wiggled out of it and Sammy’s head fell on her shoulders. He whispered “I am a virgin!”.

Shweta did not know what to do either. Sammy was naked and on top of her. She could feel his hard dick against her crotch. She resisted the kiss but somehow him being virgin made her more confident. She put her hand around him and started sucking his lips. Sammy was already moaning and she smiled at his innocence.

Sammy mustered the courage and started unbuttoning her nighty exposing all of her cleavage and the black bra that held her huge boobs. Shweta asked him to stand up and she stood up to take of her nighty.

She sat on the couch in her black bra and black panty. She held his dick and slowly put it in her mouth. Sammy moaned right away. Shweta held on to his dick and started sucking him. Sammy looked down to see Shweta stuffing his entire dick in her mouth, he could also see her deep cleavage and soft boobs under that bra. It was a few minutes when he couldn’t stop and was about to come. He pulled out and ran to the bathroom where he came on the floor.

Shweta was overwhelmed. She was guilty about what she just did but was still wet. She stood up to straighten up the couch when Sammy came from behind and held her tight. His dick became erect in an instant. He aggressively pressed her boobs and pulled it out. Shweta fell back on the couch and he took of her panty. There she was, all naked, boobs exposed, pussy wet. Sammy did not have a condom but that was not going to stop him. He held her legs and spread them apart and fell on top of her, kissing her boobs, sucking those nipples, trying to stuff as much as her boobs in his mouth.

Shweta closed her eyes, and felt his tongue move all over her body. She was overwhelmed, afraid and instinctively said “No”, but she really wanted him to fuck her. Sammy held his dick and in one swift motion pushed himself inside her as she screamed. Sammy did not slow down and kept pounding her. Shweta’s boobs started bouncing along with his each stroke, as she held his hair and pulled him closer. She moved his hand down and held his ass and helped him go deeper. She was now moaning loudly.

With all the strength she had she pushed him on the couch, and got on top and pushed the dick inside and sat on it. She started moving in circles, and moving front and back as he held on to those huge boobs. Things were as hot as it can be. She started bouncing on his dick. Sammy dropped her back on the couch and started fucking as deep as he can. Their lips met and Sammy came inside her. Shweta let out one final gasp and felt her inside filled with Sammy’s semen.

This is the opening chapter what turned out to be some amazing wild sex experiences.

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